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Bubble Gum Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Bubble Gum Seeds

Buy the best Bubble Gum feminized seeds to grow for top-shelf dank candy harvests. Guaranteed fast shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Bubble Gum seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanks—ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

Bubble Gum strain bud closeup

Bubble Gum Strain Description

Bubble Gum is an award-winning fruity weed strain that’s been massively popular in the cannabis community since the early nineties. This 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid is best known for its Bazooka Joe bubble gum flavor. Bubble Gum weed is velvety, sweet-smelling, and represents the utmost dank in bud quality. The effects are happy, euphoric, and relaxed. Up to 19% THC content.

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Bubble Gum Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman by TH Seeds

Bubble Gum Origin and Genetics

Bubble Gum is a hybrid of mysterious origins, originally developed by growers in Indiana, USA. First known as Indiana Bubble Gum, the strain moved around that nation and eventually showed up in the Dutch breeder scene. Bubble Gum was TH Seeds‘ first product to be released to the cannabis seed world in 1993. The very next year, it won two awards at the Cannabis Cup, also winning 2nd place in ’95 and ’99. To this day, countless seed companies have released their own versions of Bubble Gum. It continues to be a prized delicacy among growers and stoners.

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How to Grow Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum is relatively easy to strain to grow. You can expect strong-stemmed plants that grow beefy colas colored in vibrant red hues. Two main phenotypes are seen when grown from seed—one which structures like a pole with minimal side branching and another forming a more evergreen shape with more branching. The branchless varieties are perfect for Sea of Green, where they can be closely spaced to maximize yields up to 500 g/m2. The flowering time is about 8 weeks indoors. Outdoors, Bubble Gum is finished by mid to late October.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Berry, Earthy, Fruity, Sweet


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, TH Seeds

CBD Content





Euphoric, Exhilarating, Relaxing, Upbeat

Flowering Time

8 weeks

Flowering Type




Grows Best

Indoors, Dry Climates

Harvest Month

Late October, October



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 19%


50% Indica, 50% Sativa


Up to 500 g/m2

54 reviews for Buy Bubble Gum Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Curtis P.

    Legit genetics. Taste just like bubblegum. Planted the seeds indoors and they grew strong and healthy. Sweet and sticky buds, just like they should be.

  2. Owen W.

    Seeds delivered fast. Germinated quick, grew strong. Buds smell sweet, taste even better. Perfect balance of head and body high. A+

  3. Kenny S.

    Plants came out AMAZING! Great seeds, easy grow, incredible buds. Two thumbs up!👍👍

  4. Aaron N.

    Yo, these Bubble Gum fem seeds are straight fire fam! I grew em and now I’m rollin in that sweet n sticky goodness. These seeds are the real deal, no cap!

  5. Ally G.

    Totally in love with these Bubble Gum seeds! Ordered and they came super stealthy and fast. 100% germination rate and the growth was steady and strong. Flowering time gave me these dense, scrumptious buds that are to die for. The taste? Like chewing on a piece of your fave bubblegum. The high is just as sweet, relaxing but with a euphoric kick. Def a repeat buy!

  6. Casey B.

    These genetics are the real deal! The name says it all… the taste and flavor are like sweet, sticky bubble gum. And the high hits you hard but keeps you feeling active. Give these seeds a go, and your taste buds will thank you!

  7. Robert M.

    Epic stuff man! Got me a fat yield and the smell’s pure righteousness. Bubble Gum seeds – pure fire, can’t go wrong wit them babies!!

  8. Sophie

    Wow, I have to say Bubble Gum feminized seeds are simply amazing! They grew into lovely, healthy plants with delicious sweet aromas. The yields were simply outstanding and the quality of the buds was out of this world. One thing I really appreciated was how easy these seeds were to grow! They flowered rapidly and copiously without any issues. Five stars all around!

  9. Kayla T.

    Bubble Gum is bomb af! The plants were super low maintenance and grew like crazy. I got a great yield and the buds were so sticky with resin that it was hard to break them up for smoking. But smoking them was worth it because they tasted sweet and fruity and gave me a relaxing high that also kept me really creative. If you want a strain that’s easy to grow and gives you great results, Bubble Gum is the way to go!

  10. Vinny

    Grew these seeds indoors and they yielded way more than I thought. The buds are so shiny and dense, it’s unbelievable. Aroma is sweet and fruity, with some skunk in the background. The smoke itself is very smooth and the high is a mix of energizing and relaxing. This one has quickly become my favorite strain, hands down!

