Top 5 Best Mold-Mildew Resistant Strains to Grow

Shortlist of the five best mold and mildew resistant strains to grow. The best resilient marijuana buds. For sale as feminized seeds. Fast USA shipping.

top-ranked list of the best mold-mildew resistant cannabis strains

The best mold and mildew resistant strains of cannabis are needed for growing in humid climates. These strong marijuana strains can handle rain and high humidity to a certain extent without developing mildew or mold problems. Our list has the top five best mold and mildew resistant strains to grow from seed.

1. Super Skunk

Super Skunk marijuana strain

“Super Skunk is the only one that produces huge yields for us and does not get hit with mold damage.”

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2. Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie marijuana strain

“Maui Wowie has strong sativa genetics, making it an effortless strain to grow in warm climates like Hawaii.”

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3. NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel marijuana strain

“It is rated a top outdoor variety by Mold Resistant Strains.”

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4. Green Crack

Green Crack marijuana strain

“Green Crack is often recommended to beginner growers due to the strain’s vigor, resistance to mold, and overall ease of growth.”

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5. Jack Herer

Jack Herer marijuana strain

“It seems to be completely resistant to powdery mildew, while the others in my grow tent were facing heavy damage, the Jack Herer plants showed no signs of infection.”

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