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Purple Haze Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Purple Haze Seeds

Buy the best Purple Haze feminized seeds to grow for psychedelic purple marijuana harvests. Fast stealth shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Purple Haze seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanksβ€”ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

Purple Haze Feminized Seeds for sale from SeedSupreme

Purple Haze Strain Description

Purple Haze is a psychedelic old-school sativa cross whose frosty leaves and buds turn a deep, dark purple color. The strain is famous across the globe, thanks to the Jimi Hendrix song that shares the same name. Buy Purple Haze feminized seeds today to grow this legendary weed strain. Purple Haze marijuana represents top-quality purps with long, sticky purple buds covered in trichomes and orange hairs. Purple Haze provides creative, euphoric, happy effects, making it an ideal smoke for artists, musicians, or anyone wanting to experience a powerful, psychoactive high. The aroma is sweet, exotic, and tastes fruity like grapes. Up to 20% THC.

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Purple Haze Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman by G13 Labs

Purple Haze Origin and Genetics

Purple Haze (the marijuana strain) mysteriously originated in the hills of the Emerald Triangle. It is believed to be a hybrid of Purple Thai and Haze genetics. The name Purple Haze was originally used to describe a type of LSD sold during the sixties and seventies. According to a 1977 High Times article, it came from the “King of LSD” Owsley Stanley, who created LSD tablets of 270 micrograms called Purple Haze and White Lightning. Later in 1967, the Jimi Hendrix song “Purple Haze” brought the name to audiences worldwide. In an interview before the song’s release, Hendrix said it was “…about a dream I had that I was walking under the sea.”, while biographer Harry Shapiro points out that “Purple Haze” is most likely “a pot-potpourri of ideas” which Hendrix developed over time.

Purple Haze Feminized Seeds for sale from Homegrown

How to Grow Purple Haze

Purple Haze stays shorter than most sativa strains but can still grow into tall plants. It’s a pretty easy strain to grow with high disease resistance. Simply germinate the seeds, provide plenty of water, light, and nutrients then prepare for the stunning purple harvests. Indoors, Purple Haze is finished in 9 to 10 weeks of flowering. Yields are high at over 450 g/m2. Outdoors, Purple Haze is ready to chop by October at the latest.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Berry, Earthy, Fruity, Spicy, Sweet


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, G13 Labs

CBD Content

< 1%




Creative, Euphoric, Exhilarating, Relaxing, Upbeat

Flowering Time

9–10 weeks

Flowering Type



Haze, Unknown

Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse, Warm Climates

Harvest Month

Late September, October



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 20%


30% Indica, 70% Sativa


Over 450 g/m2

54 reviews for Buy Purple Haze Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Aaron R.

    Purple Haze took my home grow to the next level! My plants grew like a dream from start to finish. Gorgeous dense buds with a sweet grapey profile. The high is just what I need to kick things into gear. Definitely my new favorite strain!

  2. Pauline H.

    Beautiful plants, great yield and the high is fantastic. Will buy again!

  3. Barry P.

    Purple haze… all in my brain! Loved growing this strain. Will be buying more seeds!

  4. Harvey

    I gotta give props to the seedbank for these Purple Haze seeds! πŸ‘πŸŒ± These genetics are on point and the yield is lit! Smooth smoke, the high is heady and long lasting. If you’re looking for a lit sativa strain, this one’s a winner! πŸ’œ

  5. Cali B.

    Yo, just had to drop a review for Purple Haze. This strain is straight fire! The seeds popped up super quick, and the plants grew like champs. I’m talking big plants with dense buds coated in purple goodness. The yield was awesome, and the smoke is lit AF. Purple Haze is definitely gonna be a staple in my garden from now on.

  6. Christian P.

    Purple Haze seeds have been in my want list for so long and thankfully they did not disappoint! Ordering was straightforward and delivery was quick too. The plants were quick to germinate and grew up sturdy and luscious, quite a lovely sight indeed. Watch out though, these gals can get big! The final product was dense purple tinged buds, so beautiful you will be amazed. This sativa leaning high hits you with that creative spark. Absolutely recommend Purple Haze seeds to fellow growers, it’s a classy addition to your garden!

  7. Alex O.

    All 10 of my seeds germinated and gave me the harvest of a lifetime. Hats off to these genetics, the plants practically grow themselves! The buds grew big and beautiful, dripping in purple and the high is blissful. I’m in love with this strain!

