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Power Plant Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Power Plant Seeds

Buy the best Power Plant feminized seeds to grow for enormous high-yield cannabis crops. Fast stealth shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Power Plant seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanks—ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

Power Plant Feminized Seeds for sale from SeedSupreme

Power Plant Strain Description

Power Plant is a mostly sativa IBL cannabis strain descended from South African genetics. This popular high-yield variety has enormous growth potential. Its big dominant colas get packed full of sticky, resinous buds that carry a strong, pungent, woody aroma. Power Plant marijuana tastes sweet and earthy, giving a clear-headed, creative, energetic buzz. A great sativa smoke for productivity. Up to 20% THC content.

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Power Plant Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman by Dutch Passion

Power Plant Origin and Genetics

Power Plant was first released as seeds by Dutch Passion in 1997. The strain originates from a selection of South African genetics. It has been exclusively inbred to be a stable, consistent plant when grown from seed or clone. Power Plant became an instant hit in Amsterdam coffee shops and, soon thereafter, a favorite of stoners worldwide. Power Plant won 8 various cannabis awards from 2006 to 2016. It is considered one of the best African sativas of the nineties, along with Durban Poison. Buy Power Plant feminized seeds today to grow this rewarding variety.

Power Plant Feminized Seeds for sale from Homegrown

How to Grow Power Plant

Power Plant is a versatile strain that’s good for growing indoors, in greenhouses, and outdoors in warm climates. It’s a relatively low-maintenance plant that can benefit from LST when grown indoors with limited headroom. Power Plant has a flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks. Yields are up to 600 g/m2. Outdoors, Power Plant is ready to harvest during the first half of October.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Earthy, Pineapple, Woody


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, Dutch Passion

CBD Content



Easy, Medium


Euphoric, Exhilarating, Relaxing, Upbeat

Flowering Time

8–10 weeks

Flowering Type



South African

Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse

Harvest Month

Early October



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 20%


35% Indica, 65% Sativa


Up to 600 g/m2

52 reviews for Buy Power Plant Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Myron

    I’ve tried my hand at growing various strains, but none have been as hassle-free as Power Plant. These seeds practically grew themselves! The plants were incredibly resilient, withstanding fluctuations in temperature and humidity without missing a beat. Despite less than ideal conditions, the yields were fantastic and the buds were incredibly potent, with a thick layer of trichomes that glisten in the light.

  2. Lee G.

    Power Plant seeds rocked my grow! Fast and healthy plants, huge buds and great yield. Definitely buying again!

  3. Doug M.

    I’m pleasantly surprised by Power Plant! It grew beautifully and after curing it’s a real treat. The scent is… I can’t quite pinpoint it, but it’s a good mystery. It’s very resinous too. I tried many other strain before and Power Plant has the most psychedelic effects. It’s a lot of fun, but I use it sparingly because it’s potent. The seed bank has been great and every seed germinated. Thank you!

  4. Eugene

    Just wanted to drop a quick review on the Power Plant strain. Grew these babies from seeds and I gotta say, the yield and quality were both on point. They grew fast during veg and put out massive colas in flowering. Dense buds all covered in trichomes with a very euphoric sativa high. Would def recommend for both beginners and seasoned growers. Check em out!

  5. Steve H.

    Good genetics, I got a really nice harvest from my last batch. Primo weed, the stuff of legends. Very happy with the seeds, ready to order more.

  6. Earl L.

    5 Star experience all the way with these Power Plant seeds. Most straightforward growth experience ever. Buds very dense with tasty trichome sugar coating. Pleasurable smoke, distinctly sweet & savory combo which was a treat. Smooth & mellow high, productive for my creative times. Gonna try more strains but Power Plant will always be a part of my garden.

  7. Brenda M.

    Oh my, where do I begin? These Power Plant fem seeds exceeded my wildest expectations! These ladies produce an insane amount of sticky buds and the high is nothing short of mind bending. The taste is a sweet and citrusy delight and has me coming back for more every time. If you’re looking for a strain that’s potent and satisfying, this is it!

  8. Anonymous

    OMG, these Power Plant seeds are straight fire! I planted them and they grew like mad, growing into huge stalks with big, dank buds. The effects are strong but not too overpowering and the taste is nice and earthy. Definitely gonna order more of these babies ASAP!

