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Orange Bud Feminized Seeds for sale from ILGM

The Best Orange Bud Seeds

Buy the best Orange Bud feminized seeds to grow for tasty top-shelf cannabis harvests. Fast stealth shipping to all 50 states of the US. We have sourced the best Orange Bud seeds for sale from our trusted marijuana seedbanks—ILGM, Seedsman, Homegrown, and SeedSupreme.

Orange Bud Feminized Seeds for sale from SeedSupreme

Orange Bud Strain Description

Orange Bud is rightly named. This pure Skunk marijuana strain gets covered in a mass of orange pistils and has a sweet citrus flavor, making it look and taste like real oranges. Orange Bud marijuana is hard, resinous, and has great bag appeal. The effects are active, cerebral, and euphoric. Up to 18% THC content.

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Orange Bud Feminized Seeds for sale from Seedsman by Dutch Passion

Orange Bud Origin and Genetics

The Orange Bud marijuana strain is a creation by Dutch Passion of Amsterdam. It is a hybrid variety that was bred in the eighties using an extensive selection of Skunk plants. The goal was to breed the fruitiest bud without compromising yield or quality. The strain quickly became a favorite at coffee shops in the Netherlands. Orange Bud continues to be one of Dutch Passion’s best-selling strains. Buy Orange Bud feminized seeds today for your next sweet harvest.

Orange Bud Feminized Seeds for sale from Homegrown

How to Grow Orange Bud

Orange Bud is an easy to grow plant that is quite forgiving and can handle nutrients very well. An excellent choice for beginner growers both indoors and in warm climates outdoors. The Sea of Green technique will help boost yields indoors up to 600 g/m2. Flowering time is roughly 8 weeks. Outdoors, Orange Bud can go a little long, until late October for harvest.

Strain Specifications

Aroma / Flavor

Citrus, Orange, Sweet


SeedSupreme, ILGM, Homegrown, Dutch Passion

CBD Content





Euphoric, Upbeat

Flowering Time

8 weeks

Flowering Type




Grows Best

Indoors, Outdoors, Greenhouse, Warm Climates

Harvest Month

Late October



Medical Use


Price Range


Seed Sex


THC Content

Up to 18%


50% Indica, 50% Sativa


Up to 600 g/m2

51 reviews for Buy Orange Bud Marijuana Seeds USA

  1. Tim O.

    Orange Bud rocks! Easy growing, great yields, and the buds are superb. Definitely buying more.

  2. Kevin M.

    These seeds lived up to their name, they produced some really good looking orange buds. The shipping was fast, arrived in just 4 days. What’s even better is that every single seed I planted sprouted quickly. I’m definitely a fan of this strain! I’d give these guys a solid A+ and I’ll definitely be coming back for more in the future.

  3. Ryan G.

    Super stoked with the Orange Bud seeds! They turned into some beautiful plants with a really pleasant citrusy smell. Chill vibes all the way, can’t get enough of it.

  4. Colin C.

    Great experience growing Orange Bud from seeds. These plants adapted perfectly to my grow tent, thriving under LED light. They kept a tight profile with many side branches, which filled with tons of bud sites. Once formed, these buds were big, resinous, and super fruity. It’s was a joy to grow and an even greater joy to smoke!

  5. Jody P.

    Total lifesaver this Orange Bud variety. The buds are gorgeous – that vibrant, shiny orange hue is amazing, and such a sight amidst all the greens. Growing these babies was pretty straightforward, even for a newbie like me, they’ve been very forgiving. Each toke gives a taste of sunshine that’s the orange citrusy tang on a whole new level. I was caught off guard with that unexpected burst of joyous energy and at peace feeling. Bingo for social events or even some me time. It’s definitely in my top faves! You won’t be disappointed with these beauts!

  6. Frank D.

    I gotta say the feminized Orange Bud seeds really exceeded my expectations. The plants grew strong and sturdy with big yields of dense resinous buds. The orange smell and taste are on point and it gives me a good positive buzz. A real winner!

  7. Noel J.

    I bought these Orange Bud seeds and I must say, I’m impressed! This was my first time ordering seeds online, and the whole process was super easy. The seeds arrived quickly and all of them germinated with ease. The plants grew healthy and strong with big, dense buds that smelled incredible. The high is intense and long-lasting, exactly what I was looking for. I’ll definitely be ordering again! I’ve never had a strain that gave me such a powerful mental high and deep relaxation at the same time.

