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Durban Poison Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Durban Poison Seeds

Buy the best Durban Poison feminized seeds to grow for high yields of potent sativa. Fast stealth shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Durban Poison seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanks—ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

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Durban Poison Strain Description

Durban Poison is a famous landrace sativa strain from the South African region of Durban. For decades, Durban Poison has been well regarded in the cannabis community as a top-notch sativa that offers an energetic, functional high. Its silvery-green buds are remarkably large, round, and covered in orange hairs. Durban Poison has a sweet, intoxicating aroma reminiscent of anise and lemon candy. Up to 20% THC content.

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Durban Poison Origin and Genetics

The Durban Poison strain as we know it originated during the late seventies from a selection of 100 seeds imported from South Africa. The earliest maturing plants out of the batch were chosen to continue the line. Durban Poison seeds have been sold by countless seed banks to this day. In recent years, the strain has been on a comeback thanks to the Cookie Fam hybrids—Girl Scout Cookies, Platinum Cookies, and Sunset Sherbet, to name a few.

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Durban Poison Feminized Seeds for sale from SeedSupreme

How to Grow Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a good pick for growing anywhere. Buy Durban Poison feminized seeds for a premium selection of only females. The 8 to 9-week flowering period is short for a sativa. Indoors, Durban Poison plants are easy to maintain and practically grow themselves. Yields are over 400 g/m2. This resilient variety can reach over 10 feet tall outdoors, ready to harvest by late September to mid-October.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Cheesy, Citrus, Earthy, Fruity, Skunk, Sweet


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, Dutch Passion

CBD Content



Easy, Medium


Euphoric, Exhilarating, Relaxing, Sedative, Upbeat

Flowering Time

8 weeks

Flowering Type



South African

Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse

Harvest Month

Late September, October



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 20%




Over 400 g/m2

53 reviews for Buy Durban Poison Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Gene O.

    The Durban Poison feminized seeds far exceeded my expectations. Such a rewarding grow. Strong plants, abundant buds, and the quality is up there with the best. Smells and tastes heavenly with a strong head high. Very satisfied.

  2. Jordan

    So like these Durban Poison seeds? They legit fam. I was skeptical at first but yo they worth every penny. Easy to grow and the buzz? Lemme just say on fleek. Whether you grindin solo or with your squad, this buds the vibe that keeps you goin. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Tony M.

    Excellent strain. I had purchased 5 seeds and they all thrived into budding champs. I’m loving the Durban weed. Smell, taste and effects are all top notch. It’s got that heady sativa buzz that keeps me high yet motivated.

  4. Benny U.

    Perfect for humid outdoor areas, I was looking for mold resistance and these did not let me down. Had three Durban plants, all with big honkin buds that held up despite the weather. Really happy with the harvest, it’s got a nice sativa kick that works great as a morning smoke. Will be purchasing again!

  5. Owen A.

    Such a great sativa strain. I got these seeds in less than a week, sprouted every one of them and they grew like a dream. The plants reached up tall and had these fat buds that were covered in glistening trichomes. The buzz from this strain is next level… it’s a pure sativa that gives me a burst of energy and creativity. If you’re into growing strong stuff, Durban Poison won’t disappoint. Highly recommend!

  6. Ryan L.

    Howzit fellow tokers? Gotta say, was super stoked to get my hands on these Durban Poison seeds. Straight outta South Africa, right? These gems popped beautifully, rich vibrant plants that practically screamed health. Smell is sweet and earthy, just like good weed should be. The buds be dense and sticky, loaded with that special thc magic. Gave me perfect daytime high, all upliftment and creativity. Two thumbs up bru!

  7. Cody K.

    Durban Poison seeds are the best! I grew them in my backyard and they were super easy to manage. The buds are really sticky and they smell amazing. The high is so clear and energizing, perfect for getting stuff done. Seriously, if you’re looking for a strain that won’t just make you sleepy, get some of these seeds. Trust me, D.P. is legit.

  8. Warden

    Yo, these Durban Poison seeds are the real deal! I popped a couple and they grew like crazy. The buds are frosty and stinky in the best way possible. The high is fire, got me feeling so damn good! Definitely gonna order more of these babies ASAP.

  9. Mike G.

    These Durban Poison seeds are straight fire. I was amazed at how quickly they grew and how big they got. They produced fantastic buds and the high is great. Super potent and you can really feel it. I’ll be copping more asap!

  10. Adam B.

    The Durban Poison fem seeds are amazing. I planted two and they grew like weeds. The buds were so frosty and potent, with a unique aroma. The high was incredible and lasted for hours. This is definitely a strain I’ll be coming back to again and again!

  11. Howard S.

    The Durban Poison fem seeds I’ve had have been the best around. The buds are big, well coated and very dense and they produce a potent high that hits you right away. It’s a strong sativa so if you are looking for a strong buzz, this may be the strain for you.

