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The Best Super Skunk Seeds

Buy the best Super Skunk feminized seeds to grow for pungent, heavy marijuana harvests. Guaranteed fast shipping to the US and worldwide. We have sourced top breed Super Skunk seeds for sale through our partners at ILGM, Seedsman and Crop King.

Super Skunk Strain Description

Super Skunk is a mostly indica variety that takes Skunk #1 to the next level. With improved flavor, weight and potency, Super Skunk is a productive marijuana strain suitable for any garden including commercial operations. Super Skunk marijuana is dense, smells pungent and tastes sweet. The effects are noticeably strong in the body, explaining its popularity among medical cannabis patients who use Super Skunk for pain relief and appetite stimulation. Up to 20% THC.

Super Skunk Origin and Genetics

Super Skunk originates from The Seed Bank breeding project of the 80’s. The goal was to find the perfect Afghani phenotype to match the tried-and-true Skunk #1. The very first Seed Bank catalogs (archive) had experimental Afghan/Skunk hybrids for sale, but it wasn’t until 1990 that Super Skunk was released, thanks to a range of new Afghan cultivars made available to the breeders. That same year, Super Skunk won the mostly indica Cannabis Cup. It is considered to have raised the bar for what is expected in cannabis hybrids.

How to Grow Super Skunk

Super Skunk is an ideal strain for beginner growers because it’s easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. However, the plants are quite stinky, which may not be desired for stealthy guerrilla growing. Super Skunk grows consistently from seed into medium-sized plants that respond well to plenty of light, water and nutrients. It flowers in just 45 to 50 days indoors with yields over 500 g/m2. Super Skunk can bring in over 6 pounds per plant outdoors, ready to harvest by the end of September.

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