Top 5 Best Marijuana Strains to Grow in 2021

Shortlist of the five best marijuana strains to grow in 2021. This year’s new best cannabis strains. For sale as feminized seeds. Fast USA shipping.

The best weed strains 2021 are newly recommended to those who follow market trends and wish to cultivate the best-selling marijuana strains of this year. Not simply fads, these marijuana strains are popular right now and will continue to be highly desired throughout 2021. Our top five list contains only the best of what’s for sale as cannabis seeds.

1. Amnesia Haze

“The strain continues to dominate the marijuana market, being a THC-powerhouse that offers quite firm, dense buds for a sativa.”

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2. Pineapple Haze

“Not quite as dominant sativa as some of the old school stuff but it’s up with the best out there today.”

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3. Trainwreck

“Beautiful plant, grows like a Sativa but smokes like an Indica, it has taken over my garden this year.”

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4. Durban Poison

“In recent years, the strain has been on a comeback thanks to the Cookie Fam hybrids—Girl Scout Cookies, Platinum Cookies, and Sunset Sherbet, to name a few.”

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5. LSD

“The LSD strain has gained massive popularity across the US and worldwide.”

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