  11. John M.

    Had a really great experience growing Bubble Gum. The plants came up very quickly and were easy to manage. The buds were strong and frosty and yielded quite nicely. Bubble Gum is a great strain for any skill level and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an enjoyable smoke.

  12. Paula K.

    Happy to say the Bubble Gums performed as expected. Good looking buds with big dank colas. They are covered in fruity resin. Very tasty buds and a quite easy strain to grow.

  13. Anonymous

    Performed well for me! A real nice looking bud structure, with nice thick leafs and a thick stalk. The buds got very sticky and blanketed in crystals. The smell is like you expect, bubble gum, but very intense. I would recommend growing out some bubble gum seeds, as they’re a real pleasure to grow.

  14. Faith

    They’re really nice looking plants, and they grew really well, but the most satisfying thing to me was the buds. They actually have that bubble gum taste and smell to a tee and the effect they give me is very relaxing and enjoyable!

  15. Arturo

    It grows so fast and vigorous and the plant itself is so well made. The buds are thick and frosty. It’s great to smoke as well. I will buy some more bubble gum seeds to grow because they are so good. I love it!

  16. Roland V.

    Very easy to grow and yield was awesome. The buds are beautiful and smell and taste great.

  17. Grady

    This was a nice strain to grow. I planted 4 seeds and they all popped and made very bushy plants. The buds produced were lovely, very frosty with light green colors. Wonderful smoke, great high, no complaints!

  18. Alyssa P.

    This was my first grow from seeds and I loved everything. Definitely getting seeds again.

  19. Anonymous

    Amazing strain for a first time grow. These plants looked beautiful and yielded better than I ever expected.

  20. Floyd

    My first grow of bubblegum and it didn’t disappoint. They all germinated without any duds and growing was a piece of cake. The buds look fantastic and are very well developed with some really heavy resin. The best smelling strain I’ve had in a long time!

  21. Mendo Plug

    These were some really good seeds. I had a lot of fun growing them and will be doing it again. Very easy to grow as well and gave a good yield. A perfect strain for anyone just starting out, I would recommend it for sure.

  22. Joe A.

    Nice strain. Grew it indoors and they did very well. Easy to grow and produces some nice frosty buds with strong effects and phenomenal aromas and flavors.

  23. Matt D.

    Awesome strain of weed, grew it indoors and it was great. Nice frosty buds, got a respectable yield with very little effort. Smooth and tasty smoke.

  24. Bud

    Some very good weed. This is a very hardy plant, yields easily and gives a great end product.

  25. Max S.

    Very happy with the seeds. They were very easy to grow and gave a great yield. The high is very strong, very relaxing yet very energetic at the same time.

  26. Bradford

    Bubblegum was one of my first grows and she turned out lovely! The smell is strong and sweeter than honey. I just ordered another 20 seeds!!

  27. Duane E.

    I love these seeds. I grew 4 of them outside and they immediately took off. The bud smell is very strong and sweet. When smoked it leaves a very sweet taste in your mouth. It’s like smoking real bubble gum. Some of the best highs ive ever experienced have been from these plants.

  28. Kent M.

    These plants are CRAZY! They grow like a weed, but they definitely aren’t low quality weed. Quite the opposite in fact, these things are exceptional and covered in crystals.

  29. Isaac R.

    I grew these babies in a hydroponic set up with led lighting and they came out perfectly! By far my favorite strain even compared to the new stuff. Smells like the best weed ever!

  30. Skipper

    I got my package of feminized Bubble Gum seeds in the mail today! Super happy about these because I’m super broke right now so I’m glad to know I won’t have to spend money buying weed in the future! I’ve never grown weed before but I’m super excited!

  31. Pedro H.

    Bubble Gum is the best no doubt about it! And I know I’ve tried a lot of strains over the years. It’s a very easy plant to grow and it practically grows itself. It’s not too needy or difficult either, just a happy easy going plant that gives a lot in return with buds!!

  32. Joshua M.

    These are incredible! Got 5 seeds and all of them grew very well.

  33. Olive J.

    I’m growing two types of weed right now, these Bubble Gums and random seeds I was gifted. The randoms are doing good but the Bubble Gums look even better. These buds are just gorgeous. I can’t wait until they dry and cure.

  34. Anonymous

    Every seed grew into a strong plant and they’re all covered with trichomes. Yield and quality are up there with the best. Probably my new favorite strain to grow, I will definitely be buying more seeds!

  35. Marc B.

    I started 3 of these seeds and every single one came up. I was very impressed by how quickly they grew after the first couple of weeks. They grow fast and got big in no time at all. These are really good looking and tasty buds. I’m definitely going to order more of these seeds.

