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Hindu Kush Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Hindu Kush Seeds

Buy the best Hindu Kush feminized seeds to grow for powerful pure indica harvests. Guaranteed fast shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Hindu Kush seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanks—ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

Hindu Kush Feminized Seeds for sale from SeedSupreme

Hindu Kush Strain Description

Hindu Kush is a 100% pure indica marijuana strain named after the mountain region whence it came. The strain is a longtime favorite of stoners worldwide and has been an important breeding tool used to create many top-quality hybrids. Hindu Kush marijuana is incredibly sticky, dense, and smells of sweet, earthy hash. The flavors are similar to aniseed or sandalwood. When burnt, it produces a thick smoke that hits hard, felt primarily in the body. Up to 18% THC.

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Hindu Kush Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman by Sensi Seeds

Hindu Kush Origin and Genetics

Hindu Kush marijuana originates from the Hindu Kush mountain chain that forms the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. During the Hippie Trail era of the sixties and seventies, Brotherhood of Eternal Love members and trail travelers brought back Hindu Kush seeds to the West and other Afghani strains. Growers began to cultivate these new indicas and were amazed by their quick life-cycle, great resin production, and rock-hard buds. Since then, Hindu Kush genetics have been used in countless breeding programs, such as the legendary OG Kush.

Hindu Kush Feminized Seeds for sale from Homegrown

How to Grow Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a full-blooded indica that remains a stout, compact plant. It has a fast flowering time as short as 45 days, making this a perfect quick-finishing variety for indoor growing in small spaces. Yields are lower than average but can be improved up to 350 g/m2 by extending the veg cycle slightly longer than normal. Outdoors, Hindu Kush may produce over a pound per plant, ready to harvest from late September to early October.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Earthy, Kushy, Sweet


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, Sensi Seeds

CBD Content





Relaxing, Sedative

Flowering Time

6–8 weeks

Flowering Type



Hindu Kush

Grows Best

Indoors, Dry Climates

Harvest Month

Early October, Late September



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex

Feminized, Regular

THC Content

Up to 18%


Afghanica, Indica


Up to 350 g/m2

51 reviews for Buy Hindu Kush Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Cliff H.

    Seeds delivered quickly as promised. All germinated to success. Solid genetics, strong plants. Love the buds on these. A+

  2. Adrian C.

    Seeds are legit. All germinated healthy females. Really easy plants to grow and train. Flowered nice buds with that classic Kush smell and taste.

  3. Wade A.

    Super stoked with my seeds and the outcome. The plants were easy to grow and didn’t give me any trouble. The buds, they were dense and covered in trichomes, super sticky to the touch. And the smoke hits so good, just the perfect chillaxing stone I was hoping for. Cheers.

  4. Natty

    Hindu Kush is the BOMB! Got my hands on these genetics a couple moons ago and damn, it’s like they got that magic touch or somethin. Popped em in the soil, gave em that good ol TLC, and BOOM! These beauties sprouted like they were on some kinda mission. Now I ain’t no green thumb, but these babies? Man, they made me feel like I was born to do this! Minimal fuss, no diva behavior, just straight up growing and budding out big. And the terps be loud AF, it’s super dank bud in every way!

  5. Lonnie

    Love me some classic strains and Hindu Kush seeds definitely didn’t disappoint. If you’re planning on growing, these seeds have got to be in your lineup. Easiest grow I’ve ever tried, big and bushy with buckets of bud in no time. Bright green, sticky buds flooded in crystals, got that traditional Kush smell to put your nostrils in nirvana. The high is mind blowing – say goodbye to anxiety, say hello to pure relaxation. Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or fresh on the scene, these seeds are a must. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

  6. Mark F.

    Bought a ten pack and every single seed grew up well and finished strong. Nice and tight growth pattern so they all were uniform in height and bushiness. Flowered quickly and gave me an unreal harvest of the sticky indica dank. Very potent and just what I needed. So stoked on these genetics!

  7. Simon N.

    Hindu Kush seeds = dank buds! Grew indoors and got amazing results. Sticky, frosty, and delicious with strong physical effects. Will definitely buy again. 5/5.

  8. Kushest

    These Hindu Kush seeds are straight fire! I grew them indoors and the buds came out super dense and frosty. The smell is powerful and the taste is sweet and pungent. Plus, the effects hit hard and leave me relaxed AF. I’m definitely copping more of these seeds for my next grow.

