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Wedding Cake Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Wedding Cake Seeds

Buy the best Wedding Cake feminized seeds to grow for top-shelf bud harvests. Guaranteed fast shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Wedding Cake seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanks—ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

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Wedding Cake Strain Description

Wedding Cake, aka Pink Cookies or Triangle Mints #23, is a mostly indica marijuana strain that excels in aroma, flavor, bag appeal, and potency. Buy feminized Wedding Cake seeds today to grow this highly in-demand variety. It’s one of the most popular modern hybrids across America. Sporting lovely pink and purple highlights, Wedding Cake buds are colorful, drenched in resin, and exude a sweet ‘n sour vanilla scent. The effects are creative, euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting. Up to 24% THC.

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Wedding Cake Origin and Genetics

The Wedding Cake strain is a phenotype of the Triangle Mints line (noted to produce very nice combinations of OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies) by Seed Junky Genetics. Wedding Cake was created by crossing a Triangle Kush female with an Animal Mints male. The name Wedding Cake was given to the strain by the Jungle Boys after experiencing its distinct vanilla cake frosting aroma. Wedding Cake won the first prize Best Hybrid Flower at the 2018 SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.

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How to Grow Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a pretty easy strain to grow, mostly because it has good resistance to disease, pests, and rough climates. With enough light, water, and nutrients, you can just sit back and watch the super heavy, dense, frosty nugs develop. Wedding Cake will double in size during its 9 to 10-week flowering cycle. Yields are up to 650 g/m2 indoors or over 4 pounds per plant outdoors, ready to harvest by mid-September.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Earthy, Sweet, Vanilla


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, Barney's Farm

CBD Content





Energizing, Relaxing

Flowering Time

9–10 weeks

Flowering Type



Animal Mints, Triangle Kush

Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse

Harvest Month




Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 24%


30% Sativa, 70% Indica


Up to 650 g/m2

56 reviews for Buy Wedding Cake Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Jared C.

    Absolutely blown away by the quality of these Wedding Cake genetics! From seed to harvest, the process was smooth sailing. The plants grew beautifully, with dense buds coated in trichomes. The terpenes alone will blow your mind, but the high really kicks. Can’t wait to order more!

  2. Faith A.

    Wedding Cake seeds grew beautifully! Super impressed with the yield and quality. Couldn’t ask for more.

  3. Eddie P.

    Bought a 5 pack of seeds and wow did they outperform! Not a single dud in the pack and all females. These plants thrived in my indoor setup, they grew bushy with strong branches. Come flowering time and they swelled up with some of the dankest buds I’ve ever seen. Smells, tastes and feels amazing!

  4. Adam W.

    Just harvested my Wedding Cake plants and let me tell ya, these genetics are definitely worth the money! The nugs are dense, covered in trichomes and the terpene profile is outta this world. If you’re looking for a dank strain to grow, Wedding Cake is it!

  5. Craig O.

    Wedding Cake is where it’s at! Germed these babies and boom! They popped fast and took off in no time. Full canopy and dense nugs that are just coated in frosty trichs. The aroma is like vanilla heaven, and that Indica hit did not disappoint. Smooth smoke, killer body buzz, had me just right. Legit genetics here peeps. 100% copping more of these seeds, a must-grow for real!

  6. Manny R.

    These Wedding Cake seeds are DA BOMB! Grew em out back in my green house and I’m tellin ya, ain’t never had such an easy grow. Plant grew fat and bushy, dense buds and smell so sweet, it’s like mama’s kitchen on baking day. Pedal to the metal buzz but fun too, a top grade smoke. Rock n roll!

  7. Ronny

    MAN, this Wedding Cake is LEGIT! Crazy growth and buds big as my fist…fire stuff right here folks! 5 outta 5 all day long!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Wedding Cake feminized seeds are a great buy. Really easy to grow and produces great yields. A real pleasure to watch them grow. Solid buds with a nice taste. You can’t beat the potency of this strain either. Definitely a top choice for any grower looking for a cannabis powerhouse.

  9. Seth

    The yield on this strain is unbelievable. I have grown many strains before and had nothing like this. Some of the buds are super frosty, so if you like to make extracts, you’re going to love this strain. The seeds germinate fast, too. We ran them under our grow light and they grew like weeds.

  10. Dabber

    I got this strain recently and it’s dope. Grew them inside and was blown away by the yields and quality of the buds. This is one of the best strains on the market for sure, so crip and packed with trichomes, easy to grow as well. The terpenes are loud AF and the high is a great combination of cerebral and body buzz. A must try for anyone looking for a dank and reliable strain.