  12. RPC

    Wow, came out much better than I expected. Super dense for a sativa, not loose like I imagined. These plants totally packed on the weight over flowering. And the buds are a joy to have and smoke.

  13. Anonymous

    Much love for this strain. The flowers came on heavy and thick, I harvested them in a green house and had no issues with mold or mildew. The buds have an old school flavor and smell, very exotic and spicy.

  14. Devin G.

    Love the Durban Poison so much! It’s one of the best I have ever seen or grown! The buds are packed full of resin and the terps are unreal. The taste and high is wonderful and will leave you floating in an cerebral afterglow that lasts for hours. So many people ask me to hook them up with Durban Poison! It’s a real winner!

  15. Darren P.

    This was my first ever grow from seeds and I was impressed. Easy plants to grow, low maintenance. I got some big colas from it and they were absolutely stunning. I really like the taste and it always gives me a nice high.

  16. Riverside

    I popped 5 of these babies in soil and they were HUGE! Very high yield with a nice high too. Buds were frosty and had a nice smell, very potent.

  17. Al H.

    Very hardy plants that make top notch bud. I am in no hurry to sell my harvest. Great amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes.

  18. Woody

    I didn’t expect it, but this is definitely one of the best i’ve had from seed! Durban Poison came up like a champ and the growth is quite quick and very rewarding. I’m ready to order more.

  19. Anonymous

    These durban seeds are very good! I’ve grown over 10 now and they all pop up extremely easy and grow without a hitch, don’t need much in the way of extra care or nutrients. The buds are super high quality and have excellent flavors. I’ve only grown them outdoors and they are very prolific.

  20. Jack M.

    Might have gotten lucky, but I couldnt see why not. I planted these seeds in soil and they grew strong and healthy. Very large yields and a fast harvest time. High quality smoke and a powerful high that’s perfect for daytime smoking.

  21. Bud

    This strain grows like a weed and it’s so easy! I’ve had some tough times growing different strains in the past but this strain takes the cake.

  22. Henry F.

    Got five of these and they were all great seeds. Grew five large plants and all of them ended up yielding good buds. High is strong and buzzy, they offer a nice exotic taste. Easy to grow, would absolutely recommend!

  23. Champ

    Durban Poison grew like a champ. It was a great grow. The buds were beautiful and there was plenty of them.

  24. Jessie D.

    The yield from these seeds was amazing. I planted them outdoors and they all turned out to be over 6 feet tall! I got over 2 pounds of bud on each plant! The buds were very large and covered in resin. The high is great too, long lasting and very intense.

  25. Tyrone L.

    I grew these durbans and they were definitely the best strain that I grew. I started out with 3 seeds and all of them survived which is great since I am new to growing with seeds.

  26. Blazin

    Grew two of these outside this year and they did great! Grew very fast and were very healthy all the way to the end. They taste delicious and hit hard so absolutely worth growing again.

  27. Nathan W.

    I bought 5 of these and every single one germinated and grew into a strong plant. Very trippy and euphoric, its a good mental high that also has a bit of a body buzz. I highly recommend it and will definitely be buying them again!

  28. Vince C.

    These are great seeds, order arrived fast and in good condition. I’ve grown these before and they are nice and easy, but be warned they can get pretty big!!! Great smoke though! I will probably be ordering more soon.

  29. Lori R.

    Even a complete marijuana newbie like myself had success with these seeds! Beautiful and bountiful buds all around. I turned a good profit too, so it’s not just great weed, it’s great income potential!

  30. Colby A.

    I grew one of these last year and I made a killing on it. Easily the best strain I grew. The high is really uplifting and just makes you feel good overall. The smell is strong but not too obnoxious and the taste is sweet with a skunky aftertaste.

  31. Anonymous

    This is the best strain I’ve ever grown. I usually buy whatever seeds are cheapest but decided to splurge on these and I’m glad I did. They grew faster and bigger than any plant I’ve ever grown before, and the high is just mind blowing!

  32. Howard O.

    This is a great strain for someone growing outdoors. It grows big plants with solid stems that are able to withstand some rough weather. This is an easy plant to grow and it almost sells itself in terms of the high quality bud that it produces.

  33. Darnell F.

    I’ve grown Durban Poison several times and it never ceases to amaze me every time. It just blows me away when I take it all in after its done blooming.

  34. Freddy

    I tried other sativa strains but these Durbans were the best hands down. Every seed grew. The plants are beautiful and grew huge with lots of buds.

  35. Sheri H.

    These really are great quality seeds and I’ve had a lot of fun growing them. All of them turned out great! Be sure to give your plants the love they need and these ladies will return the love tenfold!