  8. Seth

    I recently tried out the Orange Bud strain and it was amazing! I found it really easy to grow without any pest or disease issues. The yield was fantastic and the buds were dense and fragrant with citrus-like terpenes. When smoked, it gave me an intense mental high and heavy body stone that really did me good. All things considered, I’d highly recommend this fire strain to anyone looking for a great growing experience and quality buds.

  9. Kenny S.

    I just harvested my Orange Buds and I’m beyond stoked. Super easy for a noob like me to grow, didn’t get any pests or diseases, and the yields were out of this world! When smoked, these buds will blast you off – heavy body stone with an intense mental high. Daamn, this is one fire strain!

  10. Dale B.

    Orange Bud is my go to strain when I’m looking for something to get me medicated but also provide a good high. It’s easy to grow, and the end result always delivers!

  11. Carl R.

    Love me some Orange Bud! It grows great in small spaces and is really fun to grow. Its very fragrant and tastes great!

  12. Brad D.

    I’ve grown this for two years and going strong. Originally cloned from seeds. The quality and yield is consistently great.

  13. Reno

    Just harvested this strain and I have to say that it is truly amazing. Its buds are beautiful with citrus-like terpenes and every nug is covered with resin. The taste is excellent too, very dank with a pronounced sweetness.

  14. Lila A.

    I ordered these last minute to grow and when they arrived in the mail I couldn’t wait for them to germinate. They did just that, so I put them in the grow tent I have and they grew to 6 beautiful marijuana plants with sweet and heavy buds. I’m very happy with this strain and would absolutely order more seeds.

  15. Anonymous

    Outstanding buds and the plants produced a nice yield. An all around great strain to grow and use!

  16. Dustin B.

    Beautiful buds all around. Every seed did well for me. Easy to grow and with a good yield.

  17. Marty

    These plants grew like a champ and yielded very well. The crop all looked and smelled like oranges and tasted really good with a nice high to boot.

  18. Eddie P.

    Super fast to grow, really easy to look after. I grew these indoors in a small closet. They filled it and it produced a large amount of bud that was of very good quality.

  19. Kurt F.

    Truly great results from Orange Bud strain. Plants were easy to grow and very responsive. They grow well indoors under LED lights, so it was simple to keep them happy. These buds form quite dense in the style of indica, which was exactly what I was looking for. The taste is great and so is the odor.

  20. Stephen H.

    Wow!!! A really nice strain. Really enjoyed growing this one. Very easy to grow and the buds were absolutely beautiful. They smell and taste incredible, the high is very nice too. A definite must have!

  21. Lucy

    These plants are so easily grown, but they yield very well. Hard and frosty buds with an intoxicating smell. Smokes smooth, I’m in love with this one!

  22. Bill A.

    This sure is a great strain. Easy to grow, high yields, and the buds are top notch. Great bud that’s super frosty and full of THC. I really enjoy this one!

  23. Eduardo

    The weed gave me a very nice buzz and it grew very well as well, very easy to grow. I got over a pound off of my plants which I am very pleased with.

  24. Kaya

    My first grow from seed. The results were very good. I got a nice yield off of them also. I’d be happy to grow them a second time.

  25. Dane W.

    Super easy to grow, even for a newbie grower. I highly recommend this strain if you’re looking to grow your first plant. Not much maintenance is needed and it grows nice and chunky, with big fat colas. It smells amazing, tastes great and the high is very strong.

  26. Garrett M.

    All 5 of my Orange Bud seeds germinated and grew vigorously. When I flipped them to flower they all grew evenly and produced a lot of big, sticky buds.

  27. Will C.

    Seeds arrived quickly and were of great quality. I had 100% germ rate and all plants looked great. After 8 weeks all buds flushed with resin and smell amazing. Orange Bud is truly a favorite of mine.

  28. Spike

    I grew these babies in a Sea Of Green set up and they did awesome! I didn’t think I would get as much yields as I did! The buds were so big and weighed a ton! I definitely recommend this strain to anyone thinking of growing, especially if it’s your first time.

  29. Marilyn L.

    I thought I’d try out a less common strain this year since the local market seems to always want the same thing. Glad I picked these seeds up. They’ve been a real treat to grow and I can’t wait to try the final product!

  30. Brendan G.

    My very first seed purchase online and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Every one of my seeds took and grew ripe orange haired buds. The taste, flavor and high are all great.

