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The Best LSD Seeds

Buy the best LSD feminized seeds to grow for heavy psychedelic marijuana harvests. Fast stealth shipping to the US and worldwide. We have sourced top breed LSD seeds for sale through our partners at ILGM, Seedsman and Crop King.

LSD Strain Description

LSD is a potent indica/sativa hybrid marijuana strain named for its extremely psychedelic and cerebral high, similar to an acid trip. The effects start with an upbeat sense of well-being that induces euphoria and creativity, progressing into a heavy body stone. LSD marijuana has a deep, musky smell and a nutty, earthy taste. Up to 25% THC content.

LSD Origin and Genetics

The LSD strain is a cross between the Mazar indica and and old Skunk variety, bred and first released in seed form by Barney’s Farm. The LSD strain has gained massive popularity across the US and worldwide. In 2008, LSD won the 3rd place in the Indica category of High Times Cannabis Cup. In recent years, a number of marijuana seed shops have produced their own versions of LSD for sale.

How to Grow LSD

LSD is a cinch to grow and adapts well to all growing methods, making this a great strain for beginners. Buy LSD feminized seeds now to get your hands on these psychedelic genetics. Provided enough water, nutrients and light, LSD will give the grower high yield returns exceeding 500 g/m2. Flowering time indoors is 8 weeks. Outdoors, the plants are ready to harvest during the first half of October.

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