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Chemdawg Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Chemdawg Seeds

Buy the best Chemdawg feminized seeds to grow for high-grade productive harvests. Discreet fast shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Chemdawg seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanks—ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

Chemdawg Feminized Seeds for sale from SeedSupreme

Chemdawg Strain Description

Chemdawg is an extremely popular US marijuana strain that came from a seed found in a particularly dank bag of weed. Over the years, Chemdawg has become a stable variety grown for sensimilla as well as used in breeding potent cannabis hybrids. Chemdawg weed is top-shelf quality and provides a strong cerebral high. The unique “chemmy” flavor combines tropical fruit with diesel fuel. Up to 24% THC content.

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Chemdawg Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman by Green House Seed Co.

Chemdawg Origin and Genetics

Chemdawg originates from a Colorado strain called Dogbud, sold at the 1991 Grateful Dead show in Deer Creek, Indiana. The East Coast grower known as Chem or Chemdawg found some seeds in a bag of Dogbud he purchased. The seeds were germinated, giving birth to the famous Chemdawg strain. It was first named “Chem Dog” as a combination of Chemweed and Dogbud. The legendary marijuana hybrids OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and NYC Diesel are all bred using Chemdawg genetics.

Chemdog Feminized Seeds for sale from Homegrown

How to Grow Chemdawg

Chemdawg is a moderately difficult strain to grow due to its sensitivity to mold and pests. That doesn’t deter the seasoned growers who love this tasty, productive variety. Buy Chemdawg feminized seeds today to start growing your next top-quality harvest of only female marijuana plants. Chemdawg performs well indoors at 7 to 9 weeks of flowering with yields over 500 g/m2. Outdoors, Chemdawg does best in dry climates where it can grow into multi-pound plants, ready to chop by early October.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Fuel, Pungent


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, Green House Seed Co.

CBD Content





Balanced, Euphoric, Exhilarating

Flowering Time

7–9 weeks

Flowering Type




Grows Best

Indoors, Dry Climates

Harvest Month

Early October



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 24%


20% Sativa, 80% Indica


Over 500 g/m2

53 reviews for Buy Chemdawg Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Eddie S.

    Been growing Chemdawg for years now, never disappoints. Consistent quality, strong plants, great yields and the buzz is just what I need. Hard to find a better strain!

  2. Daniel A.

    Alright, so let me break it down for ya on this Chemdawg strain. It’s like a blast from the past, taking me back to those days of grunge and underground scenes. Solid yield, very tasty smoke, and a nostalgic vibe that hits just right. Definitely a go to for any cultivator lookin for premium genetics.

  3. Franklin

    Awesome! The Chem Dog seeds were real winners. They grew up strong and formed big buds absolutely covered in trichomes. The taste and aroma are amazing. I’ll definitely be returning for more!

  4. Matty B.

    Sweet like sour diesel, can’t go wrong with this strain. Seeds were a dream to grow. The buds are definatly top shelf material. It’s got a loud terp profile, can smell it from a mile away. A classic that never goes out of style.

  5. Josh F.

    I grew these seeds indoor and they grew like champs. Quick to sprout and easy to grow, no hassle from seed to harvest. The buds were covered in resin, like they were dipped in sugar. Smells and tastes like a dank dream and the high is super stoney. Worth every penny!

  6. Zach

    Yo, seriously some next level stuff right here! Chemdawg seeds popped without any fuss, just BANG! Plants grow big, buds solid as a rock. Smokes smooth, hits hard. A++

  7. Lisa S.

    These Chemdawg female seeds were the best! First time growing and really impressed with the potency and yield. Plants were easy to grow, even for someone like me who’s never grown before.

  8. Skye

    If you’re looking for some top shelf sticky icky, Chemdawg will serve you well. I grew these seeds indoors and was blown away by the fat nugs loaded with trichomes and terpenes. The buds have an earthy taste with a hint of sweetness, and the high is out of this world. Definitely one of the best strains I’ve ever grown!

  9. Tommy D.

    I just ran a grow of Chemdawg and the results were amazing! Not only did they yield well, the buds were sticky, full of crystals and had terps up the woozy. The smoke is lit and will take you to the moon. If you are in need of some fire ganj, don’t sleep on this!

  10. Kenny

    Just got done with harvesing my nugs from these Chemdawg beans and they came out fireee! Got some danky buds that reek of chem and have a pungent flavor. The effects are full body and definitely quite potent. I’m feelin’ like a space cadet.

