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Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Seeds

Buy the best Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower seeds to grow for abundant harvests of purple weed. Fast discreet shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanksβ€”ILGM, Seedsman, Crop King, and MSNL.

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman by Garden of Green

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Strain Description

Bask in the captivating allure of the Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower strain, a truly remarkable masterpiece of the cannabis world. Its vibrant, oversized buds are swathed in a regal robe of deep purples and blues, speckled with fiery orange pistils that command attention. Each bud is generously dusted with a snowy layer of crystal trichomes, hinting at its potent THC content that ranges between 20–23%. As for the aroma, it’s a mesmerizing blend of fresh grapes and sweet berries, with a surprising undercurrent of complex earthiness that rounds out this aromatic symphony. Upon usage, expect a deeply calming and sedative experience that gently ushers you into a world of pure tranquility and deep introspection. This grand dame of strains truly delivers an unmatched experience, marrying exquisite aesthetics with intense potency.

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Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Feminized Seeds for sale from MSNL

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Origin and Genetics

The illustrious Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower strain boasts a rich lineage deeply rooted in the annals of cannabis history. This exotic beauty is the harmonious offspring of the classic Big Bud and the legendary Purple Urkle strains. Originating from the scenic landscapes of Northern California, this indica-dominant strain is a testament to ingenious breeding and genetic refinement. Its progenitors, Big Bud and Purple Urkle, were carefully chosen for their unique attributes – the former, for its enormous yield and the latter, for its stunning purple hues and sweet fruity aroma. This deliberate marriage of genetics has profoundly influenced the modern cannabis landscape, bringing forth a strain that effortlessly embodies the resilience of Big Bud and the enigmatic charm of Purple Urkle.

Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower Feminized Seeds for sale from Crop King

How to Grow Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower

Growing Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower is a rewarding endeavor, as this resilient strain is known for its adaptability and generous yield. This strain thrives best in mild to warm climates with ample access to sunlight, although it’s equally comfortable in indoor hydroponic setups due to its robust nature. Nutrient-wise, it requires a balanced diet of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, with regular supplements of calcium and magnesium to support its vigorous growth. Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower showcases a relatively quick flowering time, maturing fully within 7–10 weeks. Come harvest, cultivators can expect bountiful yields averaging around 400 grams per square meter indoors, and up to 15 ounces per plant in outdoor setups. So whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a novice cultivator, Grand Daddy Purple Autoflower promises an indulgent growing experience that culminates in a plentiful harvest.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Berry, Fruity, Grape, Sweet


Crop King, ILGM, MSNL, Seedsman, Garden of Green

CBD Content




Flowering Time

7–10 weeks

Flowering Type



Big Bud, Purple Urkle, Ruderalis

Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse, Dry Climates, Warm Climates

Harvest Month

All Year



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 23%


100% Indica


400 g/m2


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