  9. Jill

    Hindu Kush was a great strain to try out! I got amazing results growing it indoors with hydroponics. The plants grew quickly and the buds were really dense and frosty. The buds were very dense and covered in crystals, with a powerful smell. The taste was sweet and pungent and the effects were strong and relaxed. I would definitely buy these seeds again for my next grow!

  10. Snoop

    The plants are healthy and growing. All my plants are stacking nicely and I love the size of the nugs.

  11. Vince M.

    Wow this is some really good weed. It smells nice and tastes great. The buds are frosty and sticky and all of the trichomes make it look awesome👍

  12. Bruce N.

    I grew this strain indoors and the plant grew super strong and was very easy to look after. The buds are huge and covered in trichomes that glisten in the light, so beautiful to look at. The high is intense, I was quite stoned from just one bowl.

  13. Anonymous

    Big fan of Hindu Kush and I always have great results with it. It’s great to smoke when you’re looking for an instant escape. It really packs a heavy punch which is exactly what I need.

  14. Carmel

    I have tried so many strains but I always keep coming back to this one. The buds are beautiful and they have a very strong physical effect.

  15. Tammy S.

    Very impressed with this strain. Very dank and delicious!

  16. Red

    Very fast growing plant. This was my first time growing this and it went very well. I got 4 plants and they filled up my closet really fast. The smell was very strong, so you should be very careful when cleaning the plants because the smell just sticks. If you really love indicas you should try grow it out!

  17. JR

    Always been a fan of Kush so when I was asked to grow this one I was more than happy to do so. The growth was great and it produced a generous yield.

  18. Dexter

    I had a very easy time growing and they all came in healthy and plump at harvest time. These buds taste amazing and look uber dank. For those that like indicas, these seeds are well worth growing.

  19. Anonymous

    After growing my first hindu kush plants from seeds, i’m really impressed with the flowers and the yields i get. The buds are nice and sticky and smell amazing. I’m really curious to see what it does outdoors.

  20. Kevin M.

    Light green in color with high density buds, very frosty with a fantastic aroma. The taste was excellent and the high was strong and narcotic. I will definitely be ordering more soon! Awesome!!!

  21. Corey

    Great strain to grow and as mine were indoors, it was also very good for growing indoors. Lots of frosty nugs that yielded very well. Stands up to her namesake, very potent and gives me a nice high.

  22. Russell C.

    This strain grows like a weed, I grow in soil indoors and it was very easy. Highly recommended for beginners and experts alike!

  23. Bill D.

    A very easy plant to grow. It grows fast and gets dank and resinious buds. I love the smell and taste too. I’ll be buying more of these seeds for sure.

  24. Ace

    Easy to grow and a quick turn around from seed. Beautiful bud structure and dense flowers that taste like hashish. Very easy on the eyes.

  25. Graham S.

    I grew these in a hydro system and I can’t say enough about how well these seeds grew for me. They were very hearty plants and gave a lot of buds with a lot of crystals. The high is definitely all indica and left me couchlocked but thats what I was going for and they delivered!

  26. Benny E.

    I loved these seeds. They are quick to flower and very easy to grow, even for a hands off grower like me!

  27. Tom A.

    The Hindu Kush seeds I got with my last order turned out fantastic. Grew just 2 and made a lot of money from them by giving my friends free bud if they bought some of the other stuff I had. Great investment and classic that any stoner would love.

  28. Bud

    Great strain of weed, grows well with minimal problems unless you get rain or high humidity at the wrong time. Got a lot of great feedback from friends and family who smoked it. Would definitely grow again!

  29. Abel G.

    I’m growing 3 of these babies in my attic, I got them started around the end of July and they are all stacking with big buds! I can’t wait until the time harvest comes. Really happy with these seeds so far!

  30. Preston P.

    These are great quality seeds and just what I needed to start growing indoors. I had a lot of fun watching them take shape and all of my friends love this weed, it’s the best!

  31. Mack F.

    Perfect for making extracts with. I’m really enjoying the dabs from my hindu kush plants. They grow short and get absolutely loaded with resin. Buds are dense and very easy to manicure.

  32. Garnett

    Every seed popped, every seed grew. All in all a very nice strain of cannabis. It has a very sticky resin during the late flowering stage that stays on your fingers after handling the buds, presume due to its ancestry.

  33. Jean O.

    This is the weed that will make you feel like your on cloud nine. The smoke is thicker than two blankets and will have you stuck to your sofa or bed for hours. Every Hindu Kush plant I’ve grown had beautiful buds with lots of trichomes and hairs. Great for making concentrates.

