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Blueberry Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Blueberry Seeds

Buy the best Blueberry feminized seeds to grow for abundant harvests. Guaranteed fast shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Blueberry seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanks—ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

Blueberry strain bud closeup

Blueberry Strain Description

Blueberry is one of the most visually stunning and best-tasting marijuana strains in the history of cannabis. It’s been a hit among stoners worldwide for decades. Brilliant blue, purple and red colors develop throughout the plant and its buds. Blueberry marijuana has an incredible fruity flavor that tastes just like real blueberries. The effects are euphoric, pleasant, and last a long time. Up to 19.5% THC.

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Blueberry Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman

 Blueberry Origin and Genetics

The origins of Blueberry can be traced back to Canadian breeder DJ Short. Sometime during the seventies, DJ was on the West Coast of the United States, working with hundreds of plants from Colombia, Panama, Mexico, and Thailand. According to Seedsman, his favorites included the Oregon Purple Thai, a special “Juicy Fruit” Highland Thai, and the “Flo” Afghani hybrid. Growing out and crossbreeding these genetics together, he created the Original and True Blueberry strains, highly respected in the cannabis world. At the HTCC 2000, Blueberry took home the prize for best indica. The strain remains among the most coveted varieties to this day.

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How to Grow Blueberry

Blueberry is a prime producer under optimal conditions. Buy Blueberry feminized seeds to get a selection of only female plants. They are stout in growth structure with massive size potential. Indoor growers can optimize yield up to 600 g/m2 by taking advantage of cropping and topping techniques, along with all the necessary light, water, and nutrient requirements. Flowering time indoors is 8–9 weeks. Outdoors, Blueberry is ready to harvest during the month of October.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Berry, Earthy, Fruity, Piney, Sweet


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, Dutch Passion, Seedsman

CBD Content





Exhilarating, Relaxing, Sedative, Upbeat

Flowering Time

8–9 weeks

Flowering Type



Afghan, Colombian, Mexican, Panama, Thai

Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse

Harvest Month




Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 19.5%


20% Sativa, 80% Indica


Up to 600 g/m2

56 reviews for Buy Blueberry Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Kyle H.

    Blueberry seeds were a great buy! Grew into beautiful plants with unreal colors. Smoked some and it’s super tasty. Happy customer!

  2. Eddie S.

    Amazing strain! The Blueberry seeds turned into beautiful plants with a fantastic aroma and flavor. The buds are dense with a special blue hue and covered in trichomes. The effect was exactly what I was looking for: relaxing but not too overpowering. Great for evening use. Will definitely be my go to from now on.

  3. Frank P.

    As a craft grower, I can say that Blueberry is up there with the best of them. These plants are stunners with blue and purple colors throughout. The buds shine with trichomes and truly have that blueberry terp profile. It hits good and lasts long.

  4. Trevor W.

    Super impressed with how these Blueberry seeds turned out. Easy grow from seed to crop, plants were resilient af. The scent is like walking through a berry farm, absolutely luscious. When it’s time for the sesh, the flavor carries through and the relaxation vibe is A+. This batch is a crowd pleaser for sure. Solid 5 star genetics here!

  5. Nate K.

    Well, this is my first time planting a cannabis strain and I gotta tell ya, these Blueberry seeds were a delight to work with. Germination was fast and the plants thrived in my little greenhouse setup. I was pretty stoked at the yield, much more than I expected! The aroma is just lovely like fresh picked blueberries from the garden. As for the effects, it’s a well rounded body high without making my mind feel too foggy. I’ll give it a solid thumbs up!

  6. Anonymous

    AWESOME STUFF!!! Got these Blueberry babies and MAN they’ve bloomed into some real good stuff! Smokin smooth high, barely any hassle growing. Packing a punch in aroma and flavor. Best investment, hands down!

  7. Simon

    Blueberry weed is fire! I got the feminized seeds and they grew real nice, healthy plants with lots of crystal-covered buds. Really dug the sweet berry smell and taste. And the high is great too!

  8. Kendall

    A++ and the taste is one of the best in my experience. I have grown many hybrids, these grow and taste like a dream. I grew this strain outdoors, indoors and they all did very well. I get a very solid high from these buds and the terpenes are excellent.

  9. Tony S.

    These seeds have been a game changer for me. I’ve smoked plenty of blueberry but these are the real deal. The taste of this strain is simply delicious. There’s a sweet blueberry smell and taste that comes through every hit, with a nice stoney high that lasts. These are some seriously awesome buds. They’re really frosty and glisten with trichomes with a dope color scheme to boot.

  10. Evan P.

    I got Blueberry seeds in the mail and I haven’t seen a strain like it! The buds are full of flavor and smell amazing. It’s a pretty simple, short grow. I’m definitely growing this strain again!

