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Big Bud Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Big Bud Seeds

Buy the best Big Bud feminized seeds to grow for the highest yielding harvests. Fast stealth shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Big Bud seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanks—ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

Big Bud Feminized Seeds for sale from SeedSupreme

Big Bud Strain Description

Big Bud is the most well-known “cash crop” marijuana strain in the world. Prized among commercial cannabis growers, Big Bud is a fast-growing, high-yielding, indica dominant variety that brings in unrivaled returns. With its enormous bud colas growing so heavy they need to be held up, Big Bud is a massive producer of deep green, hashy cannabis. Its super large nugs are very heavy and dense. Big Bud has a moderately potent indica high. Up to 16% THC content.

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Big Bud Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman by Sensi Seeds

Big Bud Origin and Genetics

Comprised of Skunk #1, Afghani, and Northern Lights genetics, Big Bud originates from the Seed Bank breeding program of the 1980s. It was first sold as a hybrid with Skunk #1, known as Big Skunk in the old Scared Seed Company catalog (archive). This is the variety that won the 1989 Cannabis Cup. When the Seed Bank and Sensi Seeds merged, the Big Bud strain was reworked to increase its flavor and bud quality. This led Big Bud to win another Cannabis Cup award in 1996. Big Bud continues to be a desirable strain for growers and stoners to this day. Buy Big Bud feminized seeds now for your next productive harvest.

Big Bud Feminized Seeds for sale from Homegrown

How to Grow Big Bud

Big Bud is an easy weed strain to grow for nearly everyone, from beginner growers to expert cannabis cultivators. The seeds are quick to germinate and grow into compact, typically indica broad leaf plants that will triple in size during their short bloom cycle of 50 days. Big Bud is sensitive to pests and mold, so plenty of airflow and low humidity is important for top-quality harvests. Yields of Big Bud can reach 600 g/m2 or higher.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Earthy, Fruity, Herbal, Peppery, Spicy, Sweet, Woody


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, Sensi Seeds

CBD Content

< 1%




Exhilarating, Relaxing, Sedative, Upbeat

Flowering Time

7–9 weeks

Flowering Type



Afghan, Northern Lights, Skunk #1

Grows Best

Indoors, Dry Climates

Harvest Month

Late September



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 16%


40% Sativa, 60% Indica


Over 600 g/m2

55 reviews for Buy Big Bud Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Damon L.

    Big Bud seeds turned out to be the jackpot for my indoor setup. These plants flourished under my grow lights, producing massive buds that practically overflowed with resin. The high hits like a freight train… relaxing and heavy. Plus the yield was off the charts! If you’re looking for big, beautiful buds, make sure to give this strain a try.

  2. Corey F.

    Super easy to grow and got a huge yield. This strain is legit! Fat dense buds with loads of frost. High is nice and mellow. Definitely recommend!

  3. Sammy

    I’m no expert grower, but these Big Bud seeds made me feel like one! Huge, dense buds and the quality is just incredible. Took off fast and ended up more than I could have hoped for. Will be back for more!

  4. Rick A.

    Just wanted to share my experience with Big Bud seeds. Planted them last season and let me tell ya, they’re a grower’s dream. These ladies produced massive colas packed with dank nuggets and the high is smooth and chill. If you’re lookin for a bountiful harvest, definitely consider Big Bud.

  5. Andy K.

    Grew these Big Bud seeds and they popped quick! Veg stage, they just kept on getting bushier and come flower time buds were super chunky, super sticky icky. Potent smoke too, couchlock city if you ain’t careful! If you want yields that’ll make your jaw drop, these seeds are it. 5/5, will pick up again!

  6. Darrin O.

    Didn’t know what to expect when I first got em, but let me tell ya they’re hassle free. Plonked these magic beans in my indoor garden and boom- it’s raining green! Lovin the heavy yield and the chill vibe they give off. This bud’s got a real mellow lift to it. Salt of the earth stuff. They say, good things come in big packages, Big Bud seeds prove it right!

  7. Ty

    Yo bros, Big Bud seeds is the shiz! Mega huge yields, got me on cloud 9 for days. No joke, best seeds ever bought, 5/5 all day!!

  8. Tom R.

    I ordered Big Bud feminized seeds and they arrived quickly and discreetly. The seeds were excellent quality, all 5 germinated. The plants banged out magnificently potent buds left and right. The aroma is sweet and earthy just like you want it to be. Had an exceptionally chill time with this potent strain. I highly suggest trying it out yourself!

  9. Lila

    I can confidently say that Big Bud is now my go-to strain. Not only did the feminized seeds all germinate quickly, but the plants grew strong and healthy with massive buds. The yield was beyond my expectations and the smoke is simply amazing – smooth and uplifting with just the right amount of relaxation. I highly recommend this strain to any growers or smokers looking for a top-quality product.

  10. Chuck T.

    Bought the feminized Big Bud and it certainly earned its name! The buds were huge and the yield was absolutely amazing. The smoke is really smooth with a strong indica high. All around fantastic strain.

  11. Ellis Y.

    The yield is very impressive with lots of kushy buds. Their size was huge despite its overall compactness and as it turns out the harvest was extremely profitable. My customers love it and so do I.

  12. Anonymous

    These Big Bud seeds started fast and produced big, delicious nugs and high yields. Very nice overall quality and good price on seeds.

  13. Darrel M.

    The plants grew well and their yield was great. Production was plentiful and exactly the big and dense indica type I was looking for. My buds are so heavy and super sticky.

  14. Julian

    One of the strongest plants I have ever grown. Produces tons of bud and really fast. High in resin so they are very sticky.

  15. Mike C.

    I’ve grown Big Bud a couple times and have never been let down. Always great yields, excellent flower time, great smell and flavor.

  16. Joel R.

    Best indoor strain! Grew like a champ. Very hardy and has gigantic buds. Definitely one I’ll be growing again.

  17. Anonymous

    I grew this plant and it is a winner! Ecstatic with my crop of big bud.

  18. Steve K.

    Indoor grow with this plant is outstanding! Very fast growing plant, with really dense buds and super heavy yield. I’m very happy with the outcome.

  19. Kine

    Very fast and easy grower with the best yield! I took 3 of the seeds I ordered and was pleased with the growth. All of them grow into strong indica dominant plants. Harvest was great and the buds were so heavy and frosted. Really stoney stuff!

  20. Willy

    These are my favorite seeds to grow indoors. Fast maturing, good results, lots of buds.

  21. Drew P.

    These things grow big, fast. Literally the most amazing plant I’ve ever seen. All of my seeds sprouted and they grew really well! If you’re looking for a super fast and massive yield plant, then look no further!

  22. Pothead

    I had high hopes for this strain and I was not disappointed. It grew like a weed, producing strong, thick, frosty buds. It was actually growing in my front yard so it was very easy to keep an eye on it. When harvest came, I was very satisfied with the volume and quality.

  23. Arthur K.

    Mad good! Big and bushy and churn out a lot of colas with buds everywhere. So frosty and super dense.

  24. Bongo

    This stuff grew quickly and turned into monster plants! Got a ton of colas and a great harvest, plus the smoke was great, very dense and potent. Was very easy to work with.

  25. Ethan B.

    This was one of my fav strains to grow, I grew it indoors and the yield was WAY more than I was hoping for!!! I got great buds with awesome smoke and strong high. You can betcha I’ll be growing this again in the future!!!

  26. Leo M.

    The big buds were very easy to grow, I grew 4 and all of them seemed to thrive with the same care. I got a very large yield and the buds are so hard and sticky I can barely grind them up!

  27. Cedrick

    Best weed seeds for the money I ever spent! Every single seed sprouted and grew into a beautiful hearty plant. The yields were huge and the quality is excellent.

  28. Alex C.

    All came up and all have great vigor! Looking forward to this crop coming in!

  29. Eddie G.

    I grew 3 different strains this year and Big Bud was by far the best yielding. I made more money off of it than the other 2 strains combined. These buds are very dank, my customer base loves it. I will always keep this strain in my grow room.

  30. Anonymous

    I had some serious doubts about whether cannabis seeds would be shipped to me or not due to my location but I decided to risk it and I’m so glad I did. All 10 of my seeds arrived within a week which was awesome and I started them inside. Every seed sprouted!!!! Really happy with this weed strain at the moment.

  31. Trevor W.

    I bought these Big Bud fem seeds then I germinated 5 of them and they all came up within a couple days of each other. They are now 4 ft. tall with huge buds on them. Can’t wait to try these out, I know they’re going to be amazing.

  32. Griffin

    I’m growing indoors and I must say these are the best yielding seeds I’ve ever grown. Lots of high quality and gorgeous buds with an awesome smell and taste. Very satisfied.

  33. Seth F.

    With a name like Big Bud, I naturally had high expectations for this strain but I have to say it far exceeded them. Not only did my seeds ALL come up, they grew into enormous plants that produced a high yield of top quality buds. The resin content is good with just the right amount of density. All of my friends love it too. Just an all around great plant!

  34. J-Dubbz

    The yield was great and the quality is top notch. Very easy to grow and looks beautiful all the way through. Each nugget is like a piece of art. I’ll be buying this strain again for sure!

  35. Mandy L.

    The seeds sprouted and grew very well, beautiful plants and huge buds! It’s a high yielder and a fantastic smoke.

  36. Phil F.

    My first time growing Big Bud was a complete success! I bought a few seeds of the feminized and after a couple months of growing they yielded so much great smelling bud that tasted just as good as the smell!

  37. Dennis P.

    5 stars for yield and bud quality. This is the most productive strain we have grown, hands down. Nothing else has come close yet.

  38. Anthony T.

    I’ve grown this strain many times and it never ceases to amaze me the weight this thing can put out from one bush! Seriously, I usually grow this in an tight indoor set up just 2 plants at a time and they thrive and fill up the space with massive buds covered in trichomes, its great stuff!

  39. Natty

    These seeds came through for me! I ordered them because I wanted to try something different and they delivered! The plants grew quickly and were very vigorous. They looked great and made extremely big buds!

  40. Dan B.

    The best strain I’ve ever grown. Started with the femmed seeds and they all grew up fast with strength to produce a shitton of dank indica buds. Will for sure be buying more seeds!

  41. Linda H.

    Our Big Bud seeds all germinated (5/5) and have been growing effortlessly from the beginning through vegetative and flowering cycle, where they are now producing some of the biggest buds we have ever seen. We have high hopes for the finished product.

  42. Josh H.

    Amazing strain!!! I’ve been growing Big Bud on and off for about 3 years now and it has turned into my favorite!! I get a lot of compliments on how big and dank the buds are! This strain produces huge yields with no problems at all! Definitely worth growing if you haven’t already.

  43. Randy A.

    Big Bud has been an excellent variety to work with. I started with ten seeds and have made several clones from those seeds which I’m growing now. These plants are very strong and consistently pump out large yields of high quality buds. This is definitely a strain worth trying if you are looking for a reliable indoor grow experience!

  44. Raymond C.

    This is a top notch strain for indica dominance and bag appeal, however my personal use for this strain is for cannabis oil, and Big Bud makes me a lot of nice stuff. Very good yielder when fully mature.

  45. Andy W

    Insane strain for max performance indoor growing. Grows like crazy and finishes fast with rediculous yields of large heavy buds. It hits me hard and gets me stoned. Definitely say buy the seeds or grow a cut

  46. LL Mac

    I grew a 5 pack of Big Bud seeds last year and it is now one of my favorite strains. The seeds grew really well, and produced hearty bushes with very nice fat dense buds. The smell is a strong skunky funk that I love. The high is pretty intense but doesn’t last as long as some other strains, so be ready to smoke all day every day. Easy enough since they grow so big and so quick.

  47. Ben S.

    Out of 10 Big Bud seeds I got 9 seedlings which were very hardy and easy to manage. They grew quickly and healthy and produced very well. Very good bag appeal and a heavy yield of resinous buds with a skunky smell and taste.

  48. Ryan D.

    Ive grown this beautiful girl many times. It is one of the best strains ive ever come across. My last grow I pulled off 1 lb and another of 0.9 off of 2 single plants that were grown side by side. Lots of nice big buds! Smells like skunk and candy when its all said and done. Its so heavy, dense, resinous, stinky and potent. I love it.

  49. Kenny M.

    Stoked on this strain! Monster buds from the Big Bud, the top colas were rediculous. Smokewise it’s just decent imho, I rate it 4 stars overall.

  50. Jordan

    Big Bud did well outdoors here in Arizona, my seeds grew fast and got super bushy with side shoots. They had low stretch and reacted very well to topping, training and support. I assume it’s a great scrogger indoors. Uniform production of bud sites, and tons of them everywhere. The yield was off the hook, one of my best harvests to date. The dried buds came out better than I expected, dense and with a discreet sweet and spicy smell. Kind of bland tasting though to be honest. The effect is physically relaxing and mentally sleepy. I would recommend it to growers who want the most weight possible and appreciate old school Indicas.

  51. Joe R.

    One of Sensi’s best strains. I grew 5 feminized seeds which were all uniform in height without much difference between the phenos. They stayed relatively slender in growth structure, even the lower branches were tight. They had very wide, typically indica leaves. The buds are super white and sticky, and especially dense, which adds to more harvest weight then you expect from similar size plants. All had a great earthy smell and flavor.

  52. Rich B.

    Grows healthy and boy do they pack on the buds. Currently I’m at day 49 of flowering and looking at some real nice big colas. Aiming for over 10 ounces each, which would be great considering their size.

  53. Chris C.

    Big Bud rocks! Over the past 25 years or so I’ve grown Sensi’s Big Bud multiple times, always indoors, and it never ceases to amaze my fellow grower friends & family. You have to see this one at maturity to believe it yourself! Yields like a boss!

  54. don

    I’m currently growing the Big Bud….and they are going great so far. I love looking at them every morning when I water and feed them…..I have just brought them into flowering so excited to see the results. I’ve seen around 15 sites that sell the seeds and every single one says over 500 grams for yield….hmmmmm….i will keep you posted.

  55. Mike Greenleaf

    I grew this strain last year and was very impressed. She is a heavy yielder with great bag appeal. I grew her in a 5 gal smart pot under a 600w hps. She flowered just over 7 weeks and yielded about 20 oz’s. Very nice high. Great for watching movies or just chilling out in general.

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