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Trainwreck Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Trainwreck Seeds

Buy the best Trainwreck feminized seeds to grow for devastatingly potent harvests. Guaranteed fast shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Trainwreck seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanksโ€”ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

Trainwreck Feminized Seeds for sale from SeedSupreme

Trainwreck Strain Description

Trainwreck is a famous sativa hybrid from the West Coast. It carries a pungent smell like spicy pine or lemon cleaner. Trainwreck is best known for its powerful effects, so strong it’s like being hit by a train. The clear, cerebral sativa high combines with a potent indica body stone, leaving the user feeling totally wrecked. Trainwreck buds are light green, tight and compact. The flavors are sweet and almost menthol, similar to its aroma. Up to 21% THC content.

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Trainwreck Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman by Green House Seed Co.

Trainwreck Origin and Genetics

Trainwreck is a marijuana strain of mysterious origin. It’s visibly sativa dominant, believed to be made of Mexican, Thai, and Afghani genetics. According to the Seedsman blog, Trainwreck came from a couple of brothers growing in NorCal that had to harvest their plants early due to a train wreck nearby. Other sources claim Trainwreck was just a method of breeding or that it was named such for its powerful, disorienting effects. Yet the most far-out story is that it came from a hippie pot smuggler involved in a train wreck who, on his last limb, managed to gift a clone to two dope smokers nearby.

Trainwreck Feminized Seeds for sale from Homegrown

How to Grow Trainwreck

Trainwreck can stretch quite a bit indoors, so plant training methods such as SCROG work perfectly. The flowering time is just under 9 weeks, with yields up to 525 g/m2. Outdoors, Trainwreck is able to get huge, producing over 6 pounds per plant. Ready to harvest by mid-October.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Earthy, Lemony, Piney, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, Green House Seed Co.

CBD Content





Creative, Euphoric, Exhilarating, Relaxing, Upbeat

Flowering Time

8โ€“9 weeks

Flowering Type



Afghan, Mexican, Thai

Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse

Harvest Month




Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 21%


35% Indica, 65% Sativa


Over 500 g/m2

54 reviews for Buy Trainwreck Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Jeremy B.

    Been growing Trainwreck for a while now, never disappoints. Great genetics, easy to grow, and the buds are top shelf quality. A++

  2. Dustin T.

    This strain has been doing great from germination all the way through vegging and flowering. It’s produced some seriously dense and fat buds and I’m thrilled with how they look. The terpenes are on point and it’s just been a super tough and healthy plant overall.

  3. Larry W.

    I gotta give a shoutout to Trainwreck seeds folks. This strain is an absolute beast in the garden. My ladies got all big and were covered in trichomy buds and the terpene profile is outta this world. The high? Oh man it’s like riding a rollercoaster in your brain. 5/5 would cultivate again! ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿš‚๐Ÿ’จ

  4. Johnny S.

    Okay, so I’m a bit picky with my strains, but this Trainwreck? Absolute winner. These buds are so good and powerful with the ultimate stoney high. Seeds delivery was quick and stealthy. Popped them and they were up and running in no time. These ladies love to grow and handled everything with grace. Solid yields, insane trichome production. Kudos to the seed bank for these gems!

  5. Greg Y.

    Man, these Trainwreck seeds are some killer shizz! Planted them babies with some TLC and they’ve paid me back with extra interest. Thick and healthy, they came into the station like a loaded freight train! The buds themselves? Dense, resinous, and oh so potent. They get you properly wrecked, true to the name. Great seeds, no doubt about it. A wee bit tricky to get started, but once they kick off, they a runnin. 5 stars, would recommend!

  6. Bizzy

    These Trainwreck genes are the bomb, they gave me a bumper crop! Tons of crystally nuggz with a killer punch and super lit head high, sends you up to cloud 9. Nuttin but love for this strain, 5 starzz easily!

  7. Sublimity

    Trainwreck female seeds were great! Germinated fast and yielded some killer nugs. Loud smell and flavor with a strong high to boot.

  8. Shawn F.

    They did great, very easy to grow and give the most amazing smoke. High is very strong and lasts for hours. Will definitely buy some more Trainwreck seeds from this company.

  9. Krystal

    These seeds are real gems. A spectacular strain that has to be tried to be truly appreciated. Not only does it produce great yields, but the buds are like no other and the experience is truly out of this world. I love this strain!

  10. Tara N.

    Great grow! Easy to germinate and very easy to grow even for me being a novice grower. I ended up with an enormous harvest. Would recommend Trainwreck for anyone.