  34. Alex C.

    I’ve tried a lot of different cannabis seeds over the years but decided to grow Hindu Kush this time around since it’s such a classic. They grew quickly and flowered heavily so I’m very satisfied with the plants and their buds. I just made really nice bubble hash with it that brought back old memories.

  35. Cliff N.

    I grew 3 hindu kush plants in a small grow tent and had a bumper crop of nice quality weed. The buds are sweet and sensational and the high is very strong. All my mates love it and I love it even more

  36. Mattinator

    Growed all 5 of my hindu kush seeds they were easy to care for and made me some good buds I just put the seeds in a glass jar with a little water and let them sit for 24 hours before transplanting into soil 💯 success rate!

  37. Lori M.

    This was an awesome strain to grow. It finished quicker than most others so if you are looking for a quick harvest this is the one. The smell is what sets it apart from the rest though.

  38. Bobby R.

    Very easy to grow. harvet reached about 3’3 and had a nice thick layer of fat buds all over the plant. very nice to smoke with a fruity after taste. will be growing this again soon.

  39. Harold N.

    Great strain for beginners or experienced growers alike. I purchased a 5 pack and got excellent results from them. I would say it’s an easy canna strain to grow from start to finish that yields high quality dense buds. Hashy and delicious to smoke with a heavy indica stone. Will buy seeds again when I run out!

  40. Chris A.

    I am thrilled with my Hindu Kush plants, so far it has been an amazing experience to grow. I germinated 3 of my seeds for this first run. Every one came up without deformities. They are doing great indoors now, just passed a month of vegging, and they seem to appreciate all the nutes and light that I give them. I can only imagine what they could do outdoors if given the right conditions.

  41. Donnie L.

    It has been a huge success for me. I’ve never grown any Kush strains before, so I didn’t know what to expect when i bought my Hindu Kush seeds. But once they germinated, I knew I’m going to enjoy this strain for years to come. Its very easy to grow and gives me high quality buds everytime.

  42. Mason C.

    Got this as a gift and it did not disappoint. I got a lot of compliments on how good the smell and taste was when smoking it. This one really likes the sun, so I put it out in direct sunlight and let it go wild there! It is fast to mature and the nugs stack on thick! Very happy with this strain!

  43. Lynda B.

    This is the best strain I ever grew!!! It’s so potent and strong that i can’t even smoke it in the morning because its too much for me. I love it after work though!!

  44. Alex W.

    Hindu Kush is my favorite strain! I have had no problems growing it outdoors. It grows fast and harvest comes in quick. I highly recommend this strain if you want a pure indica cannabis plant that will make great bud.

  45. Zach H

    I grew this from seed and was very impressed with the growth, structure, buds, and potency of this strain. I am very pleased with these seeds

  46. Richard S.

    I’ve grown Hindu Kush from fem seeds a couple times now. I always get very dominant indica plants. They are very easy to grow and don’t seem to be finicky about much. The buds are dense and covered in white velvet frosting.

  47. Luis R

    Grew this outside here in arizona. Grew it in good soil with lots of compost and manure. It loved the heat and started blooming in late may early june. Finished around first week of october. Produced very well. Good taste/smell, skunky and sweet. The high is very nice, mostly body but also some head.

  48. Katie T.

    I grew 1 Hindu Kush plant indoors, so far this has been the easiest seed ive grown. It was almost automatic with minimal intervention. Yields aren’t bad at all for the time spent and care given. Smells like an old school indica but packs more of a punch than you’d expect, very strong stuff.

  49. jonah

    my hindu kush plants were short and bushy with a few main colas… formed really nice resinous and relatively compact buds… smells strong and taste earthy, spicy and sweet… gonna try some bubble hash with this one for sure

  50. James G.

    I germinated 5 feminized seeds from Sensi Seeds, grown under a SF-1000 LED grow light. Overall, good strain! 100% germ rate. The plants all had a similar appearance in growth height and flower structure.

    Resin content was good, the yield was lower than with most hybrid strains I’ve grown before, but that’s to be expected from IBL/landrace genetics. Bud quality also good, distinct earthy/spicy aroma. I recommend Hindu Kush for stability, predictable growth profile, and to breed with.

  51. Rob

    If you like being glued to the couch this is your strain. The plants will want to stay smaller than you might expect. An extra long veg cycle will push them thru this into beaster territory.

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