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The Best Bruce Banner Seeds

Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds for sale from IGLM

Buy the best Bruce Banner feminized seeds to grow for monster heavy marijuana crops. Guaranteed fast shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Bruce Banner seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanksโ€”ILGM, MSNL, Seedsman, and Crop King.

Bruce Banner Strain Description

Bruce Banner #3 Feminized Seeds for sale from MSNL

Bruce Banner is a very popular marijuana strain across the US and worldwide, renowned for its high potency and excellent quality. Named after the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego Bruce Banner, this strain packs quite a punch with its hard-hitting physical effects and powerful mind-altering head high. These grade A buds are absolutely covered in trichomes. Distinct fuel aroma, sweet berry, and hash flavors. Tested at 28.35% THC.

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Bruce Banner Origin and Genetics

Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman

Bruce Banner is a mostly sativa hybrid of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. Initially sold at a Colorado dispensary, Bruce Banner seeds were first released by the breeders Delta 9 Labs and Dark Horse Genetics. Each Bruce Banner phenotype was numbered 1 to 5, with Bruce Banner #3 being the most well regarded. Bruce Banner has the highest lab-tested THC of all strains in the history of the High Times Cannabis Cup.

How to Grow Bruce Banner

Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds for sale from Crop King

Growing Bruce Banner is easy thanks to the strain’s high resistance to pests, disease, and mold. Given enough light, water, and nutrients, Bruce Banner plants grow into monster yielders that develop long, resinous colas. Buy feminized Bruce Banner seeds to get only female plants for cultivation and cloning. During their 9 to 10 weeks of flowering, Bruce Banner plants turn pretty autumn colors and develop an unreal resin production. Outdoors, harvest is in early October with potentially multi-pound plants. Indoor yields of Bruce Banner are recorded up to 600 g/m2.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Earthy, Fuel, Pungent


ILGM, MSNL, Seedsman, Crop King

CBD Content





Exhilarating, Relaxing, Upbeat

Flowering Time

9โ€“10 weeks

Flowering Type



OG Kush, Strawberry Diesel

Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse

Harvest Month

Early October



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content



40% Indica, 60% Sativa


Up to 600 g/m2

29 reviews for Buy Bruce Banner Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Brendan K.

    Absolutely the BEST strain I have grown yet!!! Not a exaggerating either, I grew incredible quality bud with this strain!!!

  2. Earl D.

    I have grown lots of different strains in the past few years, but this is my new favorite. It grows fast and was surprisingly resistant to mold (which is a huge problem where I live). The high is very euphoric, long lasting and just all around enjoyable. 10/10 would grow again.

  3. Ziggy

    This is the best stuff on earth. I grow outdoors and they performed so well. This year should be over 2 pounds each easily. I will sell/donate most of it and keep the rest to enjoy myself.

  4. Mary U.

    I bought these as a gift for my husband and he had nothing but great things to day about them. He said they were very easy to grow and the flowers are wonderful.

  5. Alvin C.

    Just finished drying and curing my latest batch of Bruce Banner and I’m blown away by the quality! It is my favorite strain of all time and this is by far the best batch I have ever grown. I used the exact same setup as I do with my other strains, so I know it wasn’t because of anything I did differently.

  6. Henry S.

    This is the best strain ever! I don’t normally leave reviews but this plant is great. It grows big and healthy with lots of flowers all over. The buds get really resinous and dense. Good for pain relief too. Gotta love the Bruce Banner!

  7. Brianinator

    I was looking for a strong plant and that’s exactly what I got with the Bruce Banner. My other bag seed plants looked thin and sickly in comparison. I made sure to take special care of it, so it was definitely worth it in the end! The buds are huge and beautiful.

  8. Linda T.

    I received the seeds in a timely manner and they germinated well. These were really easy to grow. The buds were very dense, they tasted delish and they gave me a strong high. I’ve seen a lot of weed but these were different, better. Much better than most.

  9. Jason B.

    I can’t say enough how much I love these seeds. I used 6 to grow and as long as you give them the right care they just explode into beautiful bushes covered in crystals.

  10. Kathy W.

    It’s been a few months since I ordered my seeds and I have to say I’m very happy with how they’ve come along. My plants are healthy and looking great in their final week of flowering. The buds really filled up the branches so I’m expecting a bountiful harvest. No issues with mold or mildew to my knowledge.

