About Us

Welcome to the new Abundant Life Seeds Catalog. We are collectors of top breed and specialty seeds from around the world.

A great deal of work lies ahead to increase our seed inventories. Our goal is to maintain a vast collection of seeds to save, share and grow.

In this catalog you’ll notice that we now offer only marijuana seeds. The new Abundant Life Seeds is made by cannabis growers from the US, part of a community that is passionate about growing, breeding and sharing the cannabis plant. We think you’ll enjoy the many new seed varieties that we have to offer. These varieties come to us from some of the finest organic regular, feminized and autoflowering seed breeders in the world, and the quality represents the best of the best.

We pledge that with your continued support, we’ll make every effort for Abundant Life Seeds to grow into the company that you want it to be. Just as many seed banks have developed their own image, character, and product line based on what its customers support, so should Abundant Life Seeds.

Seed & Strain Information

At Abundant Life Seeds we are protecting the genetic diversity of popular, rare and specialty marijuana strains. Our goal is to recommend the most suitable varieties for the use cases of medical/recreational cannabis users, seed collectors and cultivators around the world.

Location and Climate

Abundant Life’s new research farm is located in the State of Hawaii, on the Big Island. Our special varieties develop in a high humidity climate with a subtropical growing season that allows for cultivation all throughout the year. We are also collaborating with farms in Oregon, California, Michigan and Colorado.

Germination Standards

Abundant Life has established germination and cultivation standards that are higher than those of the Federal Seed Act. Abundant Life only offers the best selling cannabis seed strains from top breeders. Extensive testing each year at Abundant Life’s research farm grows and evaluates a wide range of seed varieties, so you can trust that every seed variety in the Abundant Life Seeds Catalog has passed our stringent requirements. We have our own breeding program and we collaborate with several other farms, seed banks, and breeders to develop and promote cannabis genetics specifically for the home gardener and market grower.

Days To Maturity

Abundant Life strain descriptions include the flowering time, or days to maturity in bloom. Unless noted the days to maturity are calculated from the date the plants are set into bloom. This is accomplished under controlled lighting by limiting the hours of light per day. Indoor growers typically initiate bloom by reducing the light cycle to 12 hours on/12 hours off, to continue until the plants are ready to harvest.

Outdoors under the sun, the flowering time is only used as an estimate. Some seed descriptions include a harvest month, which can more accurately estimate the days to maturity. However, the data is relevant for growing in the seasonal northern hemisphere. Your actual days to maturity may vary.


Abundant Life strain descriptions also include the yield, or estimated harvest weight of a variety. Indoor yield is typically noted as g/m2 for grams per square meter. Outdoor yield is often noted as yield per plant. Please understand these figures are estimates that may vary with different cultivation techniques and growing environments.

Safe Seed Pledge

We pledge that we will not knowingly buy, sell or recommend genetically engineered seeds or plants. While we do not consider “feminizing” (chemically-induced hermaphroditism) to be GMO, we do recommend that all growers collect, share and save regular marijuana seeds. We wish to support agricultural progress that leads to stable breeds, healthier soils, genetically diverse agricultural ecosystems, and ultimately people and communities.

Shipment Options

Our partners ship seeds to all 50 states of the US. They provide affordable stealth shipping options to discreetly ship your package by postal mail. Orders typically arrive to your address in just a few days.

International Orders

Almost every country in the world can receive marijuana seeds in the mail, including the United States of America. However, there are some restrictions for certain countries put in place by our partners. Check each vendor’s website for detailed information pertaining to shipping. We will strive to provide updated information about shipping the seeds to your country. The purchaser is responsible for all customs regulations.