  11. Marilyn

    Smoked one on the go and it was the best experience I’ve had smoking weed in the past. It made me feel like a kid again, I’d suggest trying it out when you can!

  12. Perry L.

    These seeds have been the best I have grown so far. I was pleasantly surprised when I harvested my first plant, the buds were so nice and coated with trichomes. Phenomenal terpage!!!

  13. Anonymous

    It’s always a chance ordering seeds you haven’t grown before, but Chemdawg was awesome and I’m glad I did. No problem to grow, sticky flowers, ultimate gassy chem stench, all in all very happy plants that produced a tasty, hard hitting smoke.

  14. Glendale

    I grew these indoors and did really well. I got a nice yield off of three of them and I’m pretty pleased with that. They’re strong and potent and the smoke tastes great too. Truly fantastic weed!

  15. Brendan R.

    Chemdog is a great strain that is always appreciated by those who know what they are buying. It does well indoors and the flowers are stunning and covered with crystals.

  16. Aurora

    Easy to grow, very strong, and produces a lot of bud. Good quality all around!

  17. Marshall J.

    Really liked this strain. Grew it indoors and yielded very well. Smells and tastes great as well. Super frosty buds and the high is very strong. Really clean high and long lasting too. Highly recommend this one.

  18. Smokey

    The best weed I’ve grown yet, hands down. The buds were huge and frosty with a nice aroma. This stuff hits hard, really makes you feel it!!!

  19. Anonymous

    The chem seeds were so worth the money. I got 3 feminized and planted them up. Very easy and fast growing. Very very potent with lots of resin glands. They did great with an LED light indoors and finished up strong and ready to cut. The buds were white with crystal and very big. Gotta try this one!

  20. Manny N.

    Super smooth flavor and strong high that goes on and on. These seeds also grew great and didn’t even make me feel like I was doing any work at all. Will definitely be growing these again in the future.

  21. Forrest D.

    These plants grow strong and fast. I got a nice yield of frosty nugs when harvest time came. The buds and the smoke are all top notch.

  22. Sam L.

    Excellent strain of weed! Very frosty buds, lots of colas as well. Nice flavor and smells great. Very strong, has a great high. Will be growing these again for sure.

  23. Stonella

    I had fun growing Chemdawg, it grew so fast too. I had plants that were drooping over with bud weight by the time they were ready. Absolutely gorgeous buds that took my breath away. So many trichomes and wonderful aromas.

  24. Kerry G.

    I grew these seeds inside and they turned out extremely well. Very easy to grow and the bud quality was outstanding. Very potent and flavorful smoke and the high is very powerful.

  25. Devin K.

    Grew great in Southern California. Was very impressed with the high yield of this strain and the quality of the flower was really really good. Probably one of my favorite strains to grow.

  26. Anonymous

    I bought these on a whim and I am thrilled with them. These are some dank buds. Every seed grew and did really well outside even while holding massive buds. Smells sweet and pungent like fruit and petrol. The high is up there with the best of them and lasts a good while.

  27. Oscar P.

    I really enjoyed growing this strain. It was my first time growing and everything went very well. The seeds germinated very quickly and the plants were easy to grow and not fussy at all. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get started growing their own herb.

  28. Luke N.

    I ran eight plants of Chemdawg and they were the healthiest and most beautiful plants I have ever grown. Fantastic danky flowers with an underlying sweetness. I would recommend these weed seeds to anyone.

  29. Gonzo

    Grew these babies in my back garden and they turned out great! So many big buds covered in trichomes, I couldn’t be happier with these ladies. I’ll be ordering more Chemdawg seeds for next season!

  30. Rodney S.

    Needed some new seeds to replenish my stock and I have yet to try this legend so why not this time? They were shipped quickly to northeast USA and I had 100% germination rate. I’ll be ordering again when it comes time to replant!

  31. Percy Q.

    Shipping was fast and discrete, 5 stars for that. As for the seeds, I germinated a bunch of them and every single one of them sprouted! Can’t wait to try out these Chemdoggys!!!

  32. Owen C.

    I’ve grown Chem several times from different breeders and it always gives me excellent results. Smokes great too! I’m getting ready to order more right now… can’t ever have enough of this strain!

  33. Ricky

    This is a great strain to grow for anyone, the plants are really beautiful, buds are so dank and sticky… covered in crystals!

  34. Jeff B.

    Great strain, very good taste and odor. Grew easily enough indoors in my grow tent with an LED light and using only organics to feed. Harvest was very rewarding… fire buds and alot of them… can’t get enough of it!

