Top 10 Best High-Yield Autoflower Strains to Grow

Shortlist of the ten best high-yield autoflower strains to grow. The heaviest-yielding autoflower strains available. For sale as feminized seeds. Fast USA shipping.

top-ranked list of the best high-yielding autoflower strains to grow

If you’re aiming for maximum harvest with minimal wait, our list of the top 10 best high-yield autoflower strains is your go-to guide. These autoflowering champions combine quick growth cycles with generous yields, making them perfect for growers looking to optimize their space and time. Dive into our selection to find high-performance autoflower seeds that promise bountiful harvests without the long wait.

1. LSD Autoflower

LSD Autoflower marijuana strain

LSD Autoflower is a high-yielding strain that’s as captivating as it is potent. This powerhouse owes its genetics to the legendary LSD and a high-performing ruderalis, making it a favorite for those chasing both intense cerebral highs and deep body relaxation. With THC levels peaking around 24%, it’s a go-to for a potent experience. Growers love LSD Autoflower for its quick turnaround, with seeds maturing in just 10–14 weeks and yielding up to 650 grams per square meter indoors. Its adaptability makes it a top pick for both beginners and experts, promising a generous harvest with minimal fuss.

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2. Banana Kush Autoflower

Banana Kush Autoflower marijuana strain

Banana Kush Autoflower is a tropical treat for the senses, combining sweet banana aromas with the convenience of autoflowering genetics. Born from the union of Banana Kush and a mysterious ruderalis, this strain delights with fast-acting euphoria and deep relaxation. It’s perfect for growers in search of a quick, easy, and fruitful cultivation process, ready to harvest in just 10–14 weeks. With THC levels up to 21%, it offers a potent escape to paradise. Indoor growers can expect impressive yields up to 650 g/m2, making Banana Kush Autoflower a high-yield superstar in the grow room.

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3. Wedding Cake Autoflower

Wedding Cake Autoflower marijuana strain

Wedding Cake Autoflower seeds bring the celebrated flavors and effects of Wedding Cake into the autoflowering world, blending genetics from Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie with a dash of ruderalis. This strain not only looks stunning with its vibrant hues and trichome frosting but also packs a punch with a THC content of 20–25%. Its quick 10–14 week seed-to-harvest time is a boon for growers eager for fast results. Expect generous yields of around 600 g/m2 indoors, making it a top choice for those looking to maximize their grow space’s potential. The ease of growing Wedding Cake Autoflower, combined with its powerful effects, secures its spot on any high-yield autoflower list.

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4. Critical Mass Autoflower

Critical Mass Autoflower marijuana strain

Critical Mass Autoflower stands out for its enticing blend of sweet honey and earthy pine aromas, coupled with a balanced high courtesy of its Afghani and Skunk #1 heritage. This strain is a favorite for its robust yields and ease of growth, thanks to the addition of ruderalis genetics. It shines in slightly cooler climates, maturing in 10–14 weeks and offering yields that can easily surpass 14 ounces per plant. With a THC content around 22%, it strikes a perfect balance between cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation. Critical Mass Autoflower is a prime choice for growers aiming for a quick, rewarding harvest without compromising on potency.

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5. Moby Dick Autoflower

Moby Dick Autoflower marijuana strain

Moby Dick Autoflower seeds sail into the spotlight with their high yields, effective THC content, and heritage of White Widow and Haze genetics. This strain leans towards a sativa-dominant experience, offering energetic and creative highs that gently ease into relaxation. It thrives in sunny climates but is versatile enough for cooler temperatures, thanks to its autoflowering ruderalis genetics. With a flowering time of just 10–14 weeks and potential yields of 600 g/m2 indoors, Moby Dick Autoflower is a dream for growers chasing both speed and bounty. Its ability to deliver massive yields quickly makes it a titan among autoflower strains.

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6. Gorilla Glue Autoflower

Gorilla Glue Autoflower marijuana strain

Gorilla Glue Autoflower seeds encapsulate the essence of their storied lineage—Chocolate Diesel, Sour Dubb, and Chem’s Sister—into a fast-flowering, easy-to-manage plant. This strain’s robust THC levels of 24–26% ensure a potent and relaxing high that’s perfect for unwinding. Suitable for most climates and boasting a quick 10–14 week turnaround, it’s a grower’s delight, offering up to 600 g/m2 indoors. The generous yields and straightforward cultivation process make Gorilla Glue Autoflower a top pick for anyone looking to harvest heavy, resinous buds with minimal effort. Its sticky, trichome-rich buds are as rewarding to grow as they are to consume.

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7. Grapefruit Autoflower

Grapefruit Autoflower marijuana strain

Grapefruit Autoflower seeds burst with citrusy goodness, derived from a blend of Cinderella 99, ruderalis, and a grapefruit-flavored strain. This vibrant strain delivers a potent THC punch up to 22%, alongside an uplifting and energizing high. It’s a fast finisher, ready to harvest in 10–14 weeks, and doesn’t skimp on production, offering up to 600 g/m2 indoors. For cultivators craving a sweet, fruity aroma and a hefty yield, Grapefruit Autoflower stands out as an excellent choice. Its natural vigor and speedy cycle make it a favorite among those looking for efficiency and flavor.

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8. Gold Leaf Autoflower

Gold Leaf Autoflower marijuana strain

Gold Leaf Autoflower seeds shine bright in the cannabis garden, offering a balanced blend of indica and sativa effects with a THC level of 21%. Created by Robert Bergman, this strain combines ease of growth with potent results, ideal for those new to growing or seeking a reliable harvest. Ready in a swift 10–14 weeks, Gold Leaf produces generous yields in a variety of climates, particularly thriving under the sun. Yielding 5–15 ounces per plant, it’s a goldmine for growers aiming for a speedy and fruitful cycle. Its robust nature and bountiful harvest make Gold Leaf Autoflower a solid investment for any cannabis cultivator.

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9. G13 Autoflower

G13 Autoflower marijuana strain

G13 Autoflower seeds carry the mystique and potency of their legendary predecessor, G13, into the autoflowering cannabis scene. With THC levels soaring to 24%, this strain promises a potent, relaxing high that’s perfect for creative endeavors or chilling out. It’s an ideal candidate for growers seeking a fast, 8–10 week cycle, adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings. The yields are impressive, with indoor gardens producing around 500–600 g/m2r. For those intrigued by the lore of G13 and looking for an easy-to-grow, high-yielding plant, G13 Autoflower is a compelling choice.

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10. Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights Autoflower marijuana strain

Northern Lights Autoflower seeds illuminate the path to a bountiful harvest with their iconic genetics, offering a serene, euphoric high with a THC content around 20%. This strain’s quick 10–14 week turnaround from seed to harvest makes it a favorite among those eager for fast results. It thrives in a range of environments, producing up to 550 g/m2 meter indoors. For growers seeking a strain that combines legendary status with autoflowering convenience, Northern Lights Autoflower is a stellar choice. Its ease of cultivation and generous yields ensure it’s a luminous presence in any cannabis garden.

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