  9. Patrick C.

    I was nervous ordering cannabis seeds online because you really don’t know what you are getting until it’s planted and germinated. But I’m so glad it did! I started with 6 seeds. They all popped up successfully and performed extremely well, flowering and harvesting at the same time. The quality is outstanding. The smell is amazing and the buds are supremely potent.

  10. Reese S.

    These Power Plant seeds are lit! I popped three of these and they grew like crazy. You can definitely see the African Sativa influence on these bad girls. Buds were real frosty and the smoke was fire. A true one-hitter quitter. Y’all should snag some of these for sure, you won’t regret it!

  11. Darren S.

    Been growing Power Plant for a while now and it still continues to impress me. The last two years I’ve purchased female seeds and grown them and I’ve done great and grown very nice buds as well and I’ve harvested pounds from them. I’ve got 5 females growing right now in a smaller indoor tent and they are on fire and very very fast.

  12. Phil G.

    Very good bud overall, stellar genetics, good to have these in the collection.

  13. John W.

    I have grown this strain with great success. The buds are ridiculously large with tons of resin. It smells amazing and the high is very active.

  14. Anonymous

    A great plant. Good yield, lots of resin. The buds were thick and dense. Definitely seeds I’ll order again and you should too!

  15. Boulder

    I have been growing all different strains in Colorado for a while now and this has been the most stable and reliable strain I have ever grown. This was one of the strains I grew when I started to grow out of my garage so I am familiar with it. They are very easy to grow and the buds form very dense and they are all on fully packed and heavy colas. Great for both indoor and outdoor growers.

  16. Angelina H.

    Awesome strain!! It’s most definitely a POWER PLANT! This is my go to strain for indoors. It’s not only a great grower and excellent yielder but also a pleasure to smoke!

  17. Brad C.

    Excellent flowers, high yield, and a nice zingy high. I like this strain a lot more than some of the hybrids I’ve tried in the past. Big fat frosty colas, smooth smoke, long lasting high. Great smoke all round!

  18. Vicki

    Great taste, great smell, potent high, huge yield… it’s a strain that you won’t forget!

  19. Kenny G.

    Very easy to grow, very good yield and tastes and smells great. Loved this one!

  20. Sticky

    I’ve grown power plant many times and always get great results. Easy to grow and yields consistently with little attention.

  21. Alan T.

    Bought this strain because of the raving reviews, and I can see why! It’s really good, grew well and had a great yield. Highly recommend this one.

  22. Anonymous

    It’s fast and super easy, produces healthy plants and yields like a beast. The smoke leaves a nice taste on your breath too, very enjoyable high that will get your head in the clouds.

  23. Ricky

    A beautiful plant! Very tasty buds and the yield was very high! Definitely one of the best strains out there!

  24. Pat R.

    Good, strong, nice smelling weed. I’ve grown these indoors and they did very well for me.

  25. Eddie P.

    I just harvested my crop of these, the yields were very good and the buds are gigantic. Big, thick and meaty. The smell and taste are awesome, it has a really good buzz too.

  26. Sebastian

    I’ve grown a lot of different strains and I can say without a doubt that power plant is one of the easiest strains I’ve ever worked with. Every seed I planted grew into a strong female ready to grow and give the world some good smoke! I will definitely be growing this variety again next season.

  27. Frank D.

    This is my most productive strain ever! I grew 5 Power Plants, and they all produced just over a pound each! And the smoke? Pure Paradise!

  28. Marcus B.

    I have grown Power Plant a few times now and it is always a favorite of mine as well as others I grow for. The plants are beautiful and very pleasing to the eye. The buds are large, covered in trichomes and just absolutely glisten with resins of love. The high is heady yet relaxed at the same time and has earned a place in my heart (and grow room).

  29. Crash

    My order arrived promptly and discreetly as promised. This was my first grow ever. I didn’t know what to expect but these seeds were so fun to grow, they grew big hard shiny nugs. The high is really nice too, happy and creative with a bit of a creeper effect that intensifies everything.

  30. Ted F.

    My first ever grow of power plant, don’t usually like the sativa strains but after growing these i am a believer. These are easy to grow and very forgiving if you forget to water them or give them too much nutes. Buds are so dank and large its unreal man. Makes me get stoned out of my gourd lol.

  31. Benny M.

    Received my seeds a week after ordering and started them the next day. All 5 seeds sprouted and they are super fast growers right now so I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  32. Jaime N.

    Great strain! As soon as the first one popped up, they all started growing like weeds. Grew really fast and I’m getting more than enough dry weight from these huge buds.

