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The Best AK-47 Seeds

Buy the best AK-47 feminized seeds to grow for hard-hitting heavy harvests. Discreet fast shipping to the US and worldwide. We have sourced top breed AK-47 seeds for sale through our partners at ILGM, Seedsman and Crop King.

AK-47 Strain Description

AK-47 is a legendary sativa dominant hybrid renowned for its powerful knockout strength and very strong odor. AK-47 has won numerous cup awards since its inception in the 90’s and gave rise to many top breed hybrids of today. AK-47 marijuana buds are compact with large calyxes and a bright white coating of trichomes. The quick-hitting, stoney effects of AK-47 makes it a true “one-hit wonder” strain. Up to 20% THC content.

AK-47 Origin and Genetics

AK-47 originates from Serious Seeds of Amsterdam, breeders that release just a few but well distinguished marijuana strains such as Bubble Gum, Chronic, Kali Mist and White Russian. Regarding AK-47, it was bred using Afghan, Thai, Mexican and Colombian genetics. Due to such a diverse gene pool, AK-47 is unique and instantly recognizable by veteran stoners. This top shelf quality weed has stood the test of time and continues to gain popularity in the cannabis market. Buy AK-47 seeds today and start growing your next rewarding harvest.

How to Grow AK-47

While AK-47 is mostly sativa, the plant and buds are predominantly indica in growth and appearance. AK-47 seeds grow into compact, bushy plants that stay low to the ground. The flowering time is 8–9 weeks indoors or by the end of October outdoors. AK-47 buds are sensitive to mold, so dry climates are preferred. The harvest is fruitful in both bud quality and yield, AK-47 can produce up to 500 g/m2 .

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