  11. Bruce G.

    Wedding Cake was an excellent choice and it did not disappoint! The bud structure was great and the flower was so dense and sticky that it was clearly the cream of the crop. It has great taste and is easy to get high off of.

  12. Pauline H.

    Smokes awesome and has tons of crystals. Not only was the bud huge, but the yield of the plant was awesome. I will order more!

  13. Ken H.

    I’m not usually the type of guy that likes to give out high scores for anything, but this strain is the highest quality I grew to date. I’ve never been stoned by a bud that was as pretty as these.

  14. Blunt

    Some of the best buds I’ve ever smoked. This was a beautiful strain to grow, and the results were outstanding. They gave me a really high yield and the quality was excellent. The smell and taste were both fantastic and the high was very strong and pleasant. I really enjoyed growing this plant, and it’s one of my favorite strains.

  15. Morgan F.

    Digging this strain and its high. Can really get into the zone with it. Really nice sweet and creamy flavor and it packs a punch.

  16. Anonymous

    This stuff is great for the cash cropper. Big plants, big yield. Easy to grow and the high is awesome. Buds are frosty and very dense, nice quality.

  17. Austin

    I’ve tried some great weed, but Wedding Cake is one of my top 5. Great smell, taste and potency!

  18. Devin R.

    The best weed I’ve grown so far. Easy to grow and very strong. The buds were very frosty and the smell and taste were incredible.

  19. Kiffer

    Absolutely amazing strain. Super easy to grow with good sized plants with big frosty buds all over. Very high yield and an A+ product as well.

  20. Warren B.

    I’ve been growing it for 2 years now and it’s by far my favorite. The best buds I’ve ever harvested were from this strain.

  21. Anonymous

    Nice buds. Very easy to grow, great yield, smell and taste. Gave me a real powerful high. I will definitely be growing more of these!

  22. Gasman

    Wedding Cake is a great strain, definitely one of my favorites. Very high yield and grows well indoors or out. The buds look/smell amazing and the high is very strong.

  23. Sam W.

    One of the best strains I’ve grown. Huge, frosty nugs with absurd amounts of trichomes.

  24. Wilson

    Easily one of the most rewarding plants to grow, this one always gives me a great yield and fat dank buds. It smokes very nice too.

  25. Marley

    I grew these plants from seed and they grew very well. The yield was excellent and the buds were dense and sugary sweet. These are good plants and it’s a pleasure to grow them.

  26. Zack L.

    I am so happy with the wedding cake strain. It was my very first strain along with a friend and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The buds are so frosty and super dank!!!

  27. Clint A.

    Very nice strain. It was easy to grow and the yield was large. The high is really enjoyable too. I would definitely recommend these seeds!

  28. Rob T.

    Grew these indoors and they were the perfect choice for my grow. It’s not often you see a strain that’s not only an yield monster but also has amazing bag appeal and terps.

  29. Bammy

    These were GREAT! It was my first time growing bud, and the yield was unbelievable!

  30. Mike G.

    This was my first time running Wedding Cake in my grow op and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Wedding Cake is one of the easiest plants to grow and it’s super high yield. The buds are ridiculous… Dense and covered in crystals… You can’t go wrong with these seeds.

  31. Tara P.

    Five stars isn’t enough for this strain! It is the best of all the strains we have ever used or grown. These buds are the highest quality and the yields are so massive and so dank.

  32. Dankman

    Never thought I could grow something this good. The buds on these ladies were so frosty and dense. All my friends were so jealous when they saw what I grew. I can’t wait until it actually cures properly, the smell is driving me crazy! I’m a proud Wedding Cake grower, now its on to the next batch of seeds!

  33. Rachael D.

    This was my first time buying seeds online and I have to say, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t go through or the seeds wouldn’t be good. I had nothing to worry about though. Got my seeds in less than a week and they were great quality and they all sprouted too!

  34. Ezra

    I grew these inside my tent and they turned out amazing. The plant to flower ratio was perfect. A little pruning and they were ready to start packing on the weight. Very pleased with this strain, the buds are probably the best I’ve grown so far.

  35. Pat R.

    The yield on these plants was huge! Not only were the buds covered in crystals but the plants got so big and the branches were full of buds all the way down. The high is very strong and lasts a long time. I had no problems getting rid of it but kept a stash away for myself. Everyday for like a month I would get sooooo stoned of this stuff!

  36. SF Plug

    I’ve grown a lot of weed strains and this one has to be among the easiest while producing top quality flowers and an abundance of them. I’ve made so much money with this strain it’s unreal.