  35. Ben M.

    I’ve grown Chemdawg multiple times from seeds and clones and I’ve never been disappointed. The yield is always good in volume and quality and the high is just what it should be: strong and long lasting.

  36. Dwight I.

    I grew one of these in a small grow closet and it turned out great. The high is extremely powerful, it got the best of me a few times but that’s because I have a low tolerence. The smell is very strong and it comes out great in the final product. I’d definitely buy it again!

  37. Craig J.

    I’d rate it 5 stars for the trichome resin, terpenes and overall marketability. Got a few extra seeds in case I want to try again. Still waiting on a couple more before making any decisions though.

  38. Sean H.

    Big fan of this strain! I have grown several of these seeds over the past couple years and each time they’ve come out bigger and yielded more than the last! Probably because I improved the growing conditions but still the chems are 100% in all aspects! Very unique flavor and aroma it stands out!!

  39. Bobby W.

    Great buy! Ima newcomer to growing marijuana and the seeds worked great! Got a good amount of buds too! Sure beats buying it from a dispensary!

  40. MacD

    I ordered two bags of seeds online (one of which was chemdawg) and they shipped within a week. Got them planted in soil pots and so far they’re coming along great. I can already tell they’ll be monsters when flowering time comes.

  41. Eric O.

    I planted a 5 pack of Chemdawg fem seeds that I bought online and got them all up and going within a week. They were vigorous growing plants thru the entire grow and gave me a bunch of quality end product that got smoked up fast, so I am very pleased with them to say the least. Just wait until you see these super crystally buds yourself. It’s been years since I had anything that gave me such a powerful feeling, let alone something that tasted so delicious as well!

  42. Jamie C.

    Just finished growing Chemdog and I can say it’s a winner! The stench alone is impressive, not to mention the potency. As far as growing goes, the plants were easy enough to manage and provide for. I had no issues from seed to harvest. I’ve got another round growing and they’re already producing some really nice buds!

  43. Mitch A.

    I am in love with this stuff!!! I planted a few seeds in solo cups and they took off like crazy! Packed on some really pretty buds covered in trics. Grade A+

  44. Conrad W.

    I didn’t expect much but I was pleasantly surprised by how well Chemdawg performed. It grew large and was stacked with frosted nuggets. Definitely worth trying if you are into sour phenos. I just bought another bag of these seeds and will be planting them soon.

  45. Loren J.

    The best ever! I started with 3 seeds and they grew up into 6 foot plants loaded with the crip. Strong taste, lots of resin and a very powerful high too!

  46. John F.

    This was my first experience with a sativa hybrid and I am glad I did. I was a little worried about them getting too tall inside so I topped them and they grew out leggy until they bloomed into long beautiful colas. They smelled awesome, kind of like berries and it only got stronger as they got ready to harvest. It had a really nice look after drying and came out lighter in color than when it was growing. After 2 weeks curing it smokes perfectly. I really like the high from this one, it’s a creeper.

  47. Percy

    Growed 2 of these last year and loved them. They were super fast growing and had a nice sweet smell that stays in your head all day long.

  48. Dan P.

    Great quality genetics, and very easy to grow. Grew 4 plants outside from seeds with natural sunlight. Very good growth throughout the season and they made beautiful buds, nothing short of amazing. The yield is great, the smell of the buds is like Sour Diesel and the high is very strong.

  49. Matthew M.

    I highly recommend Chemdog!! I grew it a couple of times now and it’s awesome every time. The buds got very dense. It’s a pretty strain to look at when it’s done flowering. It’s so frosty and sticky looking!

  50. Kelly S.

    Chemdawg for life!! I LOVE this strain… very healthy, full of vigor, beautiful plant structure, and great buds, and the smoke is dank AF!!

  51. Woody B.

    I grew HSO Chemdawg indoors, 5 out of 5 seeds germinated and grew robustly without much stretch during flowering. Tons of trichs on the buds, smelly sour aroma and fuel flavor, and good head high. Ended up with over 30 ounces each, LST’d in 3-gal containers using 600w LED, FFOF and organic nutes.

  52. Kyle T.

    Still going! My chemdog plants are about 4 feet tall now and starting to flower. I think their going to be really big. I’ve been feeding them organic nutrients and they seem to be doing well. Some of the bottom leaves look like they have a bit of a curl to them, not sure if it’s normal or not but the rest of the leaves are pretty healthy looking.

  53. Bubba

    East Coast fire🔥🔥🔥

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