  11. Robin C.

    Wow, I knew there was something special about this strain. This isnโ€™t your typical marijuana, you will find many powerful qualities with it. I bought these to grow and I was blown away. So many good characteristics, the smell and taste are really good and the high that comes from trainwreck is a complete face melter.

  12. Anonymous

    This is the kind of cannabis that got me interested in growing in the first place. The buds are so dank and potent, you can hardly stand up after smoking it.

  13. Eric N.

    The plants that I grew from these Trainwreck seeds were the best of the bunch. So glad I finally gave this strain a go, itโ€™s so good!

  14. KG

    Best stuff Iโ€™ve ever smoked. High is very intense.

  15. Brad K.

    I haven’t grown a lot of strains, but trainwreck is up there with the best. I’m happy to say I did a very good job growing it and everything turned out excellent.

  16. Caleb L.

    Plants grew well and were very easy to take care of. They grew nice and bushy and the buds were HUGE. This stuff is money!

  17. Anonymous

    A good strain to smoke. Really strong and a couple tokes and I was good for a couple hours. Got me high as a kite for a really long time too. I would recommend this to anyone who likes good weed.

  18. Gene

    Strong stuff! Looks great, smokes even better!

  19. Marco W.

    Got some seeds online, and we were very pleased with the results! Itโ€™s one of the more interesting cannabis varieties to grow for sure!

  20. Jordan R.

    Very easy to grow, gave me a nice bud that was dank and packed with resin. Couldnโ€™t wait for it to come indoors to dry and smoke!

  21. Anonymous

    This stuff was so good, the yield was huge and the taste/smell/high were all great. Grew this indoors and the buds were huge, very frosty.

  22. Dunkaroo

    I was growing this outside and it did very well for me. I was somewhat inexperienced but was able to grow this without a hitch. Couldn’t ask for a better strain, high yield, awesome taste and smell, super powerful high and very easy to grow. I will definitely grow this again.

  23. Peter G.

    I like this one a lot. Very high potency. Nice buds, very frosty and have powerful, long lasting highs.

  24. Cedella

    These seeds grew into some big plants that really took off. The buds were very lush and plump. I get so many compliments on the smell. It has a very nice flavor and the high lasts a while. I’ll absolutely be growing it a second time.

  25. Josiah D.

    I really enjoyed how these grew and how many big buds I got off each plant. Easy to maintain and packed with a solid punch. The effects are probably the strongest I’ve had and the taste is just as good. A great smoke!

  26. Isaac M.

    Very strong and fairly easy to grow plant. Yielded a lot more than I expected, would definitely buy again!

  27. Haze

    I’ve always loved Trainwreck and thanks to these seeds I now can grow it at home. It was easy to grow from the get go, didn’t have any problems along the way and the harvest yield was fantastic. Not too mention it hits really nicely, I recommend this strain for sure.

  28. Dinomite

    They grow tall with huge buds. I find it best to top the plants early to limit their height (and increase your yield) but either way they grow big and beautiful. Buds have a strong odor of pine with certain phenos being more noticeable than others.

  29. Lucas H.

    These babies came through with flying colors! They grew quickly and produced lots of great buds. For being mostly sativa they grew very very wide. Really enjoyed the flavor and aroma of this one. The high is really fun, I especially like to listen to music when I smoke it. Will definitely order some more Trainwreck seeds in the future!

  30. Winston S.

    Outstanding strain. My first attempt at growing cannabis and I chose Trainwreck because it’s highly regarded and popular. All plants grew strong and healthy and produced huge buds. Ended up having a lot more weed than I thought I would so I will be able to try selling some soon to recoup some of the money that I spent on growing them!

  31. Fred N.

    I’ve grown Train Wreck a few times now and so far every time has been a success. It consistently yields well for me and has a nice balance of sativa dominant traits with slight indica influence. Buds are marketable quality with a sweet smell. Great for beginners or pros.

  32. Nathanial

    Bought 5 of these Trainwreck seeds and every single one of them sprouted! Let me tell you this plant is gorgeous and the buds are cover in crystals. Grows very tall so be prepared but the finished product is definitely worth it. I’m currently curing and results are amazing.

  33. Wade C.

    I really had high hopes for these seeds, and I wasn’t disappointed. I grew 5 of them and all of them grew well. This strain has a sweet, gassy flavor to the smoke. Some Sativas just give a cerebral high with no real body feeling, but with these seeds I definitely felt a nice body high as well. The high lasts quite a while too. I’d highly recommend this strain and will be growing more soon.

  34. Carly B.

    I really enjoy growing Trainwreck and smoking the buds that it produces. This strain of cannabis is probably my all time favorite.