  11. Dianne A.

    Grew out my Blueberry plants this year and just made my 5th harvest ever. Every one is just as good as the last. I grow them for the terpenes, they’re absolutely amazing! And the quality is on point! They are some of the best tasting buds I have ever had! You will be so happy if you buy and grow these seeds!

  12. Budder

    I am a big fan of fruity cannabis. This is my first time growing but I’ve already got these plants forming buds. I am looking forward to what I get in a few weeks.

  13. Anonymous

    Good yields, strong plants, very easy to grow, good for newbies, buds are very sweet with that classic blueberry flavor.

  14. Sam W.

    Best indica I’ve grown. The scent when it flowers is quite aromatic and smells like real deal blueberries. The taste is great as well. I love this strain.

  15. Kurt C.

    It has a very distinct taste that makes it a great strain for smoking. My favorite out of any indica I’ve grown to date. I hope they keep making this strain!

  16. Montgomery

    Excellent weed! The buds were nice, frosty and dense. Easy to grow and with very rewarding results!

  17. Sandra

    After finally growing this strain a year after getting the seeds I was extremely excited to see how it performed. The seeds had been sitting on the shelf for a while so that could have a negative effect. Much to my surprise every seed grew and performed very well. They were easily among the best indoor plants I’ve grown to date. So I’m glad to share my success story. The Blueberry name is spot on, when you taste it you’ll know it.

  18. Ziggy

    My blueberry harvest turned out very well, so much so that I have now placed a new order for seeds. Best strain ever!

  19. Anonymous

    This is my favorite strain of weed and is hands down one of the best seed strains we have. Easy to grow and very high quality. If you like your weed to have a strong blue berry taste, this is for you.

  20. Aubrey Y.

    Love these buds! Easy to grow, heavy yields of very good quality, solid bud. I love the smell, taste and the high these give, I’ll be keeping my clones forever because of the smell! A definite must try.

  21. Blue

    Delicious, such sweet buds. I order some of these seeds every time because I know exactly what I’ll get and it is always so consistently good. Can’t go wrong with this strain.

  22. Kerry M.

    Certainly agree that Blueberry is one of the best strains ever. Mine grew even better than I hoped!😌🫐 Buds look great, smell great, and the smoke is just amazing. Great buzz, really nice taste, definitely one of my best crops.

  23. Danny L.

    I grew these indoors and they have resiny buds with nice flavor and the colors were fantastic.

  24. Jasmine

    Well these are some of the best buds I’ve had the pleasure of smoking! Super delish! They’re very easy to grow and have a very nice high. I feel relaxed yet uplifted at the same time.

  25. Kelly E.

    Nice plants and nice buds. This was my first grow and it was surprisingly easy to do. Everything grew fine and now I’m enjoying the harvest.

  26. Marcel

    First time grower and the results were amazing. I had 100% germination success with these seeds and all of my plants were thriving from start to finish. These buds are just as good if not better than what I’ve bought at dispensaries.

  27. Willie D.

    Got my package in a timely manner and had no issues with delivery. Growing 3 of these right now all came up within 3 days of planting and have been growing strong ever since.

  28. Shane J.

    These are some seriously good seeds. I was very happy with the yield and quality of the smoke when I grew these babies. I grew outdoors and got some amazing flowers.

  29. Cliff N.

    Thank you DJ Short for giving me a great year! I grew these inside and they turned out to be some of the best plants in my grow op! I highly recommend these seeds to anyone wanting to try growing a great tasting strain of cannabis.

  30. Pawpaw420

    I don’t smoke “now” because of my insurance but I love growing. I pass the foils to my daughter who is a medical patient. This is one strain I would really like to smoke. The buds are thick little cotton ball puffs, I’m 3 weeks into flower and can already tell harvest is going to be great. If I have 6 weeks to go I’m going to have to steak these colas up.

  31. Brad O.

    I’ve grown Blueberry a couple times before and been pleased with the results. This time however I am really blown away. That blueberry flavor is in your face and the bag appeals off the charts

  32. Al P.

    I thought this was an excellent grow, easy to maintain and some of the best tasting smoke I’ve had in a long time. My new top strain. The yield was above average as well. I will be growing this again for sure.

  33. Felix G.

    This is my favorite strain by far. It’s not too difficult to grow but it has high yields, smells and tastes great, and is just an all around crowd pleaser.

  34. BizzyBee

    I have bought a lot of cannabis seeds online over the years, but none of them ever grew into plants that are absolutely gorgoues in every way like my Blueberrys. The best for sure!

  35. Sophie B.

    These were the first cannabis seeds I ever purchased and I couldn’t be happier with them. They grew very easily and really produced some beautiful buds. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking to start growing their own cannabis.

  36. Timmy A.

    One of the best and easiest strains I’ve grown. Every seed grew perfectly for me, I love it.

