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Critical Mass Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Critical Mass Seeds

Buy the best Critical Mass feminized seeds to grow for supreme heavy harvests. Discreet fast shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Critical Mass seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanks—ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

Critical Mass Feminized Seeds for sale from SeedSupreme

Critical Mass Strain Description

Critical Mass is an absolute must for the cultivator who demands high yields of stoney buds. It is one of the most rewarding strains to grow for commercial production. Critical Mass defines what it means to be indica with its dense, resinous buds that pack a potent knockout punch. The aroma is sweet, like citrus with earthy skunk flavors. Critical Mass gives relaxing effects felt heavily in the body. Up to 22% THC.

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Critical Mass Origin and Genetics

Critical Mass is a reworking of the genetics used to make Big Bud, the world-famous hybrid best known for its large buds and ultra-heavy harvest weight. By combining Skunk #1 with Afghani, a rewarding early flowering variety that grows massive “donkey dick” colas was created. Critical Mass was one of the first strains to be sold in the Mr. Nice catalog of seeds. It remains a trusted production plant and is used to breed many high-yield hybrids. Buy Critical Mass seeds today for your next ultra-heavy harvest.

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How to Grow Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a hardy grower that’s easy to cultivate indoors or in greenhouses. The plants stay compact in growth, forming big dominant main colas when provided adequate light, water, and nutrients. Yields are in the region of 650 g/m2. Critical Mass flowers in 8 weeks or by the end of September outdoors. The buds are sensitive to moisture and adverse conditions, so outdoor cultivation is restricted to dry climates.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Earthy, Pungent, Sweet


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, Mr Nice

CBD Content





Relaxing, Upbeat

Flowering Time

8 weeks

Flowering Type



Afghan, Skunk #1

Grows Best

Indoors, Dry Climates

Harvest Month

Late September



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 22%


35% Indica, 65% Sativa


650 g/m2

52 reviews for Buy Critical Mass Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. James P.

    My favorite strain to grow. Never lets me down. Grows big chunky buds like a boss. And it’s very dank quality.

  2. Razi

    Yo, so like Critical Mass was legit dankness! Grew the seeds indoors in my setup and dang those buds be thicc! Straight up skunky terps, nice and dense and the high is on point, like total vibes. Def gotta cop more, no cap!

  3. Tony M.

    Awesome strain, can’t get enough of it! Grew like a dream from seed to harvest. Big buds galore!

  4. Chris S.

    I’m all about that Critical Mass. Grew my first one years ago and it’s been a staple in my garden ever since. Short and stocky plants with big knockout buds. Top yielder every time.

  5. Lance H.

    Unreal harvest from my latest crop of Critical Mass. These are some powerhouse genetics! The grow went smoothy, just kept the plants full and happy and they paid me back more than I could ask for!

  6. Eddy R.

    Five star, no hassle stuff! Crit Mass, smokin hot! Seedz germinated 100%, mad heavy yield, stellar skunkiness! Goes down smooth, full bodied chill…too right! Cheers!

  7. Denzel

    Shout out to the breeder for real cuz these babies are fire! Got an easy peasy grow going and buds are packing on some serious weight. Big ups to all you growers out there, keep doing your thang!

  8. Katie L.

    Gotta say, Critical Mass was fire! My buds were huge and so frosty, I was blown away. The taste was on point too, with sweet and earthy flavors. The effects are potent and hit immediately. Definitely a must try strain if you want some top notch bud in your stash!

  9. Brandon T.

    I thought I had it all figured out with growing until I tried out Critical Mass. Best decision I ever made. Not only is it a top producer in terms of weight and quality, but the buds are top notch. Flavor and smell are intense, smelling like a sweet skunk. Not to mention the high rips hard. I am going to be stocking up on these seeds!

  10. Jeff B.

    Critical Mass is a must-have for any experienced grower. It produces big, dense buds with an incredibly sweet yet earthy taste and aroma that will make your mouth water. This strain is a heavy yielding and very reliable plant that always bring home the bacon. If you want a surefire way to get great results, definitely try out Critical Mass!

