Top 10 Best West Coast Cannabis Strains to Grow

Shortlist of the ten best West Coast cannabis strains to grow. The best West Coast USA genetics. For sale as feminized seeds. Fast USA shipping.

top-ranked list of the best west coast cannabis strains to grow

USA’s West Coast is renowned for its premium cannabis strains, embodying a rich culture of quality and innovation. These top ten West Coast strains are the cream of the crop seeds, offering unparalleled buds and stellar growth traits. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or a curious enthusiast, these iconic varieties represent the pinnacle of cannabis genetics from the sunny shores of the Pacific.

1. MAC

MAC marijuana strain

MAC feminized seeds present a stunning balance of indica and sativa genetics straight from the West Coast. This balanced hybrid, known as Miracle Alien Cookies, comes from a mix of Alien Cookies, Starfighter, and a Colombian Landrace, delivering a potent THC level of 23%. It’s not just its potency that makes MAC a top choice; its easy growth process and hefty yields of dense, resinous buds make it a hit among cultivators. Ideal for any time of day, MAC’s aroma of orange and vanilla complements its uplifting and stress-busting high. For growers looking for hassle-free cultivation with ample rewards, MAC seeds are a go-to, thriving in various environments and ready to harvest in 8–10 weeks.

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2. Mimosa Autoflower

Mimosa Autoflower marijuana strain

Mimosa Autoflower seeds bring a citrusy burst of energy, perfect for those long days when you need a pick-me-up. Bred by Northern California’s Symbiotic Genetics, this sativa-dominant hybrid is a mix of Clementine and Purple Punch, boasting high THC levels up to 24%. It’s a favorite for its resilience to cooler climates and its ability to produce resinous buds without the fuss of light cycle management. With a grow time of 10–14 weeks and yields ranging from 5 to 15 ounces per plant, Mimosa Autoflower is fantastic for anyone wanting a quick turnaround. This strain’s ease of cultivation and uplifting effects make it a must-have for growers and consumers alike.

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3. Grapericot Pie

Grapericot Pie marijuana strain

Grapericot Pie feminized seeds offer an enchanting blend of sweet flavors and a slight indica dominance, making them a unique pick from the Oregon cannabis scene. This strain, a cross between Flavor Crystals and Grape Octane OG, promises a rare and delightful growing experience with effective THC levels around 20%. Growers will find Grapericot Pie effortless to cultivate, adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings, and ready to harvest in 8–10 weeks. Its resilience and the potential for generous yields add to its appeal. For those intrigued by unique flavor profiles and strong effects, Grapericot Pie is a standout choice, embodying the innovative spirit of West Coast genetics.

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4. LA Kush Cake Autoflower

LA Kush Cake Autoflower marijuana strain

LA Kush Cake Autoflower seeds are a slice of Californian excellence, blending indulgent flavors with high THC content upwards of 25%. This genetic masterpiece, born from a collaboration between Seed Junky Genetics and Liberty Health Sciences, combines Kush Mints and Wedding Cake with Ruderalis for that autoflowering touch. It’s celebrated for its ease of cultivation, requiring minimal effort for a rewarding yield of trichome-rich buds. With a grow time of 10–14 weeks, this strain is perfect for those wanting quick results without compromising on quality. LA Kush Cake embodies the laid-back, luxurious cannabis culture of the West Coast, making it a top pick for anyone looking to grow an award-winning strain.

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5. Biscotti

Biscotti marijuana strain

Biscotti feminized seeds are for those who savor the sweeter things in life, combining the richness of Gelato 25 with the robustness of SFOG. This indulgent West Coast Cookies strain boasts a THC content of 21%, offering a relaxing yet mentally stimulating high. Its easy cultivation process and preference for sunny, California-like conditions make it a favorite among both novice and experienced growers. Ready to harvest in 8–10 weeks, Biscotti produces dense buds that are a testament to its beloved Italian dessert namesake. If you’re after a deeply relaxing experience with a dash of euphoria, Biscotti seeds are the perfect addition to your garden.

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6. Do-Si-Dos Autoflower

Do-Si-Dos Autoflower marijuana strain

Do-Si-Dos Autoflower is a visual and sensory marvel, with THC levels soaring up to 30%, offering a potent indica-dominant high that’s both soothing and uplifting. This strain’s West Coast genetics, a blend of Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG, ensure a robust growth and a bountiful harvest of dense, sticky buds. Its autoflowering nature makes it easy to grow, flourishing in most climates and ready in just 10–14 weeks. Ideal for those seeking a balance of beauty, potency, and ease of cultivation, Do-Si-Dos Autoflower is a standout strain that captivates with its autumnal hues and sweet, earthy tones. It’s a top choice for cultivators and consumers wanting to dive deep into relaxation.

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7. Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream marijuana strain

Cookies and Cream feminized seeds offer an irresistible combo of Starfighter and an undisclosed GSC variant, resulting in a strain that’s as delicious as it is potent. With a THC level nearing 22%, this West Coast hybrid delivers creativity-sparking sativa effects and the relaxing touch of an indica. Its cultivation requires some finesse, thriving in indoor settings or hydroponics and flowering in 8–9 weeks. The promise of 14–18 ounces per square meter makes it a lucrative choice for those with a bit of growing experience. For a taste of luxury and a high that inspires joy, Cookies and Cream seeds are a decadent choice.

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8. Apple Fritter Autoflower

Apple Fritter Autoflower marijuana strain

Apple Fritter Autoflower seeds make growing top-tier cannabis effortless, blending Animal Cookies and Sour Apple with ruderalis genetics. This balanced hybrid shines with THC levels around 32%, offering a sweet, relaxing high that’s perfect for unwinding. Its autoflowering trait simplifies the cultivation process, making it ideal for growers of all levels. Ready to harvest in 7–10 weeks, Apple Fritter Autoflower is resilient against diseases and thrives with careful monitoring. For a delightful aroma, exceptional taste, and cheerful high, Apple Fritter is a must-grow, embodying the peak of West Coast cannabis.

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9. Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles marijuana strain

Fruity Pebbles seeds invite you to a vibrant world of sweet, tropical scents and colorful buds, offering a balanced high with THC levels between 18%–20%. This strain, a blend of Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien, is a testament to the diversity and innovation of West Coast genetics. Growing Fruity Pebbles is rewarding but requires attention to detail, thriving best in warm climates and needing regular pruning. With a flowering time of 8 weeks, it promises generous yields that are as visually stunning as they are potent. For those captivated by unique aesthetics and a euphoric high, Fruity Pebbles seeds are an exceptional choice.

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10. Blue Dream Autoflower

Blue Dream Autoflower marijuana strain

Blue Dream Autoflower seeds bring the best of Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze together, offering an easy-growing experience with a THC content up to 21%. This strain, originating from the hills of Northern California, is perfect for those seeking an energetic cerebral buzz followed by a relaxing body high, adaptable to both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Its autoflowering genetics mean a quick turnaround, with plants ready in 10–14 weeks, and it’s tolerant of temperature fluctuations. Blue Dream Autoflower’s versatility and generous yields make it a favored choice for growers of all levels. For a balanced, uplifting experience on the double, Blue Dream Autoflower seeds are unbeatable.

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