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Grapefruit Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Grapefruit Seeds

Buy the best Grapefruit feminized seeds to grow for high-quality sativa cannabis crops. Fast discreet shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Grapefruit seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanksβ€”ILGM, Homegrown, Blimburn, and SeedSupreme.

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Grapefruit Strain Description

Bask in the delectable aroma of the Grapefruit strain, a sensory delight that combines the tantalizing fragrance of freshly sliced grapefruit with a soft undercurrent of pine and earthy undertones. Visually, this strain is a spectacle of stunning deep green foliage punctuated by radiant, fiery orange pistils, while the generously coated trichomes sparkle like morning dew. Bearing a potent THC level ranging from 18–22%, this strain does not merely hint at strength; it embodies it. In terms of effects, Grapefruit is an uplifting sativa that washes over users with a wave of euphoria, awakening creativity, and enhancing mood. Its well-balanced high makes it a perfect daytime companion that can stimulate conversation, or bring an enlightened perspective to solitary contemplation.

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Grapefruit Feminized Seeds for sale from SeedSupreme

Grapefruit Origin and Genetics

The Grapefruit strain is an illustrious descendant of the legendary Cinderella 99, a strain renowned for its potent sativa properties, and an unknown auto-flowering variety. With roots tracing back to the lively cannabis scene of the late ’90s, this strain retains the upbeat sativa qualities of its parentage while introducing a unique terpene profile reminiscent of a ripe grapefruit. The genetics of this strain have been meticulously cultivated to optimize its fruity essence and potent effects, making it a cornerstone in the development of numerous modern hybrids. Despite its elusive second parent, Grapefruit’s genetic lineage continues to leave a strong imprint on the cannabis industry.

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Grapefruit Feminized Seeds for sale from Blimburn

How to Grow Grapefruit

Growing Grapefruit feminized seeds is an experience as rewarding as it is engaging. Adaptable and resilient, this strain can thrive both indoors and outdoors, with a preference for a California-like climate that offers ample sunlight. As a medium-sized plant, it can comfortably fit in most grow spaces. However, regular pruning and training are necessary to ensure optimal light penetration and airflow. In terms of nutrition, Grapefruit appreciates a balanced diet rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, crucial for its vibrant, fragrant buds. After a relatively short flowering period of 8 weeks, cultivators can expect a generous yield, with indoor grows typically producing around 500 grams per square meter and outdoor yields reaching up to 500 grams per plant. Experience the joy of harvesting this strain’s fragrant, frosty nugs, a testament to your green thumb and its hearty genetics.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Citrus, Fruity, Grape, Sweet


Blimburn, Homegrown, ILGM, SeedSupreme

CBD Content





Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Flowering Time

8 weeks

Flowering Type



Cinderella 99, Unknown Sativa

Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse, Dry Climates, Warm Climates

Harvest Month

Late September, Early October



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 22%


30% Indica, 70% Sativa


500 g/m2

7 reviews for Buy Grapefruit Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Alan W.

    These Grapefruit seeds are fire! Great genetics, no issues throughout the grow. Dense and sticky buds just bursting with flavor and the high is heady and active. A+++

  2. Eva

    WOW! Just harvested my Grapefruit plants and I’m over the moon! 🌜 These seeds germinated like a dream, growing better than I could have ever hoped. Watching them grow was like witnessing nature’s magic unfold right in my own grow room. The aroma? Heavenly! Like walking through a citrus grove at sunrise. 🍊 And the yield? MIND BLOWING! Plump, sticky buds from top to bottom. Smoking it is like a burst of summer in every puff. If you’re on the fence about these seeds, def go for it! 🌟🌿

  3. Tim D.

    Excellent seeds, every one popped and grew to success. Cropped a solid yield and top shelf stuff with a strong kick. I’m a big fan of fruity strains and this one takes the cake.

  4. Lenny

    The seeds did not disappoint one bit! Every one germinated and grew effortlessly. Really impressed by the buds on these plants, lots of trichomes, very stoney and they got a nice citrus tang.

  5. Calvin M.

    Just cropped a load of dank from these Grapefruit seeds and yo, they’re fire! The buds have this amazing fruity smell and taste that hits you right in the mouth, like a punch of citrus goodness. The high is super uplifting and energizing, perfect for a wake-and-bake sesh. These seeds popped easily and the plants grew nice and healthy. Definitely gonna grow these babies again!

  6. Kyle F.

    Whoa dudes, finally scored these grapefruit seeds and lemme just spill about the sick trip they got me on! Planted them in super soil and waited patiently. Outcome? Bang on, bros. They pack some punch, these genetics made tall plants with big and juicy buds. Earthy citrus scent got my senses all cranked, tasting like heaven’s own grapefruit! The high? Zingy cerebral feels with a mellow body buzz. Makes ya feel like your head’s in the sky while your body’s kicking back on just 3 or 4 tokes. Yield’s pretty fat and thrives under the LEDs. Mad kudos to the breeders, these babies are hitters!

  7. Paul C.

    I must say, the feminized Grapefruit seeds exceeded my expectations. The plant was a breeze to grow and the harvest was plentiful and top quality. The fruity aroma is intoxicating and the high is a perfectly functional effect yet still hits you hard.

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