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Maui Wowie Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Maui Wowie Seeds

Buy the best Maui Wowie feminized seeds to grow for Hawaiian pakalolo harvests. Guaranteed fast shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Maui Wowie seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanks—ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

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Maui Wowie Strain Description

Maui Wowie, also referred to as Maui Waui, is a marijuana strain straight from the Island of Maui. It is highly regarded for its A-grade quality, sweet fragrance, and happy, motivating high. The Maui Wowie name is constantly dropped in movies, from Cheech and Chong to Half Baked and Pineapple Express. The exotic tropical flavors of Maui Wowie are sure to impress any old-school sativa connoisseur. Up to 20% THC content.

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Maui Wowie Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman by Nirvana Seeds

Maui Wowie Origin and Genetics

Maui Wowie is believed to have originated from Brotherhood of Eternal Love members living in Maui. It all started with a “Lightning Bolt” strain that represented the best Mexican cannabis at the time. The Lightning Bolt was crossed to “Kula Crippler”, an Afghani strain that came out of a bale of imported weed used to make hash. This new crossbreed was so good that BEL members began smuggling it back to California.

Maui Wowie Feminized Seeds for sale from Homegrown

How to Grow Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie has strong sativa genetics, making it an effortless strain to grow in warm climates like Hawaii. It grows quite tall and lanky, which may present a challenge. Indoors, applying the SCROG technique is recommended to boost yields up to 450 g/m2. Flowering times are long, with some phenotypes taking 11 weeks to finish. Outdoors is where Maui Wowie performs best, growing into multi-pound trees ready to harvest during the month of October.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Fruity, Pineapple, Sweet


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, Nirvana Seeds

CBD Content





Balanced, Energizing

Flowering Time

8–11 weeks

Flowering Type



Afghan, Mexican

Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse

Harvest Month




Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 20%


20% Indica, 80% Sativa


Up to 450 g/m2

53 reviews for Buy Maui Wowie Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Ryan T.

    The Maui Wowie seeds absolutely rocked my grow! Grew them, smoked them, loved them! Great taste, energetic high. Recommend it!

  2. Lloyd S.

    These plants are stunning. I planted five seeds, and every single one of them sprouted and grew really well. They ended up taller than me with a lovely pineapple smell. The high is very nice.

  3. Noah B.

    Just harvested my Maui Wowie plants and wow, I’m impressed! The buds are super good with a sugary aroma – definitely weed that stands out. Smooth smoke and a stellar high!

  4. Devin A.

    I’m straight vibing off Maui Wowie! 5 star plants, 5 star harvest. Grew tall and bushy, like trees flexing in the wind. Trichome production was off the charts, and the buds were loaded with fruity terps. Smokes like an upper, gets you energized and ready to go!

  5. Ben O.

    Picked up these genetics on a whim, grew them to my grow room, and dang, they’re FIRE! Smooth sailing growth, mad yield. The nugs? Dripping with resin, tasting like a tropical paradise! Hit the blunt and it’s time for that sweet, sweet head high. Not couch locking mind you, it’s all about the head vibes! Perfect for those days when you just wanna fly high and stay productive. Awesome stuff!

  6. Sammy

    Aloha fellow growers! I just harvested my Maui Wowie plants and boy oh boy what a delight! These ladies grew tall and sturdy with fragrant buds that were absolutely dripping in trichomes. No lie bruh, some best buds I’ve ever laid my eyes on. The sweet taste and heady smoke makes it all the better. Mahalo!

  7. Juana

    Yo, these Maui Wowie seeds are top-notch! I have never grown anything before, but the process was so easy that I felt like a pro. The buds are dense, frosty, and filled with resin, giving off a fruity smell that instantly transports you to a tropical paradise. I smoked a little and was instantly hit with an uplifting high that lasted for hours. I’m definitely buying more of these seeds for my next grow!

  8. Jasmine

    I am blown away by the quality of these Maui Wowie seeds. As a first-time grower, I was nervous to start but these seeds proved to be very forgiving and easy to grow. The buds are incredibly dense and covered in trichomes, making for a very potent smoke. The aroma is fruity and tropical, just like you’d expect. I highly recommend these seeds to anyone looking for an awesome sativa strain with a great yield.

  9. George S.

    I’ve grown Maui Wowie for the past two years and it never disappoints. It always produces big, heavy buds and a strong, stimulating high that lasts for hours. The smell is amazing and the smoke is so smooth. Great strain for anyone looking for an uplifting sativa.