  33. Yiddy

    These are 5 star seeds all the way. Had 100% germination success and the plants that grew were big and heavy with flowers. I’m very happy with Power Plant and will definitely be ordering it again in the future!

  34. Anton S.

    I grew 5 of these outside and they grew to be over 7 feet tall and loaded with giant buds. Grown in the right conditions, these babies will flourish into big plants. I highly recommend this strain for commercial growers and first-timers who want to grow a serious amount of top quality cannabis with great taste, smell and high.

  35. George T.

    I grew 3 of these and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. The bud is very big with a strong smell and a bit of a creeper high. It’s a great wake and bake strain imho

  36. Pete H.

    I just ordered a few more seeds today and got a 2nd pack of Power Plant fems along with some others. I got all the way to harvest on my 1st batch and the results were fantastic! My friends are already asking me where I got this strain since everyone loves it!

  37. Green Man

    This strain is very easy to grow and is an ideal plant for the beginner. I have grown it a couple of times now from several online seed banks and have never had bad results. It has earned a place in my garden for many years to come.

  38. Andrew C.

    Very impressive growth. (Indoor) Quick and simple to grow and exceptional harvest! Very pungent smell that stands out! So happy with this strain would buy the seeds again for sure.

  39. Will G.

    Love the Power Plant strain! Grew it in hydro and got good yeilds and looking forward to growing it again soon so planning to buy the fem seeds online… might try a few more too.

  40. Amanda S.

    They were discreetly packaged and shipped fast to Colorado. Every seed looks mature and passed the “finger test”. I just sowed mine today! 🤞💚

  41. Bobby J.

    I have been growing outdoors for several years now and always enjoyed the Power Plants that I grew. I would say she is a good strain to start growing for anyone. If you are looking for a short flowering African sativa with massive buds, this is it.

  42. Mitch C.

    The best one yet. I grew the power plants in my new indoor grow room and they performed flawlessly. I will be buying more of these seeds!

  43. Derek A.

    Growed some of these seeds and they did really well! Took a little longer than expected but these monster buds did not let me down! These are probably the fattest I’ve ever seen! Will be ordering more soon, thanks!

  44. Chris H.

    I got a pack of these seeds last year and just finished growing them. I was impressed at how quickly they came up. They all grew well and were a lot bigger than expected. I got huge amounts of resin which made unreal live rosin.

  45. Matt R

    Phenomenal strain! One of the easiest I’ve ever grown. Stocky plants with lots of branches and an insane number of bud sites. Incredibly easy to manicure. They yielded over 2 lbs each!

  46. Luke S.

    You definitely won’t regret getting a pack of these. They are easy to grow and full of vigor. I love this strain for how strongly the bud colas form. They have a distinct smell that is recognizable to me. The high is nice, very euphoric and a good taste too.

  47. Seth M.

    This is an amazing strain! It’s fast-growing for a sativa, super potent, and has a unique flavor that I haven’t found anywhere else. I’ve had multiple people tell me how much they enjoyed smoking the Power Plant I grew. Defiantly buy these seeds, you won’t be disappointed!

  48. jerome

    its a good all rounder …smells…looks and tastes great….good yields aswell

  49. Mark L.

    Power Plant, awesome grower indoors. Great smells, flavors and high, nothing to complain about. Can be planted close together because they like to grow vertically with big long top buds. Flower them early if you’re limited by height constraints, or consider topping or LST.

  50. Calvin F.

    I will grow Power Plant again and use it for my own breeding projects. I topped mine at approx. 2 ft. tall and they formed many side branches with large colas. I’ve seen three main phenotypes from so far. The best yield pheno is a sort of balanced hybrid that grows like a sativa and forms extremely big buds. The second also shows sativa growth patterns but with more indica influence and remains rather small. The third grows almost like a pure sativa and does not react well to pruning. All in all I’m pleased with the buds in terms of quality sativa but the strain is not the most stable.

  51. Eric

    Great genetics, easy to grow, huge yielder, excellent taste and smell. one of the bests!!

  52. JB

    Received my order pretty quick. All 10 seeds popped and are healthy. I just have a question. When is the best time to change from veg to flower for this strain? I’m growing in a Vivosun 4’x4′ grow tent.
    I’ve ordered a bunch of stuff from ILGM and they are always fast and stealthy. Customer service is top notch too. The website is easy to use and they have great deals running from time to time. You cannot go wrong with them.

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