Top 10 Best High-Yield Marijuana Strains to Grow

Shortlist of the ten best high-yield weed strains to grow. The highest yielding strains of marijuana. For sale as feminized seeds. Fast USA shipping.

top-rated list of the best high-yield marijuana strains

Maximize your harvest with our top 10 best high-yield marijuana strains to grow from seeds. These genetic giants are selected for their ability to produce copious amounts of cannabis, making them ideal for growers looking to get the most bud for their buck. Whether you’re cultivating for personal use or commercial sale, these strains promise abundant yields without sacrificing potency or flavor.

1. Big Bud

Big Bud marijuana strain

Big Bud is a heavyweight among marijuana strains, famous for its abundant yield and rapid growth, making it a top pick for commercial growers and enthusiasts alike. This indica-dominant variety comes from a rich genetic blend of Skunk #1, Afghani, and Northern Lights, crafted in the 1980s for maximum productivity. Its massive buds, known for their deep green hue and hashy flavor, often need support due to their weight. Perfect for beginners and experts, Big Bud thrives in conditions with plenty of airflow and low humidity to avoid pests and mold, boasting yields up to 600 g/m2. Its relatively short bloom cycle of 50 days ensures a quick and abundant harvest, securing its place as a must-have for those aiming for high returns.

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2. Moby Dick

Moby Dick marijuana strain

Moby Dick, a sativa-dominant hybrid, is known for its massive size and yield potential, making it a favorite for outdoor cannabis growers. This strain’s lineage includes Haze and White Widow, offering a blend of spicy, citrus, and pine notes. Ideal for growers looking for a challenge, Moby Dick prefers a gentle climate and requires attention to nutritional needs, but generously rewards with yields up to 650 g/m2 indoors and several pounds per plant outdoors. Its flowering time is around 9 weeks, promising an adventure as epic as its namesake. With its enchanting aroma and potent effects, Moby Dick is a captivating choice for anyone wanting to embark on a high-seas journey from their garden.

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3. Critical Mass

Critical Mass marijuana strain

Critical Mass is the go-to strain for cultivators focused on achieving immense yields of potent, resinous buds. This indica powerhouse is a revamped version of Big Bud, combining Skunk #1 with Afghani genetics for early flowering and massive cola production. Known for its sweet citrus and earthy skunk flavors, Critical Mass delivers relaxing effects with a THC content up to 22%. It’s easy to grow in dry climates, flowering in just 8 weeks, and can yield around 650 g/m2, making it perfect for both indoor and greenhouse setups. For growers in pursuit of an ultra-heavy harvest, Critical Mass is an essential strain that promises to exceed expectations.

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4. Gorilla Zkittlez

Gorilla Zkittlez marijuana strain

Gorilla Zkittlez merges the best of Gorilla Glue and Zkittlez, offering a THC potency up to 24% for a deeply relaxing and mood-lifting experience. This hybrid is favored for its ease of cultivation, delicious earthy and sweet flavors, and substantial yields, making it a prime choice for growers at any skill level. It flourishes indoors and outdoors, with a flowering time of about eight weeks and potential yields up to 21 oz/m2 indoors and several pounds outdoors. The robust genetics of Gorilla Zkittlez ensure a rewarding grow, producing dense, resin-packed buds. For those after a potent, flavor-rich strain that delivers both in experience and harvest, Gorilla Zkittlez is a standout selection.

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5. Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake marijuana strain

Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a mostly indica strain that dazzles with its sweet ‘n sour vanilla scent and stunning pink and purple buds. This highly sought-after variety is a result of crossing Triangle Kush with Animal Mints, offering a creative and uplifting high with THC levels up to 24%. Easy to grow and resistant to pests and diseases, Wedding Cake promises heavy, dense, and frosty nugs after a 9 to 10-week flowering cycle. Yields can reach up to 650 g/m2 indoors and multiple pounds outdoors, making it an attractive option for those looking to combine bag appeal with potency. Whether for a special occasion or regular use, Wedding Cake is a perfect addition to any grower’s collection.

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6. Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf marijuana strain

Gold Leaf, by Robert Bergman, is a balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics, boasting THC levels up to 21% and high yield potential. This strain is designed for ease of cultivation, producing tall, bud-laden plants that are a favorite among both novices and experts. With a unique, pungent aroma and balanced effects, Gold Leaf offers a memorable cannabis experience. It thrives indoors and outdoors, with yields ranging from 16 to 23 ounces per square meter after a flowering period of 54 to 63 days. For cultivators seeking a potent and high-yielding strain, Gold Leaf is a golden opportunity.

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7. Power Plant

Power Plant marijuana strain

Power Plant, a mostly sativa strain with South African genetics, is renowned for its high yield and energizing, creative buzz. Released by Dutch Passion in 1997, this strain has won multiple awards and remains a favorite for its woody aroma and sweet, earthy taste. Power Plant is versatile, thriving indoors, in greenhouses, and in warm climates outdoors, with yields up to 600 g/m2 and a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks. Its low maintenance and resistance to pests make it ideal for growers of all levels. For those seeking a productive strain that keeps the energy flowing, Power Plant is a top choice.

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8. Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies marijuana strain

Tropicana Cookies stands out with its vibrant colors, fresh citrus aroma, and high THC content ranging from 18% to 22%. This potent hybrid, a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie, offers an uplifting high followed by relaxation. Suited for warm climates, it thrives outdoors and indoors, requiring moderate care and a balanced diet. With a flowering time of 7–8 weeks, Tropicana Cookies yields around 450–500 g/m2, or up to several pounds per plant. Its enchanting appeal and generous harvest make it a prized choice for growers aiming for beauty and potency with high yields to boot.

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9. Chocolope

Chocolope marijuana strain

Chocolope, a nearly pure sativa created by DNA Genetics, delights with its sweet chocolate flavor and motivating, energetic high. A cross between Original Chocolate Thai and Cannalope, Chocolope has secured 13 Cannabis Cup awards for its unique attributes. This strain poses a challenge indoors due to its tall growth, but techniques like SCROG and super-cropping can tame its stature, leading to hefty yields as high as 600 g/m2 after a flowering period up to 10 weeks. Outdoors, Chocolope excels in warm climates, offering resistance to mold and a late October harvest of multiple pounds per plant. For those craving a sweet, productive day, Chocolope is the go-to strain.

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10. Do-Si-Dos

Do-Si-Dos marijuana strain

Do-Si-Dos, an indica-dominant hybrid, captivates with its beautiful colors, intoxicating aroma, and a THC content between 25–30%. This strain, resulting from a mix of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, delivers a powerful, balanced high. It requires a bit of skill to grow but rewards with generous yields, thriving in warm, sunny, and dry conditions akin to the Mediterranean. Do-Si-Dos flowers in 8 to 9 weeks, yielding between 400–500 g/m2 indoors. For cultivators in search of a high-yielding strain that combines visual appeal with potent effects, Do-Si-Dos is an exquisite choice.

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