  36. Colin T.

    I bought 2 seeds of the durban from a friend who had them shipped directly to him from the seed bank. They germinated easily and were fast growing indoors. I’m running full spectrum leds, buildasoil and organic nutes, and they were healthy the entire grow. Both ended up producing more than I expected, which was certainly a welcome surprise. It looks great and has a nice kick when smoked. Great for those looking for something different than your average indica hybrid strains.

  37. budman

    I’ve grown the strain a couple times now and it’s always a winner, very easy growing and gives good yields. Doesn’t take a lot to get you high and you’ll be feeling it for hours. A good up smoke, I like to get a little creative when I’m smoking and this sativa has never let me down!

  38. Josiah A.

    Ordered 5 of the durban poison seeds and they all germinated. They were a breeze to grow, especially outdoors. Buds were dank and had an excellent taste and really strong high. Also the plant had a very unique look with purple tips. I look forward to growing these babies again!

  39. Gabe C.

    We started our Durban Poison fem seeds last year and they took off like wildfire. Super simple to grow, fast and plenty of vigor. The finished buds are a real treat, among the best landrace cannabis out there.

  40. Walter S.

    This strain is really easy to cultivate and produces some of the best weed on the market. It’s not only a great strain for beginners, but also an excellent choice for experienced growers who want a reliable sativa. If you haven’t tried growing Durban Poison yet, do yourself a favor and buy some seeds or clones and give it a try! You won’t regret it!

  41. Michael P.

    Durban Poison has done very well for me as an outdoor grower. It’s a very easy plant to grow and produces some really large plants that can be harvested early. I don’t see any reason why this strain wouldn’t do well in an indoor environment as long as you keep her happy and give her plenty of water.

  42. Travis R.

    Durban Poison is the best! I’ve grown it several times and it always comes out perfect. Real nice chunky buds for a sativa, and it’s highly in demand. The high is very strong…. soaring and comes in waves.

  43. AJ

    I grew this inside my 4x4ft tent and it did amazing. The buds were big and were caked in THC crystals. The smell is pretty unique, kind of fruity spicy like. The smoke is also very tasty, and the high lasts a while.

  44. Alberto G.

    Very nice seeds! My durban poisons grew quickly from seedling to transplant until harvest. No problems with pests or mold growing outside. It’s A-grade stuff, good flavors and hits hard!

  45. Scott D

    Love this strain!! It grows well just about anywhere. Durban Poison was one of the first strains I ever grew from seeds and still am a fan of today. Nice taste, powerful heady high, and great bag appeal

  46. Andy M.

    I’m coming into the end of my 7th week of flowering with this strain and I couldn’t be happier with the results….so far. The smell is interesting, I would describe it as a mix of straw, cinamon and cherries. Not sure how else to describe it, but every time I open the tent the odor tickles my nose in a pleasing way. The buds are looking great. They are covered in a thick coating of trichomes and have a nice green color to them. Buy these seeds now….or forever wish you had!

  47. Jennifer E.

    Overall it has been a great grow and I am already planning my next grow of this strain. It has a unique look and smell and is very desirable flower for sativa lovers. It is defiantly a keeper in my garden.

  48. Chris B.

    Great strain for new growers. Durban Poison is a pretty effortless plant to grow. It doesn’t require a lot of nutrients and the high is awesome. Grows tall so be prepared to train the plant if you are growing indoors. I rate it a 4/5

  49. Marty

    Durban Poison did well for us outdoors in Maine. No bud rot problems, good growth all around and competitive quality end product.I recommend it to all growers looking for a fast finishing sativa with good density, and high potency too!

  50. Curt W.

    Strong, beautiful strain. She does good topped and cropped. The flowers are fluffy and have tons of leaves but they were covered with resin. The yield is satisfactory, but would have been even more if she had a better start. Tastes delicious and sweet, like incense. The effect is very energetic.

  51. Matt B.

    I have smoked this strain a few times over the years and finally decided to grow it myself. I got the seeds from ILGM and I vegged them for 3 weeks then put them into flower. They are currently in their 5th week of flowering and they looking good. So far easy to grow and have practically taken care of themselves.

  52. David

    One of the Best!! Durban Poison is probably one of my favorite strains. It’s a very easy to grow strain that finishes in 9 weeks or less. The high is up and energetic, you immediately get that Sativa feel. This definitely a daytime smoke, I wouldn’t use it before sleeping. I feel the effects almost instantly. It smells pretty unique when its growing, and the buds are covered with crystals.

  53. Jules

    I’m growing these bad boys right now and I’ve never grown DP before. I got cuttings from my buddy who has 4 huge outdoor plants that are allready very huge and very sativa looking. I’ve never grown outdoor before either so we will see how it goes but so far the cuttings are rooted and they have started their veg cycle.

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