Top 10 Best-Smelling Weed Strains to Grow

Shortlist of the ten best-smelling weed strains to grow. The best aromatic marijuana strains. For sale as feminized seeds. Fast USA shipping.

top-rated list of the best-smelling weed strains

Dive into a world of aromatic bliss with our selection of the top 10 best-smelling weed strains to cultivate. These varieties stand out for their unique and enchanting fragrances, ranging from sweet and fruity to earthy and piney, perfect for those who appreciate the olfactory experience of growing cannabis. Each strain in our seed list has been chosen for its exceptional scent profile, ensuring your grow space is filled with delightful aromas.

1. Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake marijuana strain

Wedding Cake, often called Pink Cookies or Triangle Mints #23, is a mostly indica strain that’s as delightful to the nose as it is to the palate. Originating from a cross between a Triangle Kush female and an Animal Mints male, this strain boasts a sweet ‘n sour vanilla scent that’s as inviting as an actual wedding cake. It’s celebrated for its colorful buds, high THC content of up to 24%, and resistance to pests and diseases, making it a top choice for growers. Not to mention, Wedding Cake’s ability to produce large yields indoors or outdoors by mid-September adds to its appeal. For anyone searching for seeds online, this strain’s aromatic profile and growing ease make it a must-try.

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2. Candy Kush

Candy Kush marijuana strain

Candy Kush, also known as Kandy Kush, combines the legendary OG Kush with Trainwreck to create an indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet taste and a relaxing effect. This strain’s THC levels can reach up to 18%, offering potent relief for pain and stress. The feminized seeds of Candy Kush grow into medium-sized plants that are perfect for indoor cultivation, ready to harvest in 7–9 weeks. Its resistance to mold allows it to adapt well to cooler climates, ensuring a robust harvest. The sweet, calming aroma of Candy Kush makes it a favorite for those looking to unwind after a long day.

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3. Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie marijuana strain

Cherry Pie, an indica-leaning hybrid, is celebrated for its sweet cherry aroma and dense, resin-covered buds. This strain comes from crossing F1 Durban Poison with Grand Daddy Purple, courtesy of the Bay Area-based Cookie Fam. With THC levels up to 23%, Cherry Pie offers a cerebral head high followed by a relaxing body stone. It’s a moderately easy strain to grow, flourishing both indoors and outdoors with yields that can exceed a pound per plant. The enticing cherry scent makes it a top pick for anyone wanting a fragrant and visually appealing grow.

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4. Mimosa Autoflower

Mimosa Autoflower marijuana strain

Mimosa Autoflower seeds are the ticket to growing a sativa-dominant hybrid that brightens any day with its sweet, citrusy aroma. This strain, a blend of Clementine and Purple Punch, promises high THC levels up to 24% and is easy to grow thanks to its autoflowering and feminized traits. It thrives in cooler climates and resists mildew and disease, peforming exceptionally well across diverse growing conditions. With a total grow time of 10–14 weeks, Mimosa Autoflower is perfect for growers looking for efficiency without sacrificing quality. The strain’s uplifting aroma of fresh citrus fruits makes it a standout choice for those in search of the best-smelling strains.

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5. Cheese

Cheese marijuana strain

Cheese is an indica dominant strain known for its unique, pungent aroma that closely resembles real cheese. Originating from a 1988 Skunk #1 phenotype, Cheese has become a global favorite, offering a moderate 14% THC content and a relaxing effect. It’s incredibly easy to grow, resistant to many common threats, and yields up to 500 g/m2 indoors. Ready to harvest in October, Cheese is ideal for those who appreciate a strong, cheesy aroma and a straightforward cultivation process. The distinctive smell and ease of growth make Cheese seeds a top choice for cultivators and connoisseurs alike.

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6. Banana Kush Autoflower

Banana Kush Autoflower marijuana strain

Banana Kush Autoflower is a dream for those who love sweet, fruity cannabis strains. This strain combines Ghost OG and Skunk Haze genetics, offering an intoxicatingly sweet banana fragrance. With THC content up to 21%, it delivers a potent experience perfect for evening relaxation. Its autoflowering nature simplifies cultivation, making it suitable for various environments and offering yields up to 650 grams per square meter indoors. The allure of Banana Kush Autoflower lies in its delightful banana scent, positioning it as a must-grow for enthusiasts seeking aromatic strains.

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7. AK-47

AK-47 marijuana strain

AK-47 is an award-winning sativa dominant hybrid renowned for its strong odor and potent effects, with THC levels reaching up to 20%. This strain is a mix of Afghan, Thai, Mexican, and Colombian genetics, creating a unique and recognizable aroma. AK-47 is easy to grow, flowering in 8–9 weeks, and produces compact, resinous buds. It prefers dry climates to avoid mold issues, offering generous yields for diligent cultivators. The distinct, powerful smell and the strain’s legendary status make AK-47 seeds a sought-after choice for those aiming for top-quality aromatics in their garden.

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8. Strawberry Cheese Autoflower

Strawberry Cheese Autoflower marijuana strain

Strawberry Cheese Autoflower seeds produce an indica-dominant strain that combines sweet strawberries with creamy, cheesy undertones. With THC levels around 19%, it offers a relaxing and sedative effect, perfect for evening use. These autoflowering seeds grow into compact plants that are easy to manage, yielding up to 18 oz/m2 indoors in just 8–9 weeks. The strain’s resilience and autoflowering nature make it ideal for continuous harvest throughout the year. Strawberry Cheese’s delightful blend of sweet and savory aromas makes it an irresistible choice for anyone looking to cultivate a uniquely fragrant strain.

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9. White Widow

White Widow marijuana strain

White Widow, a balanced indica/sativa hybrid, is famous for its potent, trichome-rich buds and strong, woody aroma. Originating from Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica genetics, this strain has won numerous awards since its introduction in the nineties. It’s easy to grow, with a flowering time of 8–9 weeks, and produces high yields of frosty cannabis. White Widow is adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation, offering over 450 g/m2. The combination of its iconic smell and robust growth characteristics makes White Widow feminized seeds a top pick for those seeking legendary aromas and a straightforward growing experience.

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10. Gushers Autoflower

Gushers Autoflower marijuana strain

Gushers Autoflower brings together the relaxation of Triangle Kush and the delicious flavor of Gelato, with a touch of ruderalis genetics for easy autoflowering cultivation. This indica-dominant strain offers a sweet, candy-like flavor with a calming effect, thanks to its 22% THC level. It grows well in a range of climates, maturing in 10–14 weeks, and can produce yields of 5 to 15 ounces per plant. Gushers Autoflower is perfect for evening relaxation, combining ease of growth with a flavorful and potent outcome. The strain’s candy-like aroma and balanced effects make it a popular choice for those looking to add a sweet, relaxing variety to their collection.

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