  11. Carl R.

    A real gem that you have to try! We will be growing these again!

  12. Anonymous

    Amazing strain, can’t be beat. Will buy again.

  13. Taylor C.

    Love me some critical… big buds never let me down

  14. Redmond

    This is the best plant I’ve had in a while! Stands up to the challenges that any grower can throw at them and can be relied on to give you consistent results. The flavors are sweet and spicy and I can not stop smoking the nugs! Very nice indeed. I grew it mainly to sell but will save some for myself.

  15. Dankest

    Blew my mind on how well this strain grew for me. Great yields and so dank. All buds are chunky and heavy and covered in trics.

  16. Joey S.

    Great yields from each plant and very high quality bud. I don’t normally give out 5 stars for anything… but I’ll make an exception for this one!

  17. Daryl J.

    My buddies and I grow these every year and they never disappoint! We find it to be the most reliable strain out there.

  18. Anonymous

    Best strain I’ve grown for the money! It’s really well balanced with a nice earthy taste and a nice medicinal quality.

  19. Brent D.

    Grew some critical mass seeds indoors and got huge chonkers full of the dank. You should have seen it on harvest day just tight buds every where.

  20. Crystal

    This is a good solid high yielding plant. I grew these indoor and they didn’t disappoint. The buds were large and frosty, smells and tastes great and the high was very potent. I will definitely purchase seeds again!

  21. Aiden O.

    This strain is a must grow for any grower. I germinated the seeds and thankfully every one made it, transplanted them and the plants just grew and grew. When harvest came they yielded so much frosty buds with a strong smell and flavor and a real powerful high.

  22. Bradley

    What a great strain, so frosty and sticky with big fat buds to boot! This is one of the easiest strains I have ever grown and the yields were higher than any other I’ve tried.

  23. Austin S.

    Very good weed. Seeds were easy to grow. Yielded very well and had some big monster buds.

  24. Tom U.

    Critical Mass did phenomenal. I grew two of them outdoors and yielded so much freakin bud. Absolutely stunning and bulky and just dripping with resin. Plus the high is very strong and fast acting. Will definitely buy more of these seeds with my next order.

  25. Clyde

    I grew 5 of these outside and they were the best plants that I grew all year. Really impressive yield and really frosty/dense buds. Not a lot of stretch so the plant were nice and tight.

  26. Harvey D.

    These were some of the best quality seeds I’ve gotten. 100% of them sprouted and grew into strong plants that produced a lot of bud. Everyone I sold to was very happy so I’m definitely going to be growing these again!

  27. Rick B.

    As a grower i have to say these are some of the best seeds I ever grew, huge fat buds, great quality and a real knockout punch!

  28. Cory T.

    Top performer and very easy to grow. I run an indoor operation and cut down these babies every 45 days nonstop. This stuff sells fast so it’s a win win for everyone.

  29. Eric W.

    These were the first old school seeds I ever grew and I was not disappointed. Beautiful big buds on all of them and they were very heavy by the end of the flowering stage. The smell is pungent but very pleasant, I had a buddy ask me if this was normal or if I had some cat pissing in my grow room lol.

  30. Anonymous

    Love this strain! Smokes well, tastes great, and gives you one heck of a high. It gives me the most relief for my stomach pain. I highly recommend Critical Mass for medical marijuana users!

  31. Jorge C.

    This strain is one of the best I’ve ever grown. Super high yielder and the buds are so frosty you’ll need sunglasses to look at them! Grows great both indoors and outdoors, but does much better indoors due to climate control.

  32. Violet

    You really can’t go wrong with this strain. Grew great for me inside. What you see in the pictures is what you get, big dense buds all around. This batch was grown with full spectrum leds and yielded over a pound from each of my 3 plants.

  33. Adrian L.

    Got my seeds in the mail very quickly and had my indoor grow set up the next day. Every seed that I germinated grew with success. These plants are very easy to grow and produce a great yield! I have nothing but positive things to say about this strain

  34. Russell

    This is the best strain I ever grew, hands down. It practically grows itself, and produces buds so big that they practically need their own zip codes! A few of my medical patient buddies have asked if I would grow some for them next year!