  35. Jody F.

    The first time I grew this strain was a good experience. The yield was high and the smoke was sweet. The buzz is very cerebral and all in all I’d say its one of the best strains of cannabis out there.

  36. Matthew B.

    Growed all five of my seeds successfully. Love the smell and taste of this strain! Highly recommended to everyone looking for a great high!

  37. Lee O.

    These were great!!! All lived through the transplant and all grew well. The yield was good considering this was my first grow ever! I am very happy that I got these seeds.

  38. Antonio M.

    This was my first time growing trainwreck and it turned out great! One of the best strains I’ve grown before. Beautiful, big, high-yielding flowers with a pleasant, happy high. I grew outside with fencing wrapped around them for branch support. Turned out crazy amounts of buds.๐Ÿ˜Ž

  39. Steven W.

    Easy to grow and will thrive in most settings (soil, hydroponics, indoors, outdoors) โ€“ make sure to give it some time to swell before harvesting (I cut mine a week after the two month mark). Some of the best stuff I have ever grown โ€“ huge buds, sweet terps, very frosty.

  40. Scotty

    Good seeds they brought me great success… the buds came in like a champ. Great quality of buds, flavor and high. Will buy again!

  41. Jake A.

    Bought a 5 pack of Trainwreck fem seeds, planted 3 of them and they all came up after a few days. Growing them indoors under LEDs and they are pumping thru veg cycle! Got my fingers crossed for good flowers.

  42. Paul S.

    Our Trainwreck grow was very rewarding. They all sprouted and grew fast in the shape of a tree. The stuff we harvested is delectable and gives you a very long lasting effect. I’m going to get a lot more of these seeds just because they did so well.

  43. Chris C.

    Grew Trainwreck indoors last year and loved it. Just bought more Trainwreck seeds this year and am hoping for a similar result. Plants are large and have lots of resin glands. The taste is very good with a hint of fruitiness in there. Hits hard so watch out!

  44. Tracy R.

    This is an amazing strain!!! Very easy to grow and produced huge yields of high quality knockout bud!! Highly recommended!!!

  45. Dean B

    A strong strain that excels in growth vigor, yield and quality buds. It’s got a quick hitting high that lasts for a long time too, feeling happy and relaxed. A must have if you’re looking for a stoney Sativa dominant hybrid

  46. Ezra M.

    I had my first harvest of Trainwreck, and wow! This was one of the best strains I’ve ever grown. The plants were super productive, grew fast and made killer buds. And the high comes on hard! After drying them for a few weeks they really started coming through as being very tasty. Definitely going to be picking up more of these seeds!

  47. Rev

    Great strain of weed. I grew it outdoors in a soil garden in Southeast Georgia. I yielded about 1 1/2 pounds from a fairly big sized mother plant. Bag appeal, smell and flavor are all excellent, and very potent too

  48. Becky C.

    Trainwreck grew big in every direction, tall and wide. Did well with topping and grows vigorous with pretty good internodal spacing and big crystallized buds. There’s a sharp citrus smell that I absolutely love!

  49. Mr. Bob

    Stretches a lot in flowering. The yield is perfectly fine, but only for cannabis connoisseurs. What I love most about Trainwreck is the high, very powerful and euphoric which slams into disoriented couchlock. It is definitely unique.

  50. Rick P.

    Wonderful variety with 4 different phenotypes I’ve seen so far, each with its peculiarities. I definitely see the sativa in her. And the high is extremely strong, almost without a ceiling, so not for novices.

  51. Dylan H.

    Just harvested mine!! I grew two Trainwreck plants outside here in the Great State of California. Mixed organic soil with chicken manure, Fox Farms Happy Frog, and Dr. Earth nutrients. They both came out great… turned into leggy beasts, so the fencing I wrapped around them worked great. I see the potential to go even bigger with this strain.

  52. Eddie

    Beautiful plant, grows like a Sativa but smokes like an Indica, it has taken over my garden this year. Easy to grow and masses amounts of resin. Will definitely be growing again next year.

  53. Kevin

    Ok so I’ve got a pretty good history of growing this strain. You will get 2 main phenos, 1 short and very bushy with heavy thick buds and the other more stretched out like sativa phenos tend to get. Either way the plants WILL STRETCH so training/pruning is needed for small grow rooms. They like a good diet without too much nitrogen too, especially the big sativa pheno. If you’re looking for something with good yields, big buds, nice flavors and a potent high, then try Trainwreck.

  54. John D.

    Trainwreck is good. When I first moved out to California I met a guy who grew 100 plants, all Trainwreck, outdoors in bags. Will never forget how high I was.

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