  10. Marty M.

    These buds have a lot of resin and have an absolutely wonderful smell. I really think the terpenes linger for a good while even after the first puff. Very good weed. I’ve given a couple of people the bud and have gotten similar reactions from them.

  11. Keith W.

    Definitely a must grow!! It’s a beautiful plant. The high was very strong and very uplifting. Great quality and a good yield. Super easy to grow!

  12. Lucy G.

    This strain is amazing, one of the best I’ve grown. Some of the plants in this grow almost reached the ceiling of my grow room. They got huge! The buds were covered in trichomes and the smell and smoke was spectacular. I can’t wait to try growing this strain again.

  13. Anonymous

    Nice buds from a very hardy plant. Huge and covered in resin. Great experience growing this strain. I have tried many different sativas but strain was one of my favorites. Highly recommend it.

  14. Donna C.

    These Maui Wowie seeds have been such a good growing experience! I love the smell they give off. Its like something from my childhood. I have grown other strains, but I am 100% a sativa lover. I wanted a variety to try that was sativa dominant, and the Wowie is the best so far for me. The buds come out super fruity with a sweet aroma. The taste is amazing, and the high is very clear headed and functional.

  15. Ken F.

    This one produces an excellent yield with sweet frosty buds that are just mouth watering. And a very strong high to boot. Definitely recommended to anyone interested in growing good weed!

  16. Jodi S.

    I have grown it for three years now and has yet to fail me! Very frosty buds, very strong and long lasting high, and this strain gives me a nice yield too.

  17. Andy

    Nice pot. Reminds me of the old days. I really enjoyed growing and smoking it.

  18. Tommy O.

    Easy to grow and love the aroma and potency! Also not crazy expensive for seeds.

  19. Anonymous

    Maui Wowie is fantastic. I have gotten consistent yields, and also very thick, crystalized buds. I’ve found it to be vigorous growing, as well as requiring little attention. Very happy with it to say the least!

  20. Cory P.

    I wasnt expecting much from my first grow, but I had so much fun with it that Ive decided to do more. These plants were so easy to grow and yielded more than I expected. They were very large plants too, and grew and grew until harvest. The buds were absolutely frosty and the smoke was delicious.

  21. Trev

    I was growing a variety of strains in an outdoor garden last year, including this one. It was an excellent fit for the hot weather and yielded very well, especially considering it was started late. It grew big too! I am buying more of these seeds to grow this year!

  22. ShmokeGuru

    Very fun strain to grow, high yield and an awesome high. Really nice, dank buds and the smoke is very smooth. Would definitely recommend this one. I’ve been very impressed by this line.

  23. Dustin F.

    This one is my new favorite! By far the best high I’ve ever had. It’s very strong and lasts for hours. Fantastic taste and super smooth smoke. Highly would recommend for anyone looking for a true cannabis connoisseur strain.

  24. Brent D.

    These were very easy to grow and required nothing out of the ordinary. I grew 3 outdoors and they were the best ones I grew all year. Bud quality is A+

  25. Lucius

    These were very easy to germinate and grow. They are hearty plants that can take a lot of abuse and still thrive. I love the finished product as well.

  26. Wayne R.

    Great strain, grew tall, full of buds and potent just like the description said. I had a lot of fun with these seeds, will be coming back for more.

  27. Angel G.

    Nice seeds they grew quite well! Ended up with more than enough bud to last me a while. It creeps up on you if you smoke a lot of it. Great stuff.

  28. Beans

    By far one of the best strains for outdoor growing. Really easy to grow, very forgiving plant as long as you provide it with what it needs. Very high quality smoke with a pleasant high that lasts a good long time.

  29. Vicki A.

    The strongest plant I’ve grown my garden with the most impressive buds. My friends love this weed and I love treating them to it when they come over.

  30. Calvin M.

    Very easy to grow, can’t mess this one up unless you try. If you like Sativas you will LOVE this strain. Can grow tall, but don’t be discouraged because the flowers on this girl are HUGE!

  31. Benster

    Such good buds on this one, it’s unreal. Every seed sprouted into a plant and all of the plants grew vigorously and were very healthy. The buds grew big, beautiful and covered in crystals. I can’t wait for these babies to cure.

  32. Jay T.

    A perfect sativa to grow. The buds form huge and its a fairly tall plant so you might want to support the top heavy branches. Its a high yielder so you definitely get your money’s worth out of these seeds.

  33. Johnnie S.

    This was my first time growing and I picked Maui Wowie from the many choices available. All of the seeds sprouted and grew beautiful plants. The yield was more than enough for personal use and the quality was as good as I’ve ever had. Really happy with this purchase!

