Seed Bank Reviews: Trusted Marijuana Seedbanks that Ship to USA

2023 seed bank reviews. The best marijuana seedbanks for American buyers. All sellers ship fast to the US. Buy top breed fem, reg, and auto seeds online from the best reviewed and most trusted marijuana seed banks.

ILGM Seed Bank Review

ILGM Review

I Love Growing Marijuana by Robert Bergman (ILGM) is a popular marijuana seed company that sells their own versions of the classics. Find over 100 marijuana growing products for sale at the ILGM shop, including premium feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, mix packs, and nutrients—all with free shipping and guaranteed delivery within the US. Seed germination is guaranteed as well. Payment is done in US dollars via domestic bank transfer, credit/debit card, cash, check, or Bitcoin. Discreet packaging. Orders arrive to your US address in as little as 4 days. Over 17,000 ILGM reviews on TrustPilot give the seed bank a total 4.7-star excellent rating. ILGM is our #1 most recommended marijuana seed bank to buy seeds online.

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Homegrown Seed Bank Review

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Review

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a trusted seedbank based in California partnered with leading industry figures: Kyle Kushman, Steve DeAngelo, and Nikki & Swami. Browse many in-demand cannabis strains for sale as feminized, regular, and autoflower seeds. The Homegrown Stash points system lets you obtain premium seeds as you shop. Payment is made by credit/debit card, bank transfer, cash, or Bitcoin. Free shipping for all orders over $115. Discreet, crush-proof packaging. The seeds are guaranteed to arrive at your home and germinate, or Homegrown will reship without charge. More than 290 Homegrown reviews on TrustPilot give the seed bank a total 4.6-star great rating. Homegrown is our second most recommended marijuana seed bank to buy seeds online.

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Seedsman Seed Bank Review

Seedsman Review

Seedsman is considered one of the most trustworthy and reliable online seed banks in the world. Established in 2003, the Seedsman company carries a massive stock of seeds for sale with over 1,500 strains from a wide range of breeders. Seedsman also sells their own brand of cannabis seeds at discount prices. Free seeds with every purchase. You may select USD as your preferred currency. Pay by credit/debit card, bank/wire transfer, check/money order, cash, or Bitcoin. The seeds are sent using stealthy packaging and express delivery services. For US customers, your order will arrive in roughly one week. Rated best marijuana seed bank by MRS. Over 19,000 Seedsman reviews on TrustPilot give the seed bank a total 4.3-star excellent rating. Seedsman is our third most recommended marijuana seed bank to buy seeds online.

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Crop King Seeds Bank Review

Crop King Seeds Review

Crop King Seeds is a supplier of nearly 500 regular, feminized, and autoflowering marijuana seed strains, all sold under the Crop King Seeds brand. Established in 2005, the Crop King Seeds company sells top breed cannabis seeds to customers throughout North America and the world. Prices are in US dollars. Payment is done by Visa, Mastercard, cash, or Bitcoin. Orders arrive discreetly packaged to your US address within 2 weeks or from 2 to 7 days if express shipping is selected at checkout. More than 4,000 Crop King Seeds reviews on TrustPilot give the seed bank a total 4.2-star great rating. Crop King Seeds is our fourth most recommended marijuana seed bank to buy seeds online.

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USA Shipping Information 🇺🇸

Marijuana seed banks that ship to the US, fast and discreet.

When choosing a marijuana seed bank to shop at, American customers will need to know if that seed bank ships seeds to the US. For your convenience, all of the seed banks listed above are guaranteed to ship marijuana seeds to addresses in the US, fast and discreetly.

The best marijuana seed banks with the fastest shipping have fulfillment centers based in the US to swiftly send out your parcel.

How long does it take for seeds to arrive at my US address?

Once your order is placed, and the payment is confirmed, it typically takes 4 to 14 days for the seeds to arrive by mail. Delivery times will vary depending on the company and their shipping process. Your parcel is dispatched without any offensive labeling that would bring unwanted attention. The seeds may be concealed in a gift for stealth shipping.

Marijuana Seed Catalog 🌿

What are the best marijuana seeds to buy?

So you want to grow marijuana but don’t know what seeds to purchase? We understand the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. There are thousands of different marijuana seeds for sale on these websites, so how is one to know which seeds are best to buy?

We have organized the top 50 best selling marijuana seeds on our homepage—The Abundant Life Seeds Catalog. We hope you use our free seed catalog and the information it contains. You will find unique qualities in each and every seed strain that can offer exactly what you desire, whether it’s sativa, indica, high yields, fast flowering, extreme potency, unreal bud quality, strong fragrance, delicious flavors, resistance to mold, a combination of these traits or anything else!

How to Order 📦

How to buy marijuana seeds online?

Buying marijuana seeds online is simple. To start, just visit one of the websites linked above. Once the marijuana seed bank website has loaded, the first thing you should do as a US customer is to make sure the currency is set to USD. On ILGM, Homegrown, and Crop King, the prices are already displayed as USD. For Seedsman, the currency will be switched automatically when you select United States of America for your country in the initial pop-up screen.

Now you can browse the products, compare prices and select any seed packs you wish to purchase. When you are satisfied with your cart, go ahead and checkout. You will be able to choose your preferred payment method as listed below.

Payment Methods 💵

Buy marijuana seeds with credit card, debit card, cash, check, money order, Bitcoin, or bank transfer. Find which seed banks accept your US payment method by referring to our table:

ILGM Homegrown Seedsman Crop King Seeds
Bank Transfer Yes Yes Yes No*
Bitcoin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cash Yes Yes Yes Yes
Check or Money Order Yes Yes Yes No
Debit or Credit Card Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Options Bill Pay, Zelle, Cash App Bill Pay, Zelle, Cash App Bill Pay, Zelle, Cash App *Interac for Canada only

Buy Marijuana Seeds with Bitcoin

By using Bitcoin to buy marijuana seeds online, you can rest assured there will be no problems with processing your payment. As a bonus, seed bank companies will often give better deals when choosing Bitcoin as your payment method.

Marijuana Seed Bank Scams ⚠️

Beware of online scams and fake marijuana seed banks. Navigating the web to buy marijuana seeds is easy in some aspects but can be dangerous if you don’t know the seed bank scammers to avoid. While we don’t want to throw shade, just know plenty of seed banks out there will take your money and never send you seeds. Other times they can’t process your US credit/debit card, or worse, they overcharge it. Customer service is virtually non-existent, so dealing with these companies is best avoided at all costs. Stay safe from scams and fake seed banks by using our recommended marijuana seed banks for your cannabis seed purchasing needs. We have ordered from them for years without any problems.

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