  37. Keith M.

    Blueberry is still one the best strains I’ve experienced in over 30 years of growing and smoking cannabis. The terpene aroma that develops in bloom is intensely fruity and translates to fresh blueberry flavor when smoked. The final product speaks for itself!

  38. Jerry G.

    Love this strain!!! Very easy to grow and produces huge yields of delicious bud. The smell is just heavenly! Definitely worth the effort!!!

  39. Roger S.

    Very pleased with the results. Was an easy grow that produced big yields, no problems with mold or mildew. Best indica I’ve ever grown and will definitely be ordering more seeds in the future!

  40. Steph P.

    Wonderful cannabis strain/cultivar. The Blueberry seeds I bought were delivered quickly by mail and grew up so fast! After growing them I’m so glad I found one that actually smells like blueberry jam🫐

  41. Nathan H.

    As someone who’s worked as a budtender in a legal state, I’d say it’s hard to beat the high demand that Blueberry has in the cannabis market. I grew it at home last year for the first time from a pack of seeds I got out of a trade. I was very impressed with my plants in growth rate and how their buds filled in over flowering. They came out even better than what I expected coming in, so stoked on everything

  42. Kirk W.

    Excellent strain for the home grower! We’ve had great success with this strain. I’m currently growing 2 Blueberry plants in my grow room and they’re doing great! They’re producing lots of resin and sweet terpenes which makes for a pretty potent smoke!

  43. John D.

    This strain is great. I am a medical marijuana patient and Blueberry is my favorite variety to grow and medicate with. The effect hits instantly, and feels balanced between sativa and indica. It also smells great and tastes even better. If you want a flavorful strain that will produce some high quality buds, this is your best bet!

  44. Doug C.

    Grew this in my basement for about 2 months, then moved it outside where it produced some of the biggest and most flavorful flowers I’ve ever seen! 5 star champ!

  45. Juicy J

    The smell from these plants is incredible! You can’t beat the taste either, it’s like eating blueberry pie. A real stress reliever for me.

  46. Tom F.

    Very happy with the Blueberry seeds we grew this year. Grows into a big bushlike structure so make sure you give them enough height. The scent when cutting the plant down is amazing, smells like fresh blueberries! This strain will definitely give you some nice energy boost as well as a mellow feeling that sticks.

  47. Beau R.

    I grew this outdoors last year in Tennessee and it was the best tasting weed I’ve ever grown. The nugs were very big, fat and dense and smelled of blueberries. I need to buy more seeds!!

  48. Ami

    I had high hopes for the Blueberry seeds I grew out this year and they did not disappoint. I got a good harvest of very tasty weed. The buds and even plants themselves have a light blue color to them even though the trichomes are clear. The high is strong and smoking it is… berry good!

  49. Cheeba

    Never gets old! Blueberry rocks, grows good outdoors and indoors too. It’s an IBL strain so you can breed with it and get really killer F1 hybrids, like Blue Dream and a million more. But there’s no hybrid vigor, so they usually aren’t the fastest growers in the pack. The cannabinoid/terpene profiles and overall bud quality is A+.

  50. Peter C.

    100% germination rate and not a single hermaphrodite. The aroma of Blueberry is for me one of the best in the world!

  51. Clinton

    I grew seedsman blueberry indoors, grew very fast, yield was good, and the end product very high quality, tastes yummy, has a strong and calming high

  52. MEgrower

    I have been growing Blueberry outdoors for several years. I recommend this strain because if you select the right phenotype, Blueberry is easy to grow, has good yields and the end product is extremely high quality, it has a strong psychoactive high and awesome berry flavor. Outdoors the plants grow rather long stems, so it can stretch quite tall. Harvest time in New England comes at end of September for some phenos to anytime in October.

  53. Ron N.

    Got Blueberry fem seeds from ILGM. I planted 5 seeds and all came up with no issues. On my 2nd week of veg now and they are starting to pick up the growth speed. Hoping for the best.

  54. Nick R.

    Good strain! Have been growing for about a year now, and this is one of my favorites for pure flavor. I grow indoors, with a HLG-100 LED light in a 2’x4′ grow tent. I topped her twice and she grew to 4 long bud colas. Stinks and tastes like ripe fruit!!! Although my Blueberry plants got yellowish during the end of flowering, I wonder if it was lack because of nutrients or if it’s just how this strain naturally grows.

  55. Kevin B.

    Great taste and smell. Easy to grow…Just started flowering 3 weeks ago…2 of the 5 are quite tall and thin, 1 is short and squat, the other one looks healthier than the other 2 but sits at a slight angle due to it being top heavy with buds.

  56. Craig

    How many years now and Blueberry is still considered some of the best weed in the world! Simply amazing! My uncle was growing it back when you’d order from the seed catalogs. We usually get the Dutch Passion version but I just picked up some of ILGM’s. Got my fingers crossed.

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