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The Best Hindu Kush Seeds

Buy the best Hindu Kush feminized seeds to grow for powerful pure indica harvests. Guaranteed fast shipping to the US and worldwide. We have sourced top breed Hindu Kush seeds for sale through our partners at ILGM, Seedsman and Crop King.

Hindu Kush Strain Description

Hindu Kush is a 100% pure indica marijuana strain named for the mountain region whence it came. The strain is a longtime favorite of stoners worldwide and has been an important breeding tool used to create many top quality hybrids. Hindu Kush marijuana is incredibly sticky, dense and smells of sweet, earthy hash. The flavors are similar to aniseed or sandalwood. When burnt it produces a thick smoke that hits hard, felt primarily in the body. Up to 18% THC.

Hindu Kush Origin and Genetics

Hindu Kush marijuana originates from the Hindu Kush mountain chain that forms the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. During the Hippie Trail era of the 60’s and 70’s, Brotherhood of Eternal Love members and trail travelers brought back Hindu Kush seeds to the West along with other Afghani strains. Growers began to cultivate these new indicas and were amazed by their quick life-cycle, great resin production and rock hard buds. Since then, Hindu Kush genetics have been used in countless breeding programs including the legendary OG Kush.

How to Grow Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a full-blooded indica that remains a stout, compact plant. It has a fast flowering time as short as 45 days, making this a perfect quick-finishing variety for indoor growing in small spaces. Yields are lower than average but can be improved up to 350 g/m2 by extending the veg cycle a little longer than normal. Outdoors, Hindu Kush may produce over a pound per plant, ready to harvest from late-September to early-October.

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