  11. Caleb N.

    Best strain for growing indoors IMHO, huge yields of stellar weed! I’ve tried everything from sativas to indicas and this one is just on another level, buy yourself a pack of seeds or get some cuts and grow em!!

  12. Bryan C.

    Was a very easy grow for me, I used Fox Farm nutrients and my plants literally could not have been any happier. They grew very quickly and were so lush and big! Buds were huge and dense and had an amazing smell to them. The high is very strong but also very pleasing. I’m very happy with these genetics and will be ordering more seeds soon!

  13. Mikey C.

    Premium gas all the way. These are some of the dankest buds I’ve ever seen over years of smoking and growing different types of cannabis. Super high yielding too! Will be ordering more Bruce banner marijuana seeds in the near future to make clones from.

  14. Gary M.

    Great strain!! I’ve never seen such beautiful buds before. They were loaded with trics heavy and dense even when dried. Fully worth trying if you haven’t done so already. About to buy another pack of seeds myself.

  15. Bobby B.

    I grew this strain on a whim and loved every minute of it! I’ve already harvested over 100g of buds and will probably get another 200 or more from the next round coming up. This strain is definitely not for the faint of heart as it is very potent, but if you need a powerful high then you’ll love the Bruce Banner.

  16. Jason R.

    I just finished harvesting the first batch of buds from my Bruce Banner plants and I gotta say, I love it! I’m rating it 5 stars considering how much weed you get out of it and the quality, which is unreal to say the least.

  17. April S.

    Awesome strain for beginners and of course skilled cultivators too. Super fast growth and very pretty buds, we had autumn colors come in late flowering. A+ grade๐Ÿ’–

  18. Leon J.

    Good quality seeds, they did outdid my expectations. Easy to grow, easy to maintain, nice yield as well. Very potent and tasty. Will order again soon!

  19. Jon H.

    I started with 10 Bruce Banner seeds, all of them germinated and gave me no problems growing to the end. Excellent yield, amazing smell and taste. The high is heady and long lasting.

  20. Mickey M.

    One of the best strains ever! Great yield, great flavor, great effects…it’s just a whole lot of fun!!!

  21. Kevin H.

    This is a very nice strain in my opinion. I have grown it twice now from seeds and plan to grow it many more times in the future from the clones I got off this last run. It has been a very strong plant with similar phenotypes, they are more manageable indoors than other sativa doms I’ve tried. All the Bruce banners grew really big resiny buds. Smells like cheese and OG bud with a hint of diesel. Everyone I know who has tried it has loved it.

  22. Gary W.

    Very crystally dank bud! I grew 5 feminized BB seeds indoors, healthy plants, slightly longer than average grow time, I can see that sativa influence but also the indica plumpness and sticky resin of the buds. I ended up giving the crop away to my brother who liked it the most… so I have to go down there to smoke what’s left lol. Interested in buying more seeds…

  23. Susan K.

    Bruce Banner was the champion of our garden this year. She had everything going for her: bushy structure, full buds, great harvest weight, stinky smell and tastes amazing! Recommended.

  24. Wade

    Growing this one now from ilgm seeds, I only tried 3 yet but all sprouted. I’m using a mars hydro sp150 grow light and vivosun 2x4ft tent. Now they are 2ft tall and moved into 3gal pots. Looking good so far, hope that continues.

  25. Jake S.

    Lots of vigor in these phenotypes. Side branches galore, and bud sites all throughout them. Definatly see some sativa influence.

  26. Ian H.

    Grows like a bush, with big chunky buds. Solid density and super frosty end product. Dank smoke. Understand why this is popular with everyone, yields well for growers and is premium quality bud for sellers and buyers.

  27. Kenny

    Honestly one of my favorite strains I’ve ever grown. The smell is strong in the best way possible, the colas are extremely sticky and covered in trichomes. Very nice hybrid. Smells amazing and smokes like heaven.
    Huge dense buds with a complex taste, the smell while growing is strong but once you cure it gets even better. It’s got a very “clean” high to it.

  28. john

    ive had this strain for awhile, and its a very nice plant. ive grown it out several times, and it always does well for me! it has a nice sweet aroma that fills the room when you’re growing it. its around 9 weeks for finishing out. it grows bigger than most strains, so watch out for that if you have a small grow area.

  29. Rick A.

    Big yields of the dank! ๐Ÿ’Ž๐ŸŒฟ Grows well nearly anywhere. You’ll be impressed with what comes out of harvest.

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