  37. Juana G.

    Great cannabis strain for beginners and experienced growers alike. Easy to grow from seeds and produces great yields. Definitely worth trying out!

  38. Steven B.

    Best Strain EVER! 100% Guaranteed. I’ve been fortunate enough to try many different strains of cannabis over the years, some good, some mediocre and some just downright awful. I first came across Wedding Cake a few years ago when a friend returned from Cali and brought me a few grams as a gift. It was love at first smoke!

  39. Tammy J.

    I grew wedding cake last year and I am growing it again this year. It is one of the best tasting, smelling, most beautiful plants I have grown. The high is great for anxiety and just a lovely shade of happy. Anyone looking for something easy to grow but still very rewarding should pick up a pack these seeds!

  40. Darrell C.

    Exceptional strain of weed, very easy to grow. Looks are great, smells and tastes are even better. Not too much special care needs to be taken when growing it.

  41. Ben W.

    Seeds came fast in the mail and were quick to germinate too. Got 5 beautiful females that were fast growing from the start until chop day. Dried out to hard dense buds that look super dank in the bag and caked with trichome frosting. Going to order more of them soon to grow out this year.

  42. Aaron Y.

    Wedding Cake has been a hit with everyone since we started growing it last year. We had no idea that it could produce such huge yields and the buds are incredible… If you’re thinking about buying this strain in seed version… Just do it! You’ll be thankful you did.

  43. Kevin T.

    Wedding Cake is one of my all-time favorites. It’s a great strain to grow that makes big yields of high quality bud. I’ve been growing it for about 2 years now and my cuts are still going strong!

  44. Caleb

    I just completed my first grow of Wedding Cake seeds. They came through as advertised. The plant growth was fast and the yields were higher than expected. Five star bud all day!

  45. Chris S.

    This is one of the best strains I’ve ever had in my garden. Grew fast and the buds are thick and heavy, with a very strong flavor.

  46. Scott D

    Love this strain, it really hits hard and gives me a rush from smoking it. It was easy to grow and super forgiving outdoors, so great choice for seeds even if you don’t know what you’re doing!

  47. Bryce C.

    Wedding Cake is an amazing strain, I’ve never seen anything like it. Grows huge and produces unreal buds. It has a taste similar to blueberry muffins or strawberry shortcake. Very sweet and enjoyable. Definitely a good choice for anyone looking for a relaxing indica-dominant hybrid that will give you mind expanding experiences without feeling too edgy.

  48. Paul M.

    The yield was good, and the high is strong, with a nice cerebral punch to it at the end. Smells like cotton candy. Buds are large and dank with sticky resin. Not disappointed at all with this strain.

  49. Faith K.

    Great grow, even my novice skills produced a monster. The buds are so frosty they look like they have white fuzz on them. Smell is strong and sweet. Upon drying and curing, the smell became more sour. The smoke report is a very smooth smoke that tastes like it smells. Sweet, fruity and delicious. The high starts in the head and quickly goes to the body and balances it out real good.

  50. FrostyTheBudman

    I’ve grown out Wedding multiple times and it is always a favorite of mine. Strong grower and high yielder, but with tight structure and fat nugs that smell like cake and bubblegum. Buds are so resinous that it gets all over your fingers. Smoke report is a powerful body high with a mellow, happy heady.

  51. Matthew P.

    Awesome and tasty strain, 100% germination, no problems growing indoors… FROSTED like a cake, so much THC crystals

  52. Brian R.

    I grew out 3 Wedding Cakes outdoors from clones, they got to over 6 foot plants, neatly stacked with buds and yielded upwards of 6 pounds between them. Great buds, great terpenes, great smoke!

  53. John H.

    It grows like a Sativa, but it finishes chunky like an Indica, which gives you a great return of high grade buds, so frosted they look dipped in sugar. The smoke is sweet and smooth with a nice heady high. All in all, a great strain which will provide a solid return on your initial investment in it.

  54. D.G.

    Ive started 5 and all 5 are up! Just waiting for them to get a little bigger before I transplant into pots. So excited!

  55. Nick

    Wedding Cake is absolute fire! Top shelf dank bud. I’m not even kidding, you will be impressed. Highly recommended for all who seek connoisseur grade bud. It smells like a sweet strawberry bubble bath when you open the bottle and inhale…ahh!

  56. SoCal Grower

    The plants were really big and healthy. Brought in over a pound each. The buds are full of crystals and the smell is sweet like vanilla. The smoke is very smooth and has a rich taste. I found myself talking a lot after smoking it. I would recommend it to anyone!

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