  36. Donnie C.

    I grew the Bubble Gum seeds in a legal state and boy were they something special. This plant is one of best hybrids out there with dank frosty buds. They’re VERY easy to grow and practically take care of themselves.

  37. Adam T.

    This strain grows like a weed and the buds are so frosty and chunky you’ll be blown away when you see your finished crop. A must grow.

  38. Mike W.

    I planted all five of them in cups with soil mix and they sprouted fine. I only had to water twice and nothing else was needed at all. The plants grow like other indica sativa hybrids I’ve ran before, which means fast growth rate, thick leaves and sturdy branches. The smell when they were fully grown was incredible. I’m equally impressed by harvest with the quantity, trichrome content and terpene profiles. I’ll be growing this one again shortly.

  39. Gerald C.

    My wife and I started growing Bubble Gum back in 2010 when we moved into our house. We were amazed by the results! These plants are speedy growers that pump out primo buds full of resin glands! We’ve grown it many times since then with similar success!

  40. Kyle O.

    Absolutely loved growing Bubble Gum, it’s not too difficult of a strain and the buds are just amazing. Very easy to grow and it’s just a very pretty plant.

  41. Clay P.

    Bubblegum was among the first cannabis strains I ever bought seeds of and grew out. Even though my grow setup was pretty basic at the time, I am glad to report that harvest exceeded all my expectations in yield and finished product. Best thing about this strain is that it’s extremely forgiving when it comes to lighting and nutrients. I plan on growing Bubblegum this season with things more dialed in, so hopefully it will be even better this time around!

  42. Rick L.

    One of the best strains I’ve grown in my three years of indoor cannabis cultivation experience. It just grows so healthy and easily with good noding and produces nice buds that are absolutely loaded with trichomes. Very pleasant to smoke on all day!

  43. Seth G.

    Good quality cannabis and the plants are super easy growing. No problems throughout the entire grow. Bud grade is top notch.

  44. Curtis A.

    It made really good buds, which is why I ordered it. 5/5 seeds sprouted and grew up fast. I could see the indica influence in how it grew low and thickly. Overall a great strain that I would grow again in a heartbeat.

  45. Laurence T.

    Very nice flavor, pretty fast flowering time, easy to grow, great price! It smells soooooo good when its blooming! I love it!! Will be ordering more seeds!!!

  46. Shannon M.

    This was a very easy plant to grow and yielded very well even tho it was grown outdoors with no special lighting. It has a wonderful smell and tastes great giving a very relaxing body buzz followed by an uplifting head high.

  47. Tosh

    This is a great strain. Top shelf all the way. My seeds grew very well and had huge main colas. Buds covered in trics and just irresistible. The smoke is sweet like candy as well

  48. Kris E

    Hi, I have been a medical patient for 2yrs now and this is by far the best smelling and tasting medication out there! Mine was grown indoors hydroponicly and had the most beautiful frosty crystals on the flowers and smelled just like bubble gum. It did take a bit for me to feel the full affect but once it hit it was great! It did not leave me with that groggy feeling either. Just relaxed and happy.

  49. Sher D.

    Great genetics! Hardy growing plants, a little goes a long way with this strain as far as nutrients goes. It looks beautiful, smells delicious, and gets you very stoned. Frosty buds with orange hairs and a taste of fruit and flowers that really sticks with you. The high is strong but not so much to where it makes you feel overwhelmed. It is a great all around strain, and I would definitely suggest it to those looking for a good indica.

  50. Jake R.

    Bubble gum has been easy to keep compact and grows voraciously. Sweet smell…I’m approaching week 8 of flower and we got frosty, glowing buds, packed on fat!

  51. Dimebag

    Have grown 2 Bubblegum phenos, both were bushy plants, had good yields, and delicious taste. The smoke is very mild and slightly sweetish. Definitely recommended.

  52. Skyler H.

    Does good grown outdoors in open air greenhouses, even in humid climates. We live on the Oregon Coast and Bubble Gum has been one of our favorites for years. They form very aromatic buds, caked in crystal. Smokes great all around. Does pretty well against mold, just sometimes find a few pieces of bud rot. It doesn’t spread much though so I’d say it’s a resistant strain.

  53. Brendan

    Bubblegum is a sweet smelling strain. The smoke is average, tastes a bit like the smell and won’t knock you on your butt. I have anxiety and it helps me to relax and take the edge off. I would def grow this strain again, it isn’t the MOST amazing Ive had but it does its job and gets some laughs going too!

  54. Greg D

    🍹🍬🍭 super fruity!!!

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