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Purple Punch Autoflower Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Purple Punch Autoflower Seeds

Buy the best Purple Punch Autoflower seeds to grow for abundant crops of dank purple weed. Swift stealth shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Purple Punch Autoflower seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanksβ€”ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

Purple Punch Autoflower Feminized Seeds for sale from SeedSupreme

Purple Punch Autoflower Strain Description

Purple Punch Autoflower is a strain that exudes pure extravagance from every facet. Its dense, frosty buds twinkle under the light, exhibiting a dazzling array of violet hues so deep they’re almost cosmic, liberally sprinkled with snowy trichomes and fiery orange hairs. A true feast for the eyes, it emanates a tantalizing aroma that’s an intoxicating blend of ripe berries, sweet grapes, and a subtle earthy undertone. With an impressive THC content between 22–25%, Purple Punch Autoflower is potent, but its effects are characterized by an exquisite balance. Upon use, you’ll experience a gentle cerebral elevation that stimulates creativity and conversation before smoothly transitioning into a full-body relaxation, making it the perfect end-of-day strain to soothe both mind and body.

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Purple Punch Autoflower Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman by Barney's Farm

Purple Punch Autoflower Origin and Genetics

Purple Punch Autoflower is a testament to expert genetic craftsmanship, bringing together the legacy of its influential parent strains, Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. Granddaddy Purple, a legendary indica, bestows upon this strain its vibrant purple hues, grape-like flavors, and profound relaxing effects. From Larry OG, a famed phenotype of the original Ocean Grown (OG) Kush, Purple Punch Autoflower inherits its intense citrus undertones and cerebral, mood-lifting effects. Developed in the golden age of West Coast cannabis breeding, the genetics of Purple Punch Autoflower carry a rich history of California’s cannabis culture, while its autoflowering ability, a gift from the Ruderalis genetics, represents the modern cultivation evolution, making it an appealing choice for growers and consumers alike.

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Purple Punch Autoflower Feminized Seeds for sale from Homegrown

How to Grow Purple Punch Autoflower

Cultivating Purple Punch Autoflower seeds is a delight for both novice and experienced growers. This hardy strain adapts well to different environments, thriving both indoors and outdoors. It prefers a Mediterranean climate, with plenty of sunshine and consistent temperatures, but its robust nature also allows it to withstand slight fluctuations. Nutritionally, it’s not particularly fussy, requiring just a basic feeding regimen, but a little extra phosphorus during the flowering phase will enhance its vibrant colors and maximize bud production. Being an autoflower strain, it has a relatively short growth time – you can expect a harvest in just 10–14 weeks from planting. Despite its quick turnaround, Purple Punch Autoflower doesn’t skimp on yield, rewarding growers with an average of 300–450 grams per square meter indoors, and up to 15 ounces per plant outdoors, all brimming with those extraordinary deep-purple, trichome-coated buds.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Berry, Sweet


Homegrown, ILGM, SeedSupreme, Seedsman, Barney's Farm

CBD Content





Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Flowering Time

7–10 weeks

Flowering Type



Grand Daddy Purple, Larry OG, Ruderalis

Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse, Cool Climates, Warm Climates

Harvest Month

All Year



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 25%


80% Indica, 20% Sativa


300–450 g/m2

8 reviews for Buy Purple Punch Autoflower Seeds USA

  1. Brent J.

    Just harvested my first batch of Purple Punch Autoflower and I am beyond impressed! They took under two months from seed to crop!! All seeds germinated quickly and grew into healthy, stocky plants. The buds are dense and smothered in trichomes with beautiful purple colors. The aroma is out of this world and the smoke is smooth. Definitely recommend these seeds to anyone looking for a high quality autoflower strain!

  2. Olivia G.

    Love these seeds! Easy to grow, great yield. Got some dank buds, nice taste, super chill high. Recommend it!

  3. Allen B.

    I’m really impressed with Purple Punch Autoflowers. These plants grow fast, yield a lot and are very potent with big frosty buds. I didn’t have any issues with mold or pests and they handled wind well. The smoke is smooth with a skunky, tropical, fruity flavor and the smell is wonderful and dank. Will definitely grow it again.

  4. Brandon M.

    Purple Punch Auto is hands down one of the dopest strains I’ve grown. The color on those buds is absolutely stunning and the terps are off the charts. Solid genetics and a tasty smoke with a nice kick. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a quality autoflower!

  5. Kim D.

    My new favorite auto flowering strain. The buds are absolutely gorgeous, very dense and covered in trichs with strong terpenes. It’s top quality stuff.

  6. PJ

    Aye fam, Purple Punch Autos are where it’s at!!! Unboxed em and snap, stealth packaging on point. No BS germination issues and these babies sprung to life faster than you can say pass the J. Plants stayed compact, perfect for my indoor set up. From seed to harvest in no time. Had some dank purple nugs ready to go before I knew it, full of frosty crystals like Christmas came early. The smell that fills up your space is euphoria itself, pure grape and citrus fragrance, such good terpenes. The stone this stuff delivers is a headrush but eventually settles into a chill body melt. Best part? No paranoia. You gotta cop these, worth every penny! Peace.

  7. Marcus

    Yo these Purple Punch Autoflower seeds are straight fire! Plants grew like champs and made some of the densest and stickyest buds with a banging fruit punch terp profile. Highly recommend this strain if you want a good smoke that’ll knock you down. Perfect for hanging with the homies or just doing your thang!

  8. Jimmy T.

    Purple Punch was the perfect autoflower to grow. Super easy to grow and a solid yield. Flowers were dense and stanky. Hits me hard to boot.

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