  8. Buck

    Purple Haze seeds are worth it, fam. They produced some of the most beautiful colorful buds I’ve ever seen. The buzz is fantastic too, hits you right in the head and makes everything feel trippy. Will be buying these seeds again for sure.

  9. GJ

    Phenomenal smoke, very tasty. Great purple buds. One of my best strains so far!

  10. Bruce B.

    Just copped some Purple Haze seeds and they are off the hook! My girls popped up so quick and strong, they grew like weeds. Buuds were massive and covered in trichomes, it was straight fire when I smoked it. Really knocked me hard in the dome. Definitely will be gettin more of these seeds asap.

  11. Oscar D.

    Fast growing, easy to care for, these purple haze plants have been a treat to look at and smoke.

  12. Anonymous

    This strain was truly a joy to grow, and the harvest is an A+! Purple haze bud is really sweet, earthy, dank cannabis. It grows easily, and yields well, especially indoors, even without much attention.

  13. Marc L.

    5 outta 5 all day every day. An absolute joy to grow. Came out huge and heavy with buds. Extremely potent stuff.

  14. Frank B.

    Growing this was a learning experience, I wasnt sure what I would get since I’d never done it before, but I was very impressed with the high quality it produced.

  15. Sandy

    Amazing plant! It began to flower and filled out like crazy. I was absolutely amazed at how big the buds got. Beautiful purple buds and some of the biggest most triched flowers I’ve seen.

  16. Nathan M.

    This stuff is legit. One of the strongest highs I’ve ever had. The bud quality is excellent and the yield was great too. A real winner, I’ll be growing this again and I recommend that you do too.

  17. Roger S.

    This weed is something else. Looks, smells and tastes too good to be true!

  18. Anonymous

    These seeds grow very well and yielded big. The buds were big, heavy and frosty. The buzz was strong too. Great smoke.

  19. Exotix

    This weed is absolutely amazing and I would strongly recommend it to any one looking for the real thing.

  20. Dwight L.

    Purple Haze grows and looks great! Tried out 1st time with seeds, every one popped up and grew well, very high yielder, and some pretty potent bud too. I will grow again and have already ordered seeds!

  21. Sacramento

    This has to be one of the best strains I’ve grown. I got 5 seeds in feminized pack and they all sprouted and grew fast into dominate sativas with big and frosty colorful buds. Really great smoke and super tasty.

  22. Hydro

    Fantastic strain and very easy to grow. All three of my seeds sprouted and they grew strong. Excellent quality buds and the high was STRONG!! Absolutely going to get more!!!

  23. Allan C.

    This strain has it all, great looks, taste and smell, strong high, nice yield, easy to grow.

  24. Bobby H.

    The results were much better than I ever expected. From 3 little seeds! They turned out excellent. Easy to grow and very low maintenance. These buds are absolutely sticky, coated with resin and probably one of the best smokes I’ve ever had.

  25. Krista

    This strain is fire. Buds are very large and covered with sticky trichomes. Tastes like fruit and flowers. Effects hit hard and last long.

  26. Seth R.

    These beans were quite easy to grow, ended up yielding a lot more than I expected. It is also very potent, frosty looking and has a very nice taste and smell.

  27. Anonymous

    This strain is one of my faves. The high is very strong but also quite cerebral. Just a great all around smoke. I like growing this one because it’s easy and very rewarding, plus the finished product is awesome!

  28. Norman M.

    I germinated 5 of the feminized seeds in a tray and after a few days they were all up big enough to transplant in larger containers. They grew very quickly indoors and had beautiful green and purple flowers with an abundance of crystals. I will definitely be buying these seeds again!

  29. Jackal

    One of my all time favorites. Easy growing and yields a lot, the high is just awesome.

  30. Thomas B.

    Perfect purple strain that produces a LOT of high quality buds. Easy to grow, easy to sell, easy to smoke. Everything you need in a strain.

  31. Earnest G.

    Fast shipping and very professional packaging. Started 6 of these seeds indoors and they grew perfectly with a short vegetation period. The yield per plant is outstanding, especially considering my crap lighting set up.

  32. Toby T.

    I grew Purple Haze fem seeds and I can say is this is the best strain of weed I’ve grown to date. My plants grew up in no time at all and produced a huge amount of buds. The high is very strong and long lasting.

  33. Humberto

    I grew some of these a few years ago and they were very easy to grow and had a great high yield. They were one of my favorite plants because they grew gigantic fairly quickly and were ready for a good harvest in October.