  35. Dale A.

    The best seeds I’ve ever bought. Not one failed and they all grew big and healthy. The biggest buds I’ve ever seen too. The yield was enormous. Will grow again soon.

  36. Todd M.

    The Critical Mass I grew was very easy to look after and had all the pungent sweet taste with a very impressive yield. It’s crazy to see these buds in action! I for sure recommend this strain for anyone looking for bountiful harvest.

  37. Jessie R.

    Got my seeds the other day and they all germinated already! I just placed them in a pot and put them in my grow tent today. Can’t wait to see what kind of results I get! Got high hopes!💪💪

  38. Henry K

    Soo glad I grew this one because I got a ton of really dank stuff out of it without much special care on my part. This strain of cannabis is great for beginners and veterans alike! Its a big monster with lots of resin glands that produces tons of bud

  39. Dan C.

    Fantastic strain, super productive, and excellent end product! Will be ordering more seeds in the near future!

  40. Selena P.

    Critical Mass has always produced large yields for us. We have found that she does very well indoors as long as you provide plenty of water and air circulation around the plants.

  41. Ron N.

    It’s my workhorse strain… in my opinion up there with the best of the best. Hard to find a better plant to grow that’s big on both yield and quality with such a quick flowering time.

  42. Ben M.

    This is one of the best strains ever created by man. It produces some of the largest buds on earth. The stench alone is enough to make any stoner drool! A must try if you love heavy hitting weed!

  43. John S.

    This was my first experience growing cannabis indoors and I am glad I picked critical mass because it worked out great! Now I got a huge garbage bag full of chronic buds! My plants were gigantic in bud size, sooo beautiful and smelly. Highly recommend this strain if you want to make some money or just want a big stash!

  44. Murray

    I’ve been growing this strain since the 90’s and it never disappoints. It makes insane amounts of bud per plant when grown properly.

  45. Nick G.

    I like this strain a lot, very easy to grow. It grows fast, it flowers fast, but don’t let that fool you into thinking its not good quality cause it does have very dank buds!

  46. Kate W.

    These seeds were a nice surprise. They grew very quickly and made extremely resinous, thick nugs. The aromas and flavors are amazing. Very good, happy high with mild case of the munchies.

  47. TJH

    Great hybrid that is very easy to grow! We got a really nice harvest! The buds are sticky and very dense. The smell while growing is super pungent and it tastes like it smells, good stuff.

  48. Paul G.

    I grew Critical Mass outdoors for several years back in the nineties. The strain grows quite vigorously with dark lush leaves, gets very bushy and stays under 6 feet. Thy do get really bud heavy so staking is recommended or else the stem can snap. The buds are tasty, stinky and dense but can be mold prone in high humidity. Finishes up pretty quick, harvest time in New England is mid September.

  49. Scott B.

    Critical Mass is a favorite of mine. Been growing her on and off for 2 decades. She grows aggressively and will pretty much take all the nutrients you can feed her. The only thing that will ruin it is high humidity. As for the buds they are nice and dense, with a sweet earthy taste, smells strong too. Makes me feel almost dizzy smoking it, very indica stoned.

  50. Shane C.

    Great strain, grows a huge donkey d*ck cola with sticky buds stacked all the way down to the ground! Got over 10 ounces from a shorty plant, grown indoors in a 4×4 grow area, running a marshydro ts600 for light and super soil.

  51. Larry

    Big and beautiful I have had many successes with this strain. If you are looking for a plant that gives you the most weight for your efforts then this is it! I can’t say anything bad about this strain grown indoors. Not sure how they perform outdoors. The buds are very dense and indica. The smoke is smooth and has a nice taste to it. Couchlock high. Very nice for those suffering from medical conditions such as anxiety, stress or pain.

  52. J Baker

    Critical Mass, like Big Bud, is one of the first high yielding hybrid to come on the Dutch scene. For years it has been bred into new hybrids you see going around today. If you’re looking to up the production of your grow, Critical Mass genetics should always be a consideration. Fat, stocky and yields thru the roof. Just watchout for mold!!

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