  31. Robert F.

    This is a very easy strain to grow whether you’re a beginner or a pro. I had zero problems with pest or disease and the yield for me was pretty good considering the small space I grew these in. All in all, I’d say if you want a quick turn around from seed to harvest with a great yield and high quality then orange bud is the way to go.

  32. Merrill S.

    So far so good. I was a little concerned about the light green leaves at first but with the addition of nutrients my plants perked right up and got big fast. The buds are starting to swell and look like they are going to be ready in another week or two.

  33. Annmarie

    First time growing and I’m already getting compliments on how good my smoke is. Grew two Orange Bud plants from seed and after just 8 weeks they were ready. Have already made enough to pay for the seeds and the grow and then some!

  34. Craig M.

    These babies are growing like crazy right now, I can’t wait to smoke some of these flowers!

  35. Jake B.

    Third attempt at growing and went great. I was fortunate enough to get all ten of the seeds to germinate but one, which is about average. All of them grew pretty well until the end of flowering when I chopped them down. All in all very satisfied with my purchase and the final product.

  36. Neil E.

    My first experience with Orange Bud and I must say it was an excellent choice. The plants grew with plenty of vigor and thickness to them. These buds look better than what’s sold at the dispensaries around here.

  37. Sam J.

    One of my personal favorites. This plant smells like oranges when she’s growing and has a sweet taste to her buds. As for the smoke, it will knock you down on the couch if you don’t watch out!

  38. Fred P.

    I have had the best results with these cannabis seeds! Yield was above average and the quality of buds was great. They are just so easy to grow and don’t get attacked by bugs. Good resin coverage too!

  39. Derek G.

    I bought a 10 pack of seeds last year, grew out half and kept the other half in storage. Will germinted them soon. 100% agree with the other reviewers that it’s an easy strain to grow with high quality buds.

  40. Lizzy

    Orange Bud was a really nice strain to grow, so glad that I found it. I’ll be buying more feminized seeds for this year’s grow op. They are just great plants, easy to start and take care of all the way from seed to sale. I love the aroma that comes out during flowering, soo yummy. I’d say it’s a good pick for beginners and even expert growers can appreciate this one

  41. Alfred H.

    This strain is a keeper. So simple to grow and they produce good yields for being so compact. Super great tasting bud too.

  42. Travis M.

    5/5 of my orange bud seeds sprouted and grew into nice indicas. I flipped them to flower a bit early so they were all small plants, but I had no issues growing them to maturity. It reminds me of hindu kush the way they grow stout and stocky. Getting some great hashy and fruity terpage and I do enjoy the smoke.

  43. Jared S.

    Highly recommend this strain if you’re looking for something new to try! It’s pretty much effortless to grow, I used organic soil mix with Dr Earth fertilizer and my plants were healthy green all the way til the end. They formed tight, sticky, delicious nugs. 5 stars!!

  44. LMJ

    Grow time was very quick and I am enjoying the harvest now. Good weed strain in all aspects – chunky, dank, tasty, potent. Would grow again.

  45. Curt W

    Very happy with these seeds. Had them all grow into beautiful large plants. They grow fast and look dominant indica. The bud grows dense and frosty, hits heavy.

  46. Shanice

    I planted 5 of these females seeds just over 4 months ago and now struggling to keep up with trimming all these gorgeous buds. These ladies are monsters! The smell is like sweet fruit with an after scent of fresh linen.

  47. Earl B.

    I love this strain because it’s a quick grow and easy to manage indoors. It’s a winner for sure. The smell alone makes you want to smoke it. It’s a strong high and hits good.

  48. Paul A.

    Growing Orange Bud right now, so far has been a very easy strain to work with. Seems to be a heavy feeder, have added lots of N and other nutrients and they suck it up and love it. I started off with 7 feminized seeds, and got 6 hearty females that I put in my 4×4 grow tent. Now, they are almost 2 months into flowering — I’m looking at mountains of buds absolutely covered in resin and with a nice fruity smell. Cant wait to try the finished product!

  49. Greenthumb

    Old school hybrid, easy to grow indoors and keep small, good high and smell, similar to skunk with a bit of fruitiness added.

  50. Joey C.

    I have been trying to find a new strain that will give me an indica high without having too much of a comedown, and this one fits the bill! It has great high and is easy to grow. Overall very pleased with Orange Bud, had no problems germinating at all and got a nice big yield.

  51. nate

    light orange colored buds, very large yield, amazing taste, one of the best strains ive grown.

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