  34. Roy W.

    High quality buds, relatively high yielder, grew easy and the high is very nice.

  35. Ed N.

    Absolutely love this strain, been growing it now for a few years. Always a favorite among my friends.

  36. May S.

    I was a little sketchy on buying cannabis seeds online at first, but after doing a little research I finally decided to just go for it and I’m glad I did! After getting my package in the mail within a couple days I started my grow and everything went very smoothly. All of my Purple Haze seeds sprouted and are growing very well!!!

  37. John C.

    My first time trying Purple Haze and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to grow with the seeds I ordered. The buds just make me want to smoke all day long! This strain is going straight into my stash!!

  38. Neil B.

    I was gifted a few purple haze seeds from a friend who bought them online. They were big plants and strong growers from beginning to end. The big surprise was the finished product after being cut and left to sit for a few days, my best plant produced just shy of a lb of a grade buds. It smelled up my entire house and has a very trippy high too!

  39. Charles A.

    I grew two Purple Haze plants out of the pack of seeds I had purchased and was very impressed with the yield and quality of the bud. The high is definitely up there amongst the best ive had. It’s a head hitter but at the same time is very relaxing and pleasing. This is my favorite strain at the moment and I will certainly be growing more of it.

  40. Xavier

    Growed out 3 fem Purp haze seeds so far… easy to get big cuz they grow strong πŸ’ͺ brought in a lot of nice buds that got sold out fast… in high demand so ima buy more for sure πŸ€‘

  41. Pauly

    Purple Haze is the bomb! I started growing it last summer and all my seedlings grew up quickly into healthy sativas that made me massive amounts of resiny buds. 5/5 bag appeal/quality/high

  42. Casey S.

    These plants are super easy growing and make some of the biggest, strongest buds I’ve ever seen. I’m trying to get my hands on more seeds as soon as possible…

  43. Jenny M.

    Every one of my Purple Haze seeds came up and they were fast & furious growers from start to finish. Very appealing flower and terpene profile. Very strong effects as well. Highly recommend this one!

  44. Blake K.

    Super productive, fast growers, and they produce a lot of resin (which makes killer extracts). Definitely worth the effort!

  45. Steve H

    This plant grows very well in a pot indoors, but make sure you have room because this thing can get big. It’s quite stretchy during the first 2 weeks of the flowering stage so don’t be surprised if it gets over 5 ft. tall. It seems to thrive no matter what you do. The colas were absolutely caking in trichomes. Its aroma is like a sweet mix of berries, incense and fuel. The high is up there with the best of them.

  46. Just B

    I bought 5 of the Purple Haze female seeds on a whim and I didn’t expect much but WOW! is all I can say about that. If you are looking to buy these seeds just do it. You won’t be sorry

  47. Shawn C.

    Great yield and quality. Big fat buds covered in THC crystals. Smells and tastes sublime, very fruity yet dank with an incense/pungent smell. Will definitely buy again when I run out of seeds!

  48. Alyssa W.

    The smell of this bud is insane and it’s covered in shiny trichomes. Somewhat stretchy phenotypes so be on the look out for the tight noder to clone. This is a great daytime smoke, energetic with a happy head buzz that isn’t stumbling or couch lock. All around awesome plant, very easy to grow and pretty too!

  49. doober

    nice plants… got really purple… big swol buds… sweet stuff

  50. Mary J.

    I grew Purple Haze outdoors this year in CA and I can say without hesitation that this is the most rewarding strain I’ve ever had the pleasure of growing. Beautiful purple colors! Extremely resilient, produces large yields and grows fast. My only complaint would be that it takes a little longer than average to reach maturity but once it does, you’ll be impressed.

  51. Keith J.

    Be careful of how big they get during veg because they will stretch out huge. It was a long grow, but in the end I was rewarded with a rich yield of cannabis that smells like spicy incense and has a slight fruity taste. The best part for me is the high, very up and positive, invigorating trip.

  52. dan

    i topped it and still got pretty big. started to stink after just a few weeks of flowering. jumbo size buds covered in trichs.

  53. Derek

    I grew these in an outdoor garden and yielded just under 2lb from 3 femited plants. They grow tall but I have no trouble from the police where I live. The buds swell up real big. Tastes good rolled up in joints.

  54. Robert G.

    Just finished my first grow of this strain. I was very pleased with the result as were all my friends! All the seeds germinated and grew into strong and resilient plants. They were easy to grow, especially if you have experience. No hermies either… it has a great buzz that makes you really happy.

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