  34. Stu L.

    5/5 would grow again. The high is very uplifting and positive. Makes me laugh a lot. Girlfriend loves it too which is nice. Would definitely recommend this strain to anyone who wants to grow some quality bud.

  35. Sandy

    Grown outdoors, this stuff turns into the most gorgeous plants. The smell is strong but pleasant. These flowers taste delicious. My friends love it and I also love the high THC levels.

  36. Eddy G.

    One of my go to strains for daily smoking. Potent long lasting sativa high and the terps make for some tasty smoke. I bought the feminized seeds and everything worked out great.

  37. Dennis M.

    I’ve grown this multiple times and gotten amazing results every time. These things grow like weeds!

  38. Albert K.

    This strain was excellent. Great yielder, great taste and smell. The high is incredibly pleasant and happy. I really enjoyed this one and am looking to order more seeds soon!!

  39. M.E. Frank

    Very heavy yielder, even when vegged shortly, I got 8 oz. of dried bud off of one plant, with a lot more leaf weight. Smells like pineapple and plum wine. Beautiful reddish orange hairs and deep green leaves. Very good looking. Not too difficult to grow if you are somewhat familiar with the grow game.

  40. Chris B.

    These seeds came in about a week after I ordered them. I planted them into plastic pots that I used with indoor potting soil and they sprouted up in a few days. Then I put them in my grow tent under LED lighting and they grew up so fast so I topped them twice. The buds filled in very well and big with lots of resiny trics. I would say it’s even better than the Sativa they sell at my local dispensary.

  41. Big Chief

    💪🌱Every single one of my Maui Wowie cannabis seeds came up and gave me vigorous phenotypes to work with. They all smashed thru my expectations. Wowie is the right word for sure. I know this isn’t a typical indica/sativa hybrid, so it’s different enough to make people excited.

  42. Jared R.

    Great sativa strain! The seeds were super easy to grow. They loved the sun, got taller than me and yielded big!! Will definitely be ordering more seeds in the future!

  43. Mitch S.

    I really enjoyed growing the maui wowie seeds! They took off really fast and produced a lot of good quality end product. I think I might try to grow more of them soon!

  44. William C.

    Glad I bought them because they germinated quickly and produced some of the biggest, most flavorful buds I’ve ever seen

  45. Hannah

    I am really impressed with these seeds. They were cheap so I figured they would grow mediocre weed. I was wrong, these things grow incredibly sticky beautiful buds. I am very happy with them and will be getting more when I need to.

  46. Brian A.

    Been growing weed since I was 18yrs old back in the mid 70’s. This particular strain is one of my favorites. Cures to a beautiful golden color and smokes great.

  47. Dan L.

    This is one of the best strains I’ve ever had. The smell alone makes you want to smoke it all day long. I’m growing more than enough for myself and sharing with friends who are also big fans.

  48. Jen M.

    I grew this for the first time outdoors in a small garden in my backyard. I figured it would be the perfect outdoor strain for my area since it is a tropical sativa. It did not let me down. I harvested a little over a pound from just two plants grown from seed. The buds get huge and have an amazingly sweet smell. Very nice bag appeal and lots of crystals. It has a very sweet taste and the high was strong but not overpowering.

  49. Punatick

    Got the seeds from a buddy of mine. I love this strain! I’m a medical marijuana grower in Puna, not sure how true it is to island genetics, but it does grow good outdoors here. Tastes great too and stoney!

  50. Ian N.

    I’m running Maui wowie indoors and she’s loving it so far. All of my seeds sprouted without issues. After they grew 2 weeks in cups I transplanted them to 5gal fabric containers. I have 4×4 grow tent and Marshydro ts100 light. Feeding them Jacks nutrients. They’re about 3 feet tall now and branching nicely.

  51. Mikey W.

    Grew Nirvana Seeds Maui Waui. I can only recommend it for experienced growers and sativa lovers. You will need some heavy duty LST to grow her in a tent, she stretches in height a few times her size in flower and grows lots of side branches. But the smell is super fruity, tropical and musty goodness, and good sativa high too.

  52. Logan C.

    They got going pretty quick, germinated within a few days of each other. I didn’t do anything special for the seeds or the containers they’re in… standard procedure for me, basically. So far all 5 look like they’ll be strong, healthy plants! Looking forward to more growth!

  53. Nate

    I can’t fault these seeds, the 4 I started all germinated, unfortunately for me my grower skills aren’t great and I’ve lost 2 out of 4 due to almost fatal overwatering episodes. Still getting there though and I would definitely give these another go because